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Ten tribes of witches rushed out and apparently received news that the demon soldiers were fighting in one place and smiled. Taking advantage of this block, a few rays of aura had already drifted away.

Chapter sixty-two Pangu chamber of secrets of god
A few wisps of aura converge at Wuyuan Temple, the holy place of Wu nationality.
Looking up to the door of the main hall, I saw that it was dark inside, and the horror from the outside was very impressive and daunting.
Grasping the temples and transforming the whole body into the blood of the Wu nationality directly looks at the chaotic array of the doorman and goes inside.
It seems that it is urgent to walk through Wuyuan Temple.
All right, in less than a moment, I came to the second hall and went directly into the hall without hesitation
The second time I entered this hall, I didn’t feel strange at all. When I closed my eyes, I felt the most chaotic place, and the figure flashed and moved out.
Guanghua appeared in Pangu’s heart in a flash. This time, because the witch was not born, the spirit would be so chaotic that no one looked at it and slowly turned the heart. There was doubt in his eyes. It was nothing strange to see Pangu’s heart releasing chaotic gas to maintain the whole balance.
Here, Meng has no special feeling. He bowed his head and calculated that Meng would stretch out his hand to Pangu’s heart.
Interest rate is three feet away from the heart, and the hand is stopped by a shaped wall. Suddenly, the whole hand suddenly becomes clear, and it actually illuminates Fiona Fang for hundreds of miles.
Pangu’s heart is also chaotic and radiant. Hold on to this palm so that it can’t cross the line.
Boom, a curtain suddenly increased, and the light suddenly decreased. The whole condensation was in the palm of the hand, but it was even more powerful.
Hum! Suddenly, I flew backwards, turned over and stopped shaking my arms in chaos, with a wry smile. "I was avoided in an instant, and my mana was still not enough. I didn’t expect that the mana left by Brother Pangu was so powerful." It turned out that I had just broken through the protective wall for an instant and broke into Pangu’s heart, but I was beaten back by a monstrous mana just as I broke into it. Fortunately, I was able to find it by chance, otherwise he would have to hang some color today.
However, although he was forced back, Meng was still sure that what he was looking for was not here. He shrugged indifferently and turned to the layman. Since there was no answer here, he went to other places to look for it.
Out of chaos, he walked in the hall and came to a stone gate. It was on that day that he had been in Pangu’s practice place.
Push Shimen into the room and close Shimen’s eyes. Look at this room with nine feet of Fiona Fang. This room is not so swept away, but it is even more unobstructed
"Yi" looked at the middle of the simple words, and the light flashed.
"Folding is almost hidden so deep!" Meng Nuo Nuo muttered to himself, then melted and rushed in. The whole word fluctuated like water, and then it recovered. You couldn’t see anything strange.
I felt lighter and then suddenly fell to the ground. Hehe, I looked around and saw that there was chaos here, but HarmonyOS was different. The top was a clear aura, while the edge was a muddy atmosphere. HarmonyOS recognized that this was the end of heaven and earth.
Bite your tongue secretly to suppress your surprise and look up at a huge platform before you look up. It’s not right to say that it’s huge because it looks about a few miles from the outside. It’s very small, but when you know it, you know it’s just the external performance of the platform. The whole platform is being used by people, and it’s far away. From the outside, it’s a few miles away, and the day after tomorrow knows how big it is
However, all this is not in my heart. Now I am staring at a milky light sphere in the middle of the platform, and I naturally know what it is.
The knowledge of human beings and gods contains the memory of human beings, and it has become white since the induction of that knowledge of gods. That knowledge of gods is absolutely great, maybe it is oneself.
Take a deep breath, walk towards the platform, step on the platform, and the scene suddenly changes into chaos.
"Boom" one day, a thunderbolt split the foothold, followed by a crackling sound, and obviously several days of thunder followed.
One stroke of the hand makes a willow bottle as white as jade, which is exactly what I did when I helped Kong Xuan Du Jie that day. The whole lane was bent and twisted. The thunder poured out the silver bottle like a waterfall. After flying out, the thunder seemed to find the vent, and the scene was spectacular one after another. All the thunder gathered together to form a flash and connected it like a funnel.
Just as I was wondering that the lightning had this power, the color of the lightning suddenly changed into chaos, and the whole became a sphere with the sky’s potential to hit myself and blindfold, and suddenly a contraction exclaimed, "HarmonyOS is chaotic and evil! How is this thing? "
No matter what he said, the first thunder had already reached to raise my hand and put away the willow bottle. With a wave of his hand, a piece of clear cloth floated out to meet him, and it was long and firmly protected.
There was an earth-shattering noise, and even Mengxiu was shaken back to Mengda Avenue. "It’s not so strong," but then he smiled, "But this is interesting."
Meng just laughed at the sudden change of thunder color, like a bow and arrow, khaki thunder yellow arrow thunder is not as imposing as chaotic thunder. It is a huge pointed thunder, but it falls one degree at a time, and then it is as dense as a storm.
Blindfold a bright way, I just lack the thunder force to condense the lightning, but today you sent the door to react, and I didn’t care about the lightning at all
One hand into a sword, two hands into ten degrees to draw a clear color, firm but gentle rushed out of the lightning to offset the clear cloth one by one, and at this time, it kept rotating and condensed out a yellow thunder.
Every day, the thunder was cancelled out one by one, which did not pose any threat to Mongolia. The thunder changed and suddenly disappeared. The whole calm actually did not fall.
Glanced at a clot to take back the black cloth and laughed, "Since you don’t come out, I’ll go." Say that finish, raise my hand and hit the whole earthquake, and a gap was abruptly split out, and I turned around and drilled in.
That is, after Meng Gang went in, the whole "bang" scene exploded.
Chapter sixty-three The cat’s life is not from heaven
Meng stepped out of the picture just now, and the picture changed unexpectedly. The stars were dead and alive. The whole picture was composed of gray, and there was no sound. If ordinary people were afraid that they would be insane and crazy in less than a moment.
Zhang’s mouth was covered with a light hum in his heart. Obviously, he was quite disdainful of this degree of law, and he would break away with a stroke.
"Yi" light yi a look at his front hasn’t changed a bit. It’s amazing. I don’t believe in evil. I blindfolded my eyes and shook my hands. Three hundred and sixty-five vigorous qi crisscrossed the front.
A planet was cut into hundreds of pieces, and there was no sound in the whole scene.
[How come? ? ] in my heart, I exclaimed, you know, just now, his split can definitely split this into pieces according to normal conditions, which is not even fluctuating as it is now.
Frowning, sitting cross-legged and thinking for a while, I still can’t get to the point. I just close my eyes and concentrate on the whole sweep, so I can understand this thoroughly, but that’s how I am really frightened.
His mind actually feels that other circles can have two situations here. One is that the Three Realms are destroyed, but he naturally doesn’t feel it, but this possibility may be omitted directly. The other is that this is independent of the Three Realms and not attached to the Three Realms.
For the second possibility, I still agree with the avatar from one world, but he can do it, but he has to attach himself to the three worlds and cannot be independent. That is, although the heaven and earth of the mixed yuan saints claim to be separated, it is natural for the three worlds to destroy themselves, but it is absolutely impossible to keep their Dojo.
However, it is obvious that Pangu created it, and I really have no idea about Pangu’s magical power. It is said that he can achieve such an independence without the Three Realms. I believe that after all, the whole world is owned by Pangu, although Pangu is also based in HarmonyOS.
[oh, so if you want to leave here, you will have to destroy the three realms! ] keep thinking in my heart [in this case, it is a little difficult for me to leave. If the imperial thunder whip is in hand, I can barely try, but now I am not sure! ] I muttered in my heart, but I still got up and prepared to give it a try. After all, although this is independent, it is smaller than the three realms. I don’t know how many Mongols still have confidence in extricating themselves from difficulties.
[Ah ~ ~ ~ If the weather changes and the weather is hot, they will force the nine-day-old Buddha Jun array and add my magical power to realize that there are nine levels of assurance to get out of here.] Frowning didn’t say anything.
In my heart, I burst out with my arms stretched out horizontally, and two dazzling clear lights crossed the whole. I saw two clear lights crossing out, and several planets were swept away by the clear light, and then they turned into dust. Two clear lights crossed the whole.
The "bang" method produced a huge noise, but the clear light hit the barrier and the whole thing was slightly turbulent.
"Wow!" When it explodes, the light will clear up, and the whole thing will "crack" as if the mirror were about to break.
"Heaven and Earth Xuan Huang" is another explosion, showing the first mu of Qingyun. Seeing Qingyun holding a tower Xuan Huang, the whole thing is even more chaotic. There are seven violets around the Xuan Huang Tower, swinging layers of clear light.
"Brother Dao, I’ll come to help you." Suddenly, seven sounds came from the Seven Lotus Terraces to see the Seven Lotus Terraces. A transformation actually turned seven Taoist priests into mysterious yellow gas because of the clear light, but they couldn’t see the men and women, and they couldn’t even see their faces clearly.
The seven people rushed at the power with a wave of their hands. Although they didn’t have two clear lights in Bi Meng, the difference was not far.
Will be broken by the seven people pay a "bang" a piece of debris.
Take a breath, get out of the way, and keep your feet on the ground, because he destroyed the whole thing, so there is no new circle
Pack up the Xuan Huang Ta Meng and look to the eyes to see the milky white gods slowly turning in front of him about three feet, suppressing their excitement, taking a deep breath and raising their hands toward the sphere.
In touch sphere moment 33 days outside, three people open their eyes at the same time.
[How can the number of days actually be messed up] Three people’s hearts were full of shock, and then three people got up at the same time and ignored their brother’s indecision eyes and left at the Purple Palace.
"Yi" is not only the three of them, but also the two people in the west have a indecision glances. It’s really a mess to make sure that they haven’t miscalculated the number of days when the other party seriously sees the same shock color.
In Wa Palace, the same one exclaimed that Nu Wa’s face even changed into happiness and sorrow, and she couldn’t say anything weird.
In the chaos, three people looked at each other in front of Zixiao Palace, obviously knowing that the other party was coming to the palace in unison, but they were stopped by a wall in front of Zixiao Palace. They just couldn’t cross the line.
"Squeak" The gate of Zixiao Palace was punched out. A Tsing Yi boy made a ceremony for the threesome in front of him. "Please tell the ancestors that heaven has changed, and he can’t fully control it. Please ask the three masters to know themselves." Then he turned and entered Zixiao Palace.


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