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Say that finish, Xingyun lifted Mr. Fei up and walked away to a relatively clean place, and then gently released Mr. Fei to his own residual qi, which led Mr. Fei to be ineffective. Xingyun was trying to guide Mr. Fei to help him wake up quickly.

See walking cloud one-way sat aside and put his hand behind Mr. Fei, and Xuanli’s eyes flashed.
"Although he does more to hide, he still can’t hide the fact! He was badly hurt! " Although Xuanli’s reality is not accurate, he is also far-sighted from the truth. He smiled and said, "This time, we must capture this rush to Lei Jian!"
Want to XuanLi reality suddenly cold to "rush to Lei Jian! What are you doing? Do you dare to continue to hurt Mr. Fei in this public view? "
There are all kinds of words to add to the crime (Chapter 291)
Although people see that the cloud is in a bad condition, they are still cautious. After all, many people who have achieved great success have witnessed it. At this time, he is trying to stimulate the cloud.
"His words to shock me, if I can still fight for World War I, my former performance will naturally be unbearable. Even if I make the first move then, he will have a reason to let the door help me. Even if I can fight for some consumption, I will not be able to hold them.
But if I ignore the fabricated words like this, it doesn’t suit me. I’m afraid that once he recognizes me and tries to fight again at this time, he will immediately do it. Besides Wudang, there are Shaolin Hui Jian in this place. They don’t care what Jianghu people think. Once they do it, I will lose! "
Yunyun doesn’t know if he guessed correctly, but Yunyun won’t look down on a person. This Xuanli real person is not as reckless as a person. He is acting suspicious now.
"This man can’t be what he appears to be."
In particular, Xuanli knows his martial arts, but he is here to test himself with words, which is not comparable to Xuanheng.
My mind is full of analyzing the real intention of Xuanli, which is unimaginable.
It’s reasoning, thinking that the answer is not, not answering, or simply sitting behind Mr. Fei with a cold face and palms on his back to guide Mr. Fei to work so that he can wake up early.
The scene turned out to be a stalemate for a while. The fact that Hangyun was so moving made Xuanli dare not move. Not only could he not fathom the bottom of Hangyun, but also hurt Hangyun at this time. Who dares to do it?
Although traveling in the clouds is precious, there is no better way. At present, only Mr. Fei will wake up first, and then Xuanli will have no excuse. "They have to stay in the wild at their doorstep and say that there must be something important to do if they travel overnight. If they have no excuse and are not sure about my situation, they will leave."
This is the only way that Hangyun can think of at present
Hui Jian frowned on the side. Although Wudang’s few people were very polite, they wanted Xiao Xuanli’s real generation. Although they wanted to send it, they also calmed down after being picked up by Xingyun.
Fortunately, these people are so deadlocked, but it didn’t take long for Mr. Fei to wake up under the guidance of Yunli. After all, he was stunned and washed away the accumulated blood.
When Mr. Fei heaved a sigh of relief and turned around to see that it was a cloud behind him, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly, "Thank you for your help, my friend. That sword just now really made me feel ashamed of myself." He naturally meant those three victories.
When I woke up, Mr. Fei knew that he had lost the third game, but Mr. Fei’s heart was really full of clouds. Just now, the taxiing sword seemed to be engraved in his mind, and when he closed his eyes, he saw the amazing speed of the sword.
"The sword when it’s really fast than was able to hit before the sword roar! I am lucky to be able to block it! " Think of that sword, Mr. Fei can’t help but feel a little scared.
Mr. Fei sighed and laughed, "That sword has lost my physical strength. If I lose my hand in that blow, I will spare no effort to admit defeat immediately."
Hui Jian listened to a stare blankly, but she didn’t expect Yun Yun to be so real that she didn’t have any spare capacity after a sword. It’s nothing if she didn’t say it. After all, no matter whether the sword was Yun Yun Sheng or Mr. Fei, she was stunned. If it was a life-and-death battle, even if Yun Yun didn’t have any spare capacity, it would be more than enough to make up a sword.
"Why did he say that?" Hui Jian is puzzled.
What Xingyun said is to deliberately ask the Xuanli real person to hear it. The more he hides it at this time, the more likely it is to arouse doubts. If it is true or false, Xuanli real person will hesitate.
And at this time, Mr. Fei has woken up, and their excuses are gone, and they are not afraid of anything.
Now Xingyun is most worried about being guided by Mr. Fei’s exercise. At this time, his strength is exhausted. Even if these people are gone at this time, they will fall to the ground before they reach the nearest inn.
"Is this so good?" I said I would one day, but now I’m afraid I won’t be able to support myself before dawn!
Mr. Fei also saw the travel cloud, and something was wrong, so he believed it. If the travel cloud were not for some special laws, the sword soul would never be transformed. At this time, it is understandable that the body is exhausted, but Mr. Fei wears the travel cloud.
When I regret that "I don’t really want to make more friends, this friend has benefited a lot from fighting all the way, but since I lost, I won’t break my word. Friends can go by themselves."
"lose quickly!" Cloud heart secretly nod.
When Xuanli saw that Mr. Fei woke up, he kept pulling the clouds and didn’t notice that he coughed.
Only then did Mr. Bai Fei realize that someone was busy and apologized that "Fei was just awake and worried about the tournament, but he didn’t notice that there were friends around."
When Xuanli saw that Mr. Fei was so polite to himself, he laughed that "I have always heard a lot about Mr. Fei in Wudang Xuanli"
Say that finish pointed to the clouds to "the rush of Lei Jian but Mr What’s the conflict? Do you want Xuanli to take it? "
This question is really too much. At this moment, I got up well, but I didn’t even look at him.
Although Mr. Fei has just woken up and his mind is not agile, a little thought is to know that this must be because of the defeat of Xuanheng’s reality in Wudang, which makes them unhappy.
Mr. Taiyuan’s battle was a real thing, and he praised Xingyun’s heroic gesture. Just now, he saw his amazing sword and was even more respectful. "It’s not that friends who rush to thunder are just learning martial arts, but friends who rush to thunder do more justice are well known in the rivers and lakes."
Mr. Fei didn’t finish, but the words were pointed out. The Xuanli real person naturally understood this and was silent for a while. Suddenly, he asked the walking cloud, "You once said a word about the King Kong Gate, that is, Wudang can come to see you at any time. Today, it’s a fate that you and I met on this roadside. Why don’t you go back to the mountain with us to see me and talk about the details of this King Kong Gate together?"
As soon as he didn’t say Hui Jian, his brow wrinkled. Although he said that there was no anger, the meaning was white, but it was to take this opportunity to bring Xingyun back to Wudang. Whether the purpose was to ask about the Jingangmen case was so simple was questionable.
It’s so cold when Xingyun hears it. "Come to me anytime. That means you come to see me instead of me. It’s fun when you go to Wudang. You always like to take people back to Wudang Mountain. Is there anything to hide?"
At this time, Yunyun is very careless. Even Mr. Fei is worried that he has annoyed the Xuanli reality. After all, he is behind the Wudang faction, which is beyond the reach of a human resource. Even his own master, his old man’s house, has no chance of winning Wudang if he is alone.
Shaolin and Wudang are more than a star and a half higher than other big schools. What’s more, he has no spare capacity at this time. How can he be Xuanli’s real opponent?
However, it is often hard to say that the more "unbridled" the clouds are, the more doubts Xuanli’s reality is. I don’t know if the clouds dare to speak so loudly. Although the people behind him are scolding, others are staring at the clouds as if they want to see some flaws from the clouds.
At this time, Xingyun was thinking, "Since there is nothing to be afraid of anyway, it is not as fair as it is." He glanced at Mr. Fei and suddenly realized, "If Mr. Fei came here to find me, it would be the Kaiser’s doyen who wanted to ask me about the case of King Kong Gate. Since Wudang is so concerned about this, why don’t you go with me to see his old man’s house?"
It’s a flash of light that pulls out the banner of Kaiser. Since Xuanli wants Wudang as an excuse, it’s not fake that he has a ready-made Kaiser to find his own business. At this time, it’s naturally smooth and extraordinary
When Xuanli heard this, he saw Mr. Fei at once, but he didn’t deny that his heart was so dark that "it turned out that the Kaiser wanted to see him. No wonder he didn’t care about me. Since the Kaiser was in it, I couldn’t have fought, and I had something important to do."
Thinking of this, Xuanli realized that "it is natural that the Kaiser’s old-timer wants to inquire about this matter, and it is just around the corner to want to return justice to King Kong Gate. In this case, if there is something important, please leave first!"
Say go and go!
After Mr. Fei gave a gift, Xuanli took the crowd away and was so decisive that the line was stunned
After watching them leave, the clouds were so dark that "this Xuanli real person is really not an ordinary person, but it is much better than that Xuanheng". Just thinking of this, I felt that my body was soft and my heart was called "Oops!" Then it fell down!
You talk about clever thoughts (Chapter 292)
It won’t fall so quickly, but when it comes to guiding Mr. Fei, it’s time to deal with the urgent and urgent countermeasures of Xuanli’s reality, which hurts the energy. At this time, Wudang people feel that they will support again when they walk.
It is no wonder that the power and energy consumed by instantly taxiing a sword is far beyond the imagination of the clouds.
But in this way, you can’t think about walking to a nearby inn and settling down. I think that I will not be able to use force for a while from now on, and it is very painful. If I fall down in this field now, I am afraid I can even worry about my life!
I just want to go here and I can’t support it anymore.
In a daze, I felt as if I had been carried on my back, and then there was a rush, and then even this consciousness was gone
Xingyun didn’t know how long he had been sleeping until he was pulled back from a coma by an unforgettable pain!
Unbearable pain!
Hangyungen didn’t come to look at himself at this time, and it was another unbearable pain!
A stuffy hum clouds and meridians actually seem to shrink back, and the whole person wants to curl up in pain! But it’s half a minute and a half!
Open your eyes but observe the clouds around you, and your mind is filled with the unusually fierce pain.
At this moment, the sound suddenly rang to "Are you awake? Listen, the pain will last until your martial arts recover. You can put up with the pain for the time being, although it is severe, but it will be relieved day by day. It will be much better if you survive today. However, after you practice that sword more, you will faint in less than an hour. It is really unexpected that I won’t help you like this before your broken bridge can’t be transformed, otherwise the damage to your meridians will be too great! "
Say and then fade away.
Clouds know that the pain will continue for many days, but fortunately it will be gradually relieved and there will be some hope. When will the amazing sword be able to take shape at that moment, but it is not in the mood to think about it. At this time, only one mind can get through the pain!
Mr. Fei was badly hurt, although Mr. Fei could still act, but at this time, if he met any enemies, he couldn’t do anything, so he stayed to look after the two men
Mr. Fei and Hui Jian have seen Yun Yun several times, but they have also thought of many ways to do it. At this time, the meridians are big and special, and Mr. Fei is also helpless. It is also very important to help Yun Yun Hui Jian to protect these two people at this time, and he must not lose his strength.


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