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Xia Qi is powerful, but he didn’t strive to go ahead, and he also fell behind at last, and finally came to Wu to unite with several people.

Few of the hundreds of monks gave up and lined up in a long line towards the depths of the passage.
This passage is very rough and uneven, and it turns east and west, but it seems that there is no danger. Many monks move forward smoothly.
"Maybe this passage really leads to the core of the temple. When the time comes, we will count the fairy wares and elixirs in the temple, and then we will be developed."
Wu fell at last and looked around. His eyes were full of expectation and he smiled at the moment.
"Don’t dream, even if there is such a good thing, few people can walk out alive and absolutely die of cannibalism." Xia Qi couldn’t help but pour cold water on Wu.
"Well, my Lord says it’s true. If there are treasures everywhere, I’m afraid these hundreds of monks will die at least half."
Follow after ms wong also nodded her head.
If there are really several treasures in the temple, I’m afraid most monks will take them for themselves at first.
"Everybody be careful. The deeper I go into the tunnel, the more I feel a palpitation. I’m afraid it’s not a treasure but a big crisis. Let’s be ready to run for our lives at any time."
Xia qi somberly up at this time for a few people behind solemnly commanded.
He is very sensitive to this feeling and rarely makes mistakes. Hearing Xia Qi’s solemn remarks, several people in Wu are looking solemn and much more vigilant.
The winding passage is extremely long, and it has not reached the end for more than ten minutes. The silent and sultry atmosphere makes all monks feel an unusual atmosphere, which is very depressing.
Xia Qi can clearly feel that this winding channel seems to be vaguely going all the time.
It’s getting sultry all around, with a faint smell of fire. Xia Qi, an alchemist, can clearly distinguish it.
The depressing atmosphere in the passage seems to make everything extremely long, as if it had been half an hour before this passage finally came to an end.
At the end of the passage is a complete and huge palace.
When Xia Qi and several others entered the palace, they entered the friar first, and they were already searching for treasures in all directions.
But the imagination is different. At the end of this passage, the core of the temple may be, but it is impossible to treasure everywhere.
Hundreds of monks almost turned this palace over, but there was not a treasure with a little value, which made many monks look gloomy and ugly.
At the moment, many monks gathered in the center of this huge palace.
In front of many monks, this is a door that is tens of meters high and tightly closed, so that all monks can enter it, and even through the door, all monks can vaguely feel a hot face.
All monks will focus on this.
In this palace, all monks have their last hope in this tightly closed door.
After a moment’s silence, the five elements of Zongtuyi, Huochen and others came out to call a few big masters to discuss, and soon it was decided that everyone Qi Xin would work together to break the door.
No matter who gets the treasure first, it’s the one who gets it first.
Of course, everyone knows that whoever gets the treasure first is just saying that no one will take it seriously.
But at this time, no one objected and agreed to break the door.
Soon, more than 200 monks attacked this gate in several groups without stopping.
Although all monks have reservations, the power of joint action is still earth-shattering and deeply shocking to all monks.
A huge roar is heard, and a series of attacks are more powerful than roaring like a dragon and violently bombarding at the gate. Needless to say, this gate is the whole palace shaking.
But even so, it took a few minutes for this door to show several cracks.
At the moment when the crack appeared, all the monks vaguely saw that the door was red and limited heat came out from this crack, and all the monks felt dry all around for a moment, such as being in the driest desert together.
Almost all monks hesitated at this moment and didn’t start at once.
A little bit of fiery breath that permeates tightly makes many monks feel that it should be a sight if it is hotter than dry.
However, it was this slight hesitation that the crack in this door was automatically repaired and slowly healed.
"Don’t hesitate, Taoist friends. It is so difficult to break a hall at once. There must be some fairy wares and elixirs in the core of the temple. Can you escape from this place by means of Taoist friends?"
Seeing the indecisive friar, the sword is worrying and drinking loudly.
Things have been expected to differ too much. The dragon has loosened the seal, and the strength must be much stronger. I’m afraid that the strong sword Sect of the Three Clouds alone will capture the law and need the help of these monks to weaken the dragon’s strength. Can the sword worry let these monks retreat like this?
The sad words of the sword once again touched many monks, thinking that the treasures were shot again one by one, and the strength was even worse. The previous shots made several cracks in the door again.
Dragon and Xia Zhou demon race the rest of the demon saw this scene and the cold mountain flashed in his eyes.
The gas around is getting hotter and hotter, that is, many monks have to run the real resistance, and at this time, several attacks blasted off at the gate, but a huge crack suddenly appeared and spread.
"Break the door with your hands"
Many monks’ spirit shook their hands and made more efforts, but they saw hundreds of attacks, such as waves pouring out and bombarding the gate, which finally collapsed and shattered.
"Shout …"
Just as the gate shattered, a monstrous flame swept out like a fire dragon.
Flames seem to burn a hole every day, and everything in the world has made many monks turn pale.
"No, hurry back"
"Get out of here."
"This flame can burn everything."
Many monks were slightly weaker and immediately exclaimed and retreated repeatedly.
It is powerful, such as Xia Qi and others, who dare not rashly enter the palace at the moment, but stand outside and block the surrounding flames and stare at the inside.
Just at this time, Yi Long sang loudly.
This Yi Long song is like ringing in the ear, ringing in the heavens and the earth.
This sea of fire is even more shaken by waves, surging like a terrible wave, sweeping the four directions, making people retreat repeatedly with horror.
"It’s … it’s a dragon"
Being guarded by Xia Qi at his back, Ze’s magical powers looked deep into the palace. At this moment, he trembled and exclaimed at Xia Qi’s low voice, almost unable to restrain Zhen Yuan from getting out of control.
"step back"
Xia Qi had speculated that there was not much surprise at the moment, pulling Wu several people back quickly.
There is a kind of carefree feeling in the dragon songs, which resounds through the world.
Three clouds sword sword sorrow and others are gloomy than


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