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Heavy hair found something. A middle-aged man had some doubts in a low voice.

The mastiff’s spiritual claws squeaked at the square slab of the waterway.
Yang Tianli felt bad knowing that his breath was discovered by mastiffs. He was busy lying on his back and slowly sinking his body into the water, revealing a pair of eyes.
The waterway is narrow. Yang Tianyi lies down, and a few old water rats are immediately frightened by the chirping and screaming of the water surface and scurrying around, stirring the water surface up and down.
As soon as Yang Tianxin reached his throat, he was waiting in the dark.
The slate was lifted by a gap, and the dim light frightened the mouse to flee at once to stir the water pattern, which covered Yang Tianzang’s figure in the water.
Heavy hair, have you been bored recently? You’re also interested in a few estrus mice. Be safe for the old man and get two local dogs for you to play after the master’s birthday.
Perhaps it was because I was so disgusted with the smell in the waterway that the slate was simply covered again after hearing the mouse barking, and the middle-aged people complained
After losing Yang Tian’s smell, he was lost by the local dog. Heavy hair sniffed blankly for a few times and then gradually drifted away with his master.
Guess that one person, one dog has been far away from here. After Yang Tiancai exposed his head and breathed for a long time, he was glad. I didn’t expect that the mouse saved himself this time.
Before it’s too late, push the slate to jump into the waterway, then cover the slate and flash into the dark eaves.
At first glance, there is a row of wing rooms where people in the backyard live. You can enter the back garden of Li Fu through here, and the small building where Li Chenghua lives is opposite the garden.
Feeling stinking, Yang Tian stole a suit of clothes and stuffed his wet clothes into the waterway.
Walking all the way through the shadows of the courtyard, I soon came to the back garden, and I never met the mastiff of the martial arts master in the courtyard again, which made Yang Tianda feel strange
Although I feel something is wrong, I can’t consider that Li Chenghua lives in a three-story building, but the back garden of the building is surrounded by a small lake on three sides
A rockery trestle in the middle of the lake leads to the opposite side, but it can only be reached by diving in the water.
It’s too far and too dangerous to go around from both sides. Yang Tian estimated that it was about 100 meters away from the rockery and decided to go directly by water.
It is not difficult for Yang Tian to sneak into the lake and dive for 100 meters in one breath.
At the moment when he climbed the rockery from the lake, Yang Tianxin was just about to breathe, but he instantly took it back. He felt a deep fear that he would almost retract into the lake.
He saw a very strange scene.
A white-haired and white-faced ghost in a black shirt is sitting cross-legged on a rockery boulder facing himself, with a pair of bright eyes and two gems staring at him in surprise at night.
Beside it, there were three mastiffs, three martial artists in the Nursery Hospital, who seemed to be asleep.
After seeing the bearer, a smile appeared on the old pale face, which seemed eerie.
Good bones. I’m naturally treated with kindness. Tonight, I’m supposed to have both Dan medicine and a good furnace tripod.
After the old voice sounded, Yang Tianjue felt an evil wind blowing on his face, and then he was black at the moment, as if he had been put into a small dark room. Although his mind could still work clearly, he completely lost his perception of the flesh.
At this time, if you see Yang Tian’s eyes clearly, you will find that his eyes are full of holes.
Strong fear and anxiety filled Yang Tian’s ideological efforts, but he could not break away from the dark cage.
Yang Tian didn’t know that at the moment when he lost control of his body, he was possessed by ghosts and gods, and his body suddenly jumped up and soared more than ten feet. He went directly to the three-story building by crossing dozens of feet of lake.
Chapter III Coincidence
At this time, Yang Tian was completely changed. He jumped into the window on the third floor and entered as if he were very familiar with the environment. He didn’t stay on the ground and ran across the bedroom of a small hall into a hidden room. The ghost of the underworld didn’t disturb the housekeepers.
A pair of tables and chairs in the room are surrounded by high-grade nanmu, and the shelves are filled with all kinds of rare antiques and jade scrolls, which are fragrant in the air.
Don’t seem to know the specific location of Dan medicine. In the dark, Yang Tian frowned, and his eyes searched in the hidden room.
After a little hesitation, Yang Tian moved to check the room shelves.


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