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This is to turn the younger brother Wang’s face pale with horror, and his previous pride will never be seen again. Fortunately, there is a senior brother around him who has recovered from the previous sword, and a white mist has surged out of it and made a strong wind whistling.

This mass of white fog quickly surged in front of the younger brother Wang and stopped him when he was hacked by the innate Geng Jin Excalibur.
Although this sword has never moved the male sword tactic, it has also exerted its imperial sword strength to the highest level. Plus, the sharpness of the sword body of Geng Jin God is definitely a great deal of splitting mountains and stones to cut off the river. However, when this sword is chopped in the white fog, it feels as if it has cut into a ball of cotton wool, soft and muddy, and it has not played a role.
Not only that, but the white fog seems to have a kind of adhesive strength, which tightly adheres to the innate Gengjin Excalibur. The direction seems to want to intercept it. Where can I make the sword shadow splitting solution unfold again at that time? Another virtual body of the sword shadow emerges from the body of the sword, but this time it is not to continue chopping, but to shatter the white fog to shake the innate Gengjin Excalibur and be taken back by Weiji.
When Wei Ji closed his sword, the elder brother didn’t stop him more, but his hands pinched out a method tactic towards the white fog, which immediately extended rapidly. It turned out to be a light white gauze as thin as cicada’s wings, which quickly protected the two of them inside.
Then the two men suddenly shook their hands again. At that time, the two fiends in the face of the banner jumped out of the face like two door gods, guarding them left and right.
That senior brother seems to feel that he has a guarantee in Ann, so he is not in a hurry to attack, but asks, "Did you send a younger brother to attack our demon clan unexpectedly?"
"The magic spirit is very severe? I’ve never heard of it! But look at you two, you are stupid. It’s also the kind of dirty magic clan. The magic clan is the leader of the middle sects in Chu magic clan, second only to the six magic clans in Weiji. Have you never heard of what he said? Naturally, it’s to provoke two people to be angry so that they can show their flaws on their own.
After the two men heard Wei’s taboo words, Brother Wang’s face was fierce, but the elder brother seemed to be indifferent and continued, "Since our clan is just an unworthy small clan of magic, can this Taoist dare to declare his own name and show us which sect is so powerful? It’s hard to say that we just defected from the teacher and became brothers!"
"It’s good to keep up with kung fu. How long can you keep up with it?" Who avoid heart andao at that time a sneer at a way "want to be my teacher younger brother, I think it is impossible, you two qualifications are really bad, but be my apprentice or barely qualified.
How do you think about it? It’s still very easy for us to get started in the clan. Just give the most valuable things to the master. I think your white mist gauze account is good. If you are willing to give it to me, I’ll accept some losses and accept you two disciples directly. "
The senior brother listened to this, but his face didn’t change much, but his flesh couldn’t help beating a few times. Obviously, anger has risen in his heart.
"It seems that you are just a dirty little monk of the magic way. There is nothing good for his clan to give and he wants to pick up a bargain here. Forget it. I’m too lazy to ask you if your little clan is destroyed and you think you have lost our magic clan. Just kill you!" When the elder brother ran out of words again, he suddenly shouted, "Brother Wang, do it!"
As soon as the voice fell, the younger brother Wang also drank a lot of "the blood of the demon spirit exploded!"
Then his hands pinched out a strange extreme printing tactic, and he hung the Xuan Yin blood flame in front of him. At that time, the blood flame was as big as a bucket of blood flame, and it kept rising and shrinking.
Who avoid oneself is to make a delaying tactic naturally can’t prevent the other party from making it, so when the elder brother propaganda, the earth beads in his hands and the game-writing protocol soul-destroying shuttle flew out together and split them in the past. At this time, who avoid suddenly felt that his blood was as violent as that boiled water, and the hot blood vessels seemed to burst out in a bit.
At this moment, he immediately thought of his own wooden spirit to make blood explosion immediately, and then the highest day root method was used to stabilize it. However, this teacher younger brother Wang’s magic spirit blood explosion seems to be much stronger than blood explosion, and he failed to stabilize it.
However, this nature is difficult to avoid. He immediately moved the earth-rock change in the thirty-six changes of the highest day and turned his skin into flesh and blood. At that time, the sense of agitation disappeared completely.
Chapter DiErJiuSi Coagulation magic power coagulation charm
Chapter DiErJiuSi Coagulation magic power coagulation charm
Ghost fire and Xuan Yin blood flame are all magic ways. It’s extremely powerful to ride magic fire, and even ordinary treasures will never be hurt by hard shaking.
It is precisely because of this that the brothers and sisters are all connected with each other after they have made their own magic fire, which is not only equivalent to adding a powerful life instrument to act like an armband, but also adding power to cast door spells through the magic fire.
In the past, the two other disciples have defeated many enemies by this means, so they are very confident in this means of their own. It is precisely because of this that the elder brother commanded his younger brother to deal with Weiji by dark and automatic magic spirit blood explosion solution.
In this senior brother’s view, if flesh and blood are not immune to blood magic, although there are many methods and instruments that can restrain blood magic in this life, these things are not precious and can definitely be called few and far between, but like Wei Ji, he doesn’t believe in himself, so touching someone casually is able to restrain his unique magic.
Brother Wang always admires his brother’s mind the most, even though he recognizes him so much. Naturally, he is trying to show off the magic spirit blood explosion solution, and he also reversed JingXie himself, consuming a drop of precious heart blood is a fatal blow.
But where does he want Wei Ji not only has the blood spell restraint method, but also has the owner to transform the material magical power. If Wei Ji only suppresses his own blood gas agitation through the highest day root method, it’s all right. The younger brother Wang is at best working hard, but Wei Ji immediately demonstrated his ultimate means without hesitation after feeling the magic spirit’s blood bursting solution.
First, the younger brother Wang found that he could not find the target of attack at all. Magic magic has always been famous for pursuing great power, and the other is famous for having such shortcomings, especially self-attack, which is possessed by almost all powerful magic.
The famous powerful spell in the magic spirit’s blood-bursting magic body’s blood-bursting magic spell is naturally listed here. This martial brother Wang is so cruel that he does not hesitate to waste his efforts. There is no room for himself. This suddenly has no target to attack. At that time, it will be condensed and its power will be reversed, and it will bite back at martial brother Wang himself.
Xuan Yin blood flame can be added when casting spells, and naturally it will also be added when it eats itself. At that time, a copious and manic gas was poured into Teacher Wang’s body, and he immediately felt his blood rise.
At this moment, Teacher Wang’s original self-confidence never disappeared and turned into a full face of panic. At this moment, he didn’t care about meeting the enemy. All his thoughts were put on himself. While he tried his best to practice "Coagulation Magic Skill" to relieve the blood gas, on the other hand, he tried his best to suppress the body pain and took out three bloody jade symbols from the waist-dried Kun bag.
This bloody jade charm, the name of the blood coagulation charm, looks like jade, but it is actually a blood crystal. It is a master who practices the Blood Coagulation Magic Skill, and it takes a lot of effort to knock down a layer of repair before it can be successfully condensed. It is dedicated to suppressing the blood coagulation magic skill. When it eats itself, it is also blood, and if it is agitated, it will be explosive.
Of course, none of the monks who study "Coagulation Magic Skill" are willing to sacrifice themselves. Most of this blood coagulation system is to save their lives at the key moment when the gas refining monk impacts Tsukiji or the Tsukiji monk fails to impact the elixir.
After all, it is normal for a monk to succeed in building a foundation at one time, but it is normal for him to fail ten times. Therefore, some blood coagulation charms flow out for trading, but it takes too much fake blood coagulation charms, so the roots are not bought by ordinary brothers.
Brother Wang, these three blood coagulation charms are naturally the kind of low-order charms, two of which are condensed by himself, and the other one is bought. At the beginning, he also spent a lot of money, and the thought that he must get rid of them now is also painful in his heart.
However, it is more important to feel distressed than to die. Teacher Wang still has enough decision at this time. At that time, when he threw all three coagulation charms into his mouth, he immediately rushed into the body and smoothed the blood gas restlessness.
However, the magic method often has twice the attack power and twice the repulsion power. The original attack was that he was strongly fuelling. Now it is even stronger. Where can it be so easy to stop those cool and refreshing air streams from being restless and imposing after melting into the blood? But the remaining strength is still not what he can calm down.
At this time, he wanted to ask for help from his senior brother, but he found that his senior brother was also overwhelmed and was trying his best to urge the bones and light spirit network to fight against a bead and a light shuttle! Look at that, you can’t slack off at all, otherwise this network of bones and light spirits may also be smashed.
In this case, Teacher Wang can rely on external forces to rely on his own face to twitch several times, and the back color finally reveals a malicious color.
When I stopped, I saw that his hands were spinning rapidly, and a series of tricks were squeezed out. When he hit himself in the opposite direction, his 40,000 pores were "poof-",and several blood arrows shot out of the pores. Together with his hands, he kneaded it into a kind of dharma seal and shouted "coagulation!"
At that time, those blood arrows turned back in their palms and condensed into a glittering and translucent bloody jade symbol.
Obviously, this is the blood coagulation charm. Brother Wang is really able to carry the magic spirit through the blood explosion solution, and the self-destructive force can break down a layer and condense into a more powerful blood coagulation charm to save himself.
Coagulation operator ten percent teacher younger brother immediately sent it to the mouth filar silk cool gas penetrated into the blood, and finally gave pressure to the restless potential.
Chapter DiErJiuWu Bones Yin and Yang way
Chapter DiErJiuWu Bones Yin and Yang way
Brother Wang knocked down a layer by himself, and it took him a long time to change from a high-order foundation to a middle-order foundation. Finally, he condensed a powerful blood coagulation charm to stabilize the self-eating force of the magic spirit’s blood explosion solution.
However, calming down the self-eating force also means that there is no danger of sudden death at that time. Nearly half of Jingxue’s vitality has been oppressed and stimulated, and his body and body have become cracked. In this case, although he is not yet a cripple, it is absolutely impossible to cast spells or operate the multiplier as before.
But the ordinary little magic teacher younger brother Wang knows very well how to deal with those monks who refine gas, and he can make do with the man in front of him. It is absolutely impossible to say that although he is not disabled, he is not much different from the disabled. Now, although he is trying his best to swallow all kinds of secret healing pills to stabilize the injury, he secretly urges some secret methods that have great harm to future achievements and stimulate potential, but in a short time, he has no ability to help his senior brother defend against the enemy.
At this moment, Brother Wang can also hope that his brother has enough knowledge to hold on until he recovers a little and can help.
Godsworn, which one is not listening all the time? Teacher Wang’s situation in the network of bones and light spirits is naturally shown by his brother and Weiji. The demon brother over there naturally sighs deeply and feels greatly stressed, while Weiji’s side is just the opposite. His mood is carefree and his gestures are not more sharp.
The game-writing protocol kills the soul shuttle, and the innate Geng Jin Excalibur each shines brightly. It looks as if two big balls of light have rowed by, just like a meteor falling in the sky and crashing on the bones and light spirit god net. Although the earth-breaking bead looks the smallest, it has the greatest effect when it hits the bones and light spirit god net. Every time it hits the surface, there are always clouds that rise up to resist the white mist and melt away.
Wei Ji’s offensive is so sharp, and the senior brother of the Magic Spirit Sect naturally won’t defend himself to death. After all, long-term defense will be lost, so he is shaking the defense of the bones and light spirit, and at the same time, he is manipulating the magic phase in his long trail to attack Wei Ji.
When this magic statue stands still, it looks like an ordinary fiend, but when it runs away, it immediately sees something strange. Because it keeps making crackling joints all over the body, the root is not the breath of heaven and earth, and it is like being piled up by bones.
In fact, Wei Ji’s estimation in his heart is not much different. This demon brother practiced in the demon clan, but the bones of Yin and Yang were all spells and instruments. Unless the bones were cast into nine ghost fires, let’s not talk about it. Let’s talk about the two instruments that he made from the imperial platform, the bones of the mysterious day, were condensed from the essence of the monks’ bones, and these two instruments were listed as a pair according to Yin and Yang.
It turns out that everything on that day is the mystery of Yin and Yang, and the bones are no exception. The essence in the bones is also divided into two kinds: one is light and the other is heavy. Of course, these two kinds of smells are generally twisted together, regardless of each other. You can’t separate him without a special secret root, but this senior refined the magic spirit, the bones, the Yin and Yang Taoist teachings, but it is just this kind of practice.
But this devil’s brother is an ordinary monk. The unusual monk’s refiner must be a white bone with light and clear essence to refine the defense instrument, and a white bone with heavy and turbid essence to refine the attack instrument cover. Because the light and clear air are mixed, it is tough and dense, and the light spirit is at ease, which is the best for self-defense, while the heavy and turbid air is extremely condensed. The magic is quite really gestures, and the power of the dragon elephant is poor.
But he just did the opposite. It took so much time for the bones to sacrifice and practice the defense multiplier, and even it took a lot of delay in his own practice. It took a lot of nutrients to condense into such a bones and light spirit network.
It looks as thin as a cicada’s soft as a gauze, like a white cloud and a light fog. However, in fact, it is because of the heavy turbid essence that the existing thing is extremely poor, but it is not as heavy as it is in disguise. Even though his own painstaking efforts and spiritual sacrifice will be refined into a life instrument, it is still a bit difficult to control it before it is fully integrated. Previously, it was not because of the strong attack by the guards that the bones and spiritual network was broken, but because it was too hard for him to command it.
This white bone light spirit divine net is so heavy, you can think of its thickness. Although it is hard to find because of its good quality, Bai Gujing refined it to the level of low-order jewels, but when it comes to texture, it is somewhat similar to the defensive strength of Wei Ji Bi Di Zhu, and it must be no less than that of the top-order defensive jewels.
In the same way, the mysterious day’s white bones are light, clear and concise, but they are also very different from ordinary white bones and ghosts. Most of the ordinary white bones and ghosts rely on a diamond, iron, poor and powerful force to storm and fight for a powerful attack. Although they are assisted by spells, they are not as powerful as their own bombardment.
And this mysterious dark magic bone phase is light and almost physical. It can be said that it is really a trace of stepping on snow. It is like a turning point between the poles of the breeze, but it is hard to find traces. Especially, this light and pure gas is refined to the extreme, and compared with the firm but gentle sword of kendo practice, it is absolutely a humanoid flying sword. Moreover, this humanoid flying sword is also good at all kinds of bone magic spells, which can be said to be even worse than the real sword.
Such an unexpected instrument, the elite brother of the Magic Spirit Sect, naturally won’t let people know. Not only that, he also specially named his two instruments, Bones Light Spirit Divine Network and Dark Magic Bones, as a cover-up for the "bottomed" enemy. After encountering it, it will definitely be a common method to meet the enemy, but I don’t know but it has been a big deal.
Especially, it’s very difficult for the imperial commander of the White Bones and Light Spirit Network. That performance is really the same as that at the end of the day. Anyone who sees it will win by himself. I don’t know if this White Bones and Light Spirit Network is just sitting there without mana to promote the spiritual effect, which is equivalent to a hill that wants to break. I don’t know how much it will take!
If so, people who have gone astray will often be quickly killed by the real power of this dark magic white bone phase after spending a lot of skill here.
In the past, I don’t know how many high-level foundation masters were killed by this evil spirit’s brother, and it is because of this that he dared to bring his younger brother to this mysterious cave to search for the ghost grass. Now he naturally wants to do the same thing against Wei Ji.
Wei bogey, after all, is not the kind of sage who can see everything. Although he is a master of refining, he also has some ordinary people’s thinking inertia. Naturally, he can’t understand all this. At this moment, it is also difficult for the devil’s brother to be confused, especially when this pair of mysterious dark magic bones are attacking and exploding, and his feet and feet are heavy. It is no difference between this pair of black bones and the ordinary bones and gold spirits.
Who avoid itself is intensive physical operation, good at careful fighting. People will naturally have no fear for such a fiend, not to mention that his black lotus is a good self-defense instrument. It is hard to say whether the whole body will win or lose when it is blasted!
Of course, there is no need to avoid it, but it will not expose its physical strength. Therefore, it is necessary to take out the multiplier plague clock and offer it at the top of the head. The ripples of pestilence poison sweep towards the mysterious dark magic bones.


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