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"Who are you?" Gu Sheng asked, "Chaos", a pair of shiny black eyes full of horror. Gu Sheng asked again, "Don’t be afraid, we won’t hurt you. Who are you and why are you here? Do you have any other companions? " The man still had a dull expression. Sable said, "Don’t ask him, he may not understand us." Gu Sheng smiled. "That’s my negligence." He reached out to touch the savage’s head and shrank back, fearing to hide from Gu Sheng. Gu Sheng smiled. "Don’t be afraid to see that I didn’t mean anything." His palm brushed against the savage’s head, and he was enlightened. "Can you understand me now?" Gusheng asked with a smile that the savage seemed to really understand, and his expression was no longer as dull as just now. "Who are you?" The savage shook his head and Gu Sheng wondered, "Are you alone here?" The savage nodded. "How did you get here?" The savage thought for a while and the sable quickly asked, "Is he going to run away?" Gusheng Songguang. com "Don’t worry". The savage got up from the ground without restraint and went straight away. Gusheng and the sable also knew that the speed was not fast, and they could see where the savage wanted to take them. "Where is he taking us?" Sable asked her that she was so devious that she quickly turned her mind and thought of some bad possibilities. "He didn’t mean to lead us into a trap, did he?" I didn’t expect the savage to understand this sentence. He turned to shake his head and said vaguely, "Bo, Bo, ……" This "color" word surprised him. He covered his mouth and couldn’t believe that the sable was stunned. He said "no" and his face turned red. "I’m sorry …"Savage looked at her deep "color" complex shook his head and walked on.

Sable asked him about his body smell, and he was very curious. He quietly asked Gu Sheng, "How can there be a delicate fragrance when he is so dirty?" The more I smell it, the more I want to smell it … "Gusheng is also very strange." I don’t know. Let’s talk about it first. "The savage led them through many unimaginable paths, such as hanging a vine through a waterfall, and came to a strange valley. The entrance to the valley was a narrow peak, a huge original intact rock, which was divided into two halves, leaving only one side to pass through the crack. The valley was blocked by an oblique peak, and there was also a valley that could not be seen from the surface.
As soon as I entered the valley, the fragrance of the wild man was particularly strong. The sable twitched its nose violently. "It smells good!" In ancient times, there was only a purple-brown soil with a strange plant growing on it. Three leaves were evenly distributed around the main stem, and there was a gorgeous flower at the end of the stem. "The fragrance emanated from the flower." Gu Sheng looked at the savage and asked, "Are you this flower?" To be exact, he is the flower demon savage. He nodded, and his black eyes in his hair were no longer so frightened. Gu Sheng sighed, "The celestial world is really amazing. It is impossible to stop having such a flower fragrance!" Not face "color" dignified "is this the notorious fiend flower?" Gusheng also heard of the fiend flower, saying that it is said that this kind of flower can control the immortals and immortals. Once they are "fascinated" and "confused" by it, they can’t stop struggling. It’s no use trying to get rid of it. If you don’t smell the flowers every day, the immortals will be restless and lose their powers. This fiend flower can be regarded as the first magic flower in the celestial world. Gusheng exclaimed, "It’s it!" No, I’m not quite sure. "I haven’t seen a real fiend flower, but I’ve heard people say that this fiend pattern should be like this." Gusheng hurriedly covered the sable nose, which was constantly twitching its nose and vigorously sucking the aroma in the air.
The ancient ascension made the sable’s face full of the peculiar smell of male sexuality, and the tender skin on her face was particularly sensitive. You can feel the suffocating smell without smelling it. The sable fell into the arms of the ancient ascension after a moment of infatuation and confusion. "Wake up! You are poisoned!" Sable hasn’t woken up yet, and said, "Yes, I was poisoned. I fell in love with you as soon as I was poisoned, and I fell in love with you deeply …" Gu Sheng Kenai drew a water diversion spell, poured a cold water on Sable’s face, and a tingle woke up, and quickly stood up and stared. "What are you trying to take advantage of?" Gusheng smiled bitterly and didn’t care about her. "Be careful, this is a fiend who can’t leave him after smelling too much of you!" Sable doesn’t believe "is it so powerful?" Without nodding, "This is the first magic flower in the fairy world!" "Since it is the celestial world, how can there be magic flowers?" "All roads lead to the same goal, and the magic is both fairy and magic."
The sable immediately became alert and stopped breathing. She asked strangely, "But why doesn’t he smell like this?" Sable pointed to the savage savage also seemed to understand that he stammered, "I, I, I, control …" "He can control this" sex "in the sky." Gu Sheng said that he didn’t sigh, "I didn’t expect that the fiend flower could become immortal. It’s a miracle. It seems that all things are equal. Everyone is a creature. We can do things." This sentence made the savage feel grateful for not being able to hold the fiend flower and nod his head. "Gu Sheng smiled.
"Is there anyone else here? I mean people like us?" The savage shook his head and said two words. His language ability was not finished yet. Gu Sheng looked at the other two people. It seems that those bandits’ nests are not here. He didn’t say. It’s been a long time since we got back. Chen Bing and them should be back soon. Sable looked at the savage. What about him? Gusheng thought for a moment and asked the savage, "Would you like to come with us?" The savage was fascinated, and a piece of optical network emerged with a gesture of "I can teach you this". Just now, he caught the savage spell, and a little fear appeared in his eyes, which was quickly replaced by a joy. The savage looked at the optical network and nodded "Mm-hmm!" The sable asked, "Take him away? We’re going to wish the immortal emperor … "The savage jumped over and grabbed her sleeve." Take, take me, me … "The sable couldn’t hurry to get rid of this dirty guy and nodded." Take you away, take you away! "
Gusheng smiled. "Well, now you are a full member of our team. My name is Gusheng, and his name is sable." The sable glanced at Gusheng with dissatisfaction. "Who has a bad temper …" "Bitter, bitter?" The savage tried to call them Gu Sheng and waved his hand, "It’s not bitter, it’s Gu Sheng!" "Bitter, rising" and "ancient rising!" "Bitter, bitter, bitter …" Gu Sheng waved his hand. "Forget it, forget it, your tongue is still stiff, and then practice slowly. I ask you if you have a name?" Savage one leng Gu Sheng also felt that this sentence was purely redundant. "Forget it, how can you have a name? Well, I’ll give you a name. Well, you are a demon flower, so we’ll call you Mohua." Sable "inserted" her mouth and said, "This name is a woman’s name. How can I give it to him?" "That’s Mohua." The savage was very happy. "Mohua Mohua …" His pronunciation was very accurate this time.
To take Mohua away, the sable said, "It’s too unsightly for you two to take him to wash and change his clothes." Gusheng also thought it was so, so he pushed this to "I’ll prepare the cloud car before I gave it to you" and nodded. Several people came out of the valley and took Mohua to the beach to take a bath and prepared a suit for him. Gusheng and the sable waited by the cloud car and came back soon. "Finished washing so soon?" Didn’t look weird and stammered, "You, go and see for yourselves." "What’s the matter?" Gusheng and Sable were about to be together without reaching out and holding Gusheng. "You can’t go?" "What’s the matter?" The sable asked strangely, "What is mysterious?" She turned a rock and behind it was the beach where Mowa bathed.
"ah!" A scream came from behind the reef. "Why are you a woman?" GuSheng leng soon white not what face "color" so weird MoHua a head of "chaos" return so long roots can’t see men and women all see her agile first in the concept that she is a man but I didn’t expect MoHua turned out to be a woman! Gusheng laughed with his belly in his arms. "You still laugh!" Gusheng no matter he continued to laugh, he didn’t sigh and he couldn’t help it.
Sable gave Mohua-in Xi ‘an, it should be called Mohua-a set of her daughter’s red makeup was found for her to wear in front of Gu Sheng and Wei, and Mohua was already a graceful beauty. Her figure was almost symmetrical with that of sable, and her facial features were exquisite, especially a pair of beautiful eyes were just hidden behind her hair. At this time, it seems that her eyes are long and her eyes are bright, which is really fascinating. It is no exaggeration that long hair has been tied behind her after careful grooming and refreshing, and many ancient rises and eyes are not stunned. She kept shaking her head to warn Mo Hua, "You should stay away from them later, and be careful that they will molest you." "What do you mean?" I just had a talk with Sable, a talkative bird, when I was in the shower. Now I speak fluently. Many Sables turn red. "It’s nothing, just be careful." She remembered that she had just been promoted to "indecent assault". She couldn’t help but expect that her daughter’s mind would be complicated several times, so she felt embarrassed when she thought of it, so she blushed.
Four people had a bonfire and smoke. Gu Sheng drove away from the island road, talking and laughing. Most of the time, Mo Huadu blinked his eyes and listened quietly. I didn’t expect it to be so high that she hurriedly let go of the car and didn’t dare to move, for fear of accidentally slipping out of the car.
Chen Bing, as expected, they have already come back. It was a sigh of relief when they saw the bonfire smoke. "Where have you been, my Lord? If you don’t come back, we will go out to find you." The last of the four people came to the car party. Chen Bing has never seen a fairy figure before. "This bonfire smoke is really a good baby and can turn into a fairy …" Everyone smiled and asked Gu Sheng, "Have you checked everything out?" Chen Bing nodded and took out a piece of Yu Pei. "This is a picture of a star. Look," he took up a map in Yu Pei. Mo Hua had never seen such a magical spell before. Suddenly he was surprised and called a sable to comfort her and explain to her what was going on. Chen Bing pointed to the islands dotted with maps and said, "A star has a total of 37,000 islands. These islands have large spirits and beasts. The first choice for hunting orcs is these islands, and there are more than 90,000 small islands. Most of them also have various spirits. There are no beasts on these three surfaces. "He emerged from the map and turned into red." These islands are all reefs, and there is no necessary food and fresh water for the beasts. "
The fourth volume Fairy Mountain Section two hundred and six Begins to be holy
? Section two hundred and sixty Begins to be holy
In Gusheng, the second of the three islands, they found a cave, which was blocked by an uncomplicated "mystery" array. A hole in the "mystery" array appeared in front of everyone and went into the hole. There were some scattered "messy" objects piled up next to the stone walls on the left and right sides, and even the celestial robbers would hide the stolen things in their belongings rings. There were no valuables here, and several broken boxes could be used to hold things and tables and chairs. They searched the cave and found nothing. " It seems that we can’t find any clues here, "said Sable." If we can’t find a clue, it’s just a clue. At least it’s an ordinary gangster’s nest. "Gu Sheng said," So Miao Huan Xian is lying? " "Yes," they came to Gusheng outside the cave and said, "Come on, let’s go and wish the Holy Fairy Emperor the land." They flew to the cloud car together, and Mohua followed carefully. Gusheng gave her some basic fairy skills and spells. She was not very skilled after practicing in the cloud car. When she was with these people, she listened more and learned more, and didn’t talk much, but she was a spiritual thing, and she would get twice the result with half the effort and enter the country quickly.
The whole celestial sphere is a celestial sphere. The Chinese side wishes that the realm of the immortal emperor is located in the center, and the other four immortals are surrounded by each other. In fact, every celestial emperor realm has a boundary, and the celestial realm is extremely vast. The two immortals are separated by hundreds of millions of miles. It takes a long journey to get from one celestial emperor realm to another. It took ten days to reach the edge of the realm of the immortal emperor. Before entering the realm of the immortal emperor, Gusheng deliberately changed his cloud car into a six-beast cloud car. It’s not so eye-catching and the speed of the cloud car is properly controlled, so there won’t be two fire dragons-the symbol of "sex" of bonfire and smoke will make him suddenly and violently "dew". When everything is ready, he will dress himself up as a little fairy in an iron gate prison and drive the cloud car to married with children, wishing to be a saint and emperor.
May the Immortal Emperor be the most prosperous area in the celestial world. No wonder that the Immortal Emperor will be arrogant. The number of cloud cars and immortals in other places has increased significantly. Even in the border area, it is more prosperous than that of Emperor Zhao. Many planets have built mansions in the celestial world, which is also a status symbol. After three days of slow travel, they came to this trip. The first prosperous planet "Dade Star" is a planet with excellent natural conditions, which is not much different from the previous life or planet of Gusheng, so it has become a prosperous planet. As soon as they came here, they felt that something was wrong. I couldn’t say what was wrong. Gu Sheng was more experienced than him. It was obvious that someone was spying on them. They couldn’t move. One by one, they whipped the wheels of the driving spirit beast and ran over the shops on both sides of Dadexing Street. He said to Chen Bing, "Go find a place to stay." Chen Bing saw that there was an inn in front, and three colorful flags were flying. Chen Bing pointed, "Is your adult here?" "Well, you go and ask if there is a room." Chen Bing hurriedly went and came out after a while, shaking his head. "My Lord, they said it was full." "Full? It seems that this place is really full of merchants’ cloud inn. Let’s find another one. "
Next to that inn, there is another slightly smaller one. When Chen Bing walked in, he came out dejected. "Why is it still full?" Gusheng finds it hard to believe. It won’t be so hot, will it? "How come? Is there any activity here recently?" Like West Xiang Xing, he didn’t have a place to live because Zhao Sheng’s birthday was late. Chen Bing said, "I’ll ask about it." He stopped a passerby and shook his head after asking, "My Lord, people here don’t know what’s going on." "What’s going on? Ask again! " Chen Bing nodded and went to several houses one after another. It is strange that the inn said that the sable was very unhappy because it was full. He pointed to the rooms with closed windows in the building and said, "Where is the full room? Look at these rooms because they don’t want to give way to us!" I didn’t ask, "Why is it reasonable to drive guests out since the door is doing business?" Gu Sheng was thoughtful. As soon as he entered Dade Star, he felt that someone was spying on them. Now this happened again. Did someone deliberately make things difficult for them to stay in Dade Star?
I asked everyone all over the street that the inn dared to accept them, but the sable was stubborn and jumped out of the car. "I can’t believe that such a big star can’t even find a guest room!" She went to ask in person, and the result was the same as that of Chen Bing. No matter how hard she tried to carrot and stick and coerce the store, it was hard to insist that the room was full and there was nothing the sable could do. "What happened to these people who didn’t do business? Are they out of their minds?" Mo Hua took her in vain and quietly asked, "How can my sister’s brain get into the water?" The sable replied angrily, "The seal is not tight!" Gu Sheng and Mo Hua, who didn’t laugh together, nodded, "Good, good, not tightly sealed. It’s not like taking a bath and getting into the water …" Sable also laughed and was teased by her, and there was no anger.
"Forget it, if they don’t accept us, we won’t stay in their store." Gu Sheng said that his horse was supported by sable. "It’s no big deal not to sleep." It’s nothing for immortals. Several people have made up their minds and don’t want to stay in Dadexing to collect information quickly. The most important place to get information from here is often in crowded places. They found a teahouse and were stopped by Dr. Tea at the door. " A few guest officers are really sorry. The store is full. Look, please find another one. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. "Dr. Tea smiled and sent Gu Sheng to see that there were a lot of people inside, so I didn’t care much about changing one family or changing one family when it was full, but the store wouldn’t let them in and said it was a closure! Sable was angry and almost smashed the store. Gu Sheng and Sable were annoyed that she didn’t stop her at once. "Why do you discriminate against us? I hope the immortal emperor is really not a good thing!" Only to find that this sentence caused disaster.
"Who ate the bear heart leopard and dared to speak ill of the immortal emperor here?" A got voice said that a well-dressed and white-skinned man walked out of the teahouse. I didn’t know that Gu Sheng, when he saw him, thought that the eunuch sable was by no means saving the oil lamp, but he had to find another job. The situation was that someone was looking for another job. "Me! How can I let the holy immortal emperor tell me himself-the Lord of the Tang Dynasty should be so stingy to intimidate us! " The man smiled coldly. "What a desperate young man! If you want to see the immortal emperor, I’ll take you to see him. Bring me this sharp-tongued and sharp-tongued girl!" A group of immortals in purple clothes swarmed out of the tea building and surrounded them. Gu Sheng smiled. "I’ve never arrested anyone, but I’ve never seen anyone arrest me. Well, all of you!" I can’t think about it now, and I can’t reveal my identity. I’m obviously coming for you. Even if you give in again and again, the "eunuch" can’t help it. "Hum, toad yawns, but it’s not true that the children brought me a bundle of stone locks. When the time comes, he will still keep his mouth shut!" Purple clothes people embrace and fork ya ya’s dozens of fairy wares come to Gusheng with a roar of laughter. Jade chains rise and draw a circle like a black hole, which is more attractive than others. Those purple clothes people even exclaim that their fairy wares are out of their control and swoosh and fly into that circle. As soon as the jade chains are closed, the fairy wares are smashed into two parts!
"Are you a jailer or a judge?" "Eunuch" God "color" became more and more fierce and asked the jade chain hovering over Gusheng’s head. He said coldly, "Now it should be me questioning you! Who are you? " The eunuch looked stubborn and refused to answer. Gu Sheng snorted a jade chain and twisted a jade dragon to fly to the eunuch’s head. Nai, "I wish the immortal emperor Chang Qing, a great star, was my jurisdiction." Gu Sheng smiled coldly. "You are ranked in Jiuqing. Your status is very high. Are you spying on us and deliberately making things difficult for us to stay in the hotel for tea?" Chang Qing said, "It’s true that Qing recently received a tip-off that there is a" traitor "who wants to sneak in from me. May the sacred immortal emperor’s territory be bad for the immortal emperor, so I deliberately pay attention to you every day until today." Gu Sheng snorted. "It’s ridiculous. I don’t know where you got the news. Can I be a" traitor "with a bundle of immortals?" Chang Qing gave him a look. "I don’t think so!" The sable was furious when he saw that he was openly suspicious of Gu Sheng. "You dog officer, I think you are a’ traitor’ and you are a eunuch!" Gusheng laughed and gave the sable a thumbs-up sign. "Well said, great minds think alike!" The sable smiled happily but turned Chang Qing’s angry face even whiter. "You, you, you!" Gu Sheng said, "I’m Gu Sheng, the deputy prison director of Tiezha Prison. Do you still think I’m a traitor?" "Are you Gusheng?" Chang Qing frightened "how can it be you? But, but according to the information I got, there are two women, six men and a strange cloud car! " Gu Sheng was puzzled. "Is that why you came?" Chang Qing’s face turned stiff and said, "You don’t know this!"
Gusheng wondered who would frame himself and knew his whereabouts like the back of his hand. Chang Qing knew that he shouldn’t offend the prison face "color" and said slowly, "Since it was a misunderstanding, please forgive my horse and arrange your residence." Gu Sheng took back the jade chain. Chang Qing looked at the scattered fairy pieces and felt a little distressed. Look at his depressed department and secretly shook his head, disappointing guys!
"Who set us up?" After Chang Qing excused himself, Sable immediately asked Gu Sheng and shook his head. "It’s not clear now." Sable rolled her eyes. "I know it must be that demon woman!" Gusheng shook his head. "I don’t think it’s Sable." Gusheng laughed. "It’s not that I protect her, but because she doesn’t know how Mo Hua can give such accurate information?" Sable can talk, but she doesn’t lose. "How do you know she’s not stalking us?" Instead of pestering her, Gu Sheng asked, "Who do you think it will be?"
I didn’t look at him, but I didn’t think about it. I think it’s better not to say it well for the time being. "Let’s wait and see." "Wait and wait, we don’t know how many times we will be betrayed!" The sable said that Gu Sheng Bai didn’t mean it, and he wouldn’t go to Hu’s chaos without real evidence and sex. He guessed that Gu Sheng nodded, "So can he." The sable looked at them. "Do you already know who? Tell me, what can’t you tell me? " Gusheng shook his head. "Now we are not sure that we will tell you when we have a definite answer."
Now that Gu Sheng has been discovered, there is no need to hide his identity. The nine-headed spirit beast reappeared in the star with a bonfire of smoke. They stayed in Dade Star for two days and left a destination, which is to wish the main star of the holy fairy emperor "Zhongxing Star".
The fourth volume Fairy Mountain Section two hundred and seven Secret font size
? Section two hundred and sixty-one Secret font size
In the Star Sky, someone told the Saint Xiandi that "the ancient vice prison of the iron grating prison has been brought". Kneeling on the surface is to wish the Saint Xiandi an old man with white beard in Beicheng Village. May the Saint Xiandi frown and the boss be unhappy. "What is he doing here? He didn’t stay in his iron grating prison, and he even came to my place to run wild in recent days. "Zhuang Yi said," How do you think we can receive him? " May the immortal emperor grumpily say, "What reception? Isn’t there a metaplasia prisoner? They can receive it themselves. We don’t care "May the immortal emperor wave his hand and be unfriendly to Gusheng" but … ""But what? " Zhuang took a look at the immortal emperor and said carefully, "I’m afraid it’s not appropriate for this ancient adult to have a big hand and not receive it properly?" "What’s wrong? I think it is very appropriate! What has the celestial world become now? Don’t want me to be a fairy emperor and learn from others! " Zhuang Yi also wants to talk about it again. May the immortal emperor look impatient and swallow his words back into his stomach. May the immortal emperor just think about it and say, "I think so. You should inform the head office of the biochemical prison that all expenses will be met by us. If you need anything, please let them know." Zhuang nodded for the time being.
The bonfire smoke fell on Zhong Tianxing. Chen Bing asked, "My Lord, we have an institutional biochemical prison here. It is a three-level prison. Do we want it?" Gusheng nodded. "Of course, I’m going to my own place. If I don’t, I’m going to wish the immortal emperor?" Chen Bing promised to lead the way, but now Chen Bing has left. Recently, he asked, "Is the person coming from Tiezha Prison Gu Shenggu?" Chen Binggao replied, "It’s the adults who are you waiting for?" "We are the officials of the biochemical prison. I heard that the National People’s Congress came to meet us!" Gu Sheng picked up the car curtain and went to Chen Bing’s way. "This is an adult." A group of fairy officials greeted "Hello, Gu Adult!" Gusheng smiled and returned the gift with his fist. "Hello, everyone. How can the prison of metaplasia come soon?" "Not yet." I heard that Beizhi’s adult was coming, and specially ordered people to look around Zhongtianxing for a reward, so I hurried here. "The first person said that Gusheng asked," The pavilion is … ""Oh, Beizhi’s Huang Tianfang is a metaplastic prison collar "and" Huang’s adult is right, so you can lead the way and we can go back together. "
Metaphysical Prison is located in a remote mountain valley in Zhongxing. On how prosperous the celestial planet is, due to the small number of immortals, it is impossible to live in it. Most of the land is idle and desolate. Although the Metaphysical Prison is located in the bustling Zhongxing, few people know exactly where this prison is. Compared with the iron grating prison, it is a lot simpler here, and it is still a long way from the ice prison. It is just some crowing dogs and thieves who are not important prisoners, so the defense is not very strict. When you enter Metaphysical Prison, you can see that everything is very simple and ancient. I don’t knit a frown, but the "color" of Huang Tianfang’s Yan Guan has become white. I apologize and smile. "Adults don’t blame me for staying here for a long time. Adults may feel humble, but we have already arranged for you without adult accommodation."
A single house across the courtyard is renovated. The garden is planted with flowers and plants unique to Zhongtianxing. The furniture in the room is all new. The color has changed. "Is this specially prepared for me?" "I wonder if adults are still satisfied?" Huang Tianfang said obsequiously that Gu Sheng snorted. "I didn’t expect that I would be so wasteful when I came here!" When Huang Tianfang heard that there was something wrong with his tone, he quickly asked, "What’s wrong with adults?" Gu Sheng said, "It took a lot of jade crystals to arrange these, didn’t it?" Huang Tianfang hurriedly took off his clothes. "No, there is no money. I want the immortal emperor to come to my place and say that this is not good. That is not good. I will scold Beizhi carefully and then let Beizhi decorate and wait for adults to come and live. All of them will bear the burden of Beizhi …" Gu Sheng "Who is Zhuangyi?" "Is to wish the Holy Fairy Emperor Bei Cheng" "May the Holy Fairy Emperor Bei Cheng … This news must have been told by Chang Qing" Gu Sheng wondered why he didn’t directly come forward to their Huage Guangsha since he wanted to entertain himself. I think it was necessary for Huang Tianfang to make efforts to decorate a small courtyard. "Why don’t they come to meet me?" Gusheng asked
Huang Tianfang carefully replied, "He means that it is more in line with the specifications to receive by Beizhi." Gu Sheng smiled, "Let him go. I don’t want to be polite to him." Gu Sheng waved his hand and walked into the courtyard. "Come in and look around and see if you need to talk quickly!" The sable took Mo Hua and went straight to the west wing, because there was a flower tree with fiery red flowers as big as a bowl outside the window. The individual arranged his residence and Gu Sheng invited Huang Tianfang to the house. "Huang Daren …" "Beizhi is here!" Gusheng waved his hand. "It’s better to have you and me here. You don’t have to be so polite and easy-going." Huang Tianfang quickly smiled. "It’s a humble job." "Lord Huang, let me ask you. May you be familiar with everything here?" Huang Tianfang patted his chest. "Beizhi has worked in this biochemical prison for 300 years. If you are familiar with this place, I will recognize the second, then no one dares to recognize the first!" Gusheng smiled. "Very good, very good. I just want to ask you. Do you know that there is a secret organization in the seat of the Immortal Emperor?" Huang Tianfang’s face changed color and looked at the door and said, "Do you know, my Lord?" Gu Sheng nodded and Huang Tianfang said, "Yes, there is such an organization. It is said that people in it are all immortal, and many secrets are carried out by them and have never failed." "What are the secrets?" "That’s hard to say. Assassination and spying are all these. How can secrets come out?" "Do you know what their waist tags are like?" Huang Tianfang boasted, "My Lord, you really asked the right person. Such a secret is that ordinary people will not know the shape of their waist tag even if they know the secret font size. If you don’t ask Beizhi, no one really knows …" Gusheng was impatient. "Okay, don’t brag. Come on."Huang Tianfang smiled and nodded, "The waist tag with the secret name of Hui’s adult is a knife-shaped Yu Pei." "Really?" "It’s true that the front of the waist tag is engraved with’ Xian Wei Zhong’ and the back is engraved with the number table and the secret number to make the identity." Gusheng nodded. "Okay, it’s okay. You go."
Through Huang Tianfang’s ancient ascension, he got a preliminary understanding of this secret name, but he was not sure how credible the words spoken by Huang Tianfang’s population were.
May the immortal emperor’s house wish that the immortal emperor is asking Beicheng Zhuangyi, "Is Gu Sheng here?" "Here we go." "Are you all settled?" "According to the imperial edict, they are all living in metaplasia prison now." May the immortal emperor nod. "Go and sound him out and see if this little thing has come to me. What are your plans? Do you really want to arrange me again?" Zhuang nodded. "Rest assured, I am white." May the immortal emperor sigh. "Since I grew up in the middle of the sky, we have entered an eventful autumn. Do you really mean that everything will be destroyed by Lin Feng?" Zhuang Yi said, "I think we shouldn’t be too arrogant." May the immortal emperor smile. "You really criticize me for being wild and not knowing how to converge, don’t you?" Zhuang Yi hurriedly kowtowed "I dare not". May the Saint Immortal Emperor gently shake his head. "My weakness is clear in my heart. You don’t say that I know that you are thinking like this. There is nothing wrong with you. It is because I am a leopard cannot change his spots, but I can’t get rid of these" Mao "diseases."
Huang Tianfang, a biochemical prison, ran quickly to "my Lord, my Lord!" "panic?" Gu Sheng called out to Huang Tianfang and said, "My Lord, I wish an adult in Shengbei Chengzhuang an audience." "Him?" Gu Sheng just thought, "Please!"
An old man with a white beard walked in. "No, the old man came uninvited. Hehe! This handsome young man must be the old brother of Gu Sheng, the deputy prison leader of New Tiezha Prison? " The ancient litres hurriedly change a smiling face "so brother must also is zhuang an adult? Ha ha ha ….. "Two people burst into laughter. Gu Sheng invited Zhuang Yi into the back of the house. Free Huang Tianfang called people to serve tea." I don’t know what brings you here today, Lord Zhuang? " Zhuang Yi ha ha smiled. "My old brother came to my Zhongxing. I knew yesterday that I wanted to meet my brother with Huang Da-ren and them, but I thought about it. There may be some public discussions when you meet with him. I didn’t come today because of the inconvenience." Gu Sheng said, "Thank you for hanging up and thinking about Gu. I heard that everything here is repaired by Zhuang Da-ren. Does this make Gu feel comfortable?" Zhuang Yi gave a hand. "Bro needs to be polite. If I’m not worried that Bro is here for business, I will come to our place to live in Bro Street."
He asked smoothly, "By the way, I wonder what business my brother has come to China Star this time?" It’s not as good as asking for sex in Gu Sheng’s heart. He himself is the fairy Lord who personally ordered the deputy prison leader of the iron gate prison to come. We dare not think about himself. Gu Sheng smiled. "This matter is really related to Brother Zhuang. I’m afraid I need your help." Zhuang Yi’s heart thumped as soon as he knew that the trouble came again. "Oh, what’s the matter? Gu Sheng nodded and reached out and took out a thing." Brother Zhuang can know this? " What he was holding in his hand was a knife-shaped Yu Pei, Huang Tianfang, who was shivering behind him and blurted out, "Lord Yu Pei …" "Stop it!" Gu Sheng’s rebuke scared Huang Tianfang to shut up and stay on the side. "What’s this, Mr. Zhuang?" Zhuang’s face changed slightly. "Yes, that’s exactly what we want. I don’t know how the jade with the secret name waist tag is in the hands of adults." Gu Sheng asked, "Then, please see if this waist tag is true or not, Lord Zhuang?" Zhuang Yi took it and put his hand on the handle of the knife-shaped Yu Pei. "Ding Rinrin …" It was crisp and strange that Zhuang Yi sighed with a faint metal in the ring. "It’s true …" He frankly admitted that this road surprised Gu Sheng. Zhuang Yi continued, "Yujinjin is a very simple way to test the authenticity of the waist tag. But how can Zhuang be in the hands of ancient adults?"
The ancient god "color" is dignified. "I don’t know a piece yet!" There was another waist tag in his hand, and he was shocked. "How is this, how is this possible?" Gusheng shook his head gently and thought for a moment. "Ancient adults, can you let me take these two sides of Yu Pei back and look for them in detail?" Gusheng shook his head. "Lord Zhuang, you also know that this is evidence and you can’t take it away casually." Zhuang Yi asked, "Is there any major case involving us?" Gusheng said, "The ancient people do things openly, and Lord Zhuang can rest assured that they will never wronged the good guys and let the bad guys" rape "succeed. But this time, I’m afraid I want to explain to the fairy Lord personally …"
"What did you say?" May the immortal emperor be shocked. "How can he have two secret waist tags that are still true!" Zhuang Yi said, "My humble minister, look at this moment, someone deliberately set it up!" "Do you still say that? But the question is who are the intentional perpetrators and how can they have two waist tags?" May the immortal emperor ask, "What’s the number of the waist tag?" "No.34 and No.46, respectively," said Zhuang Yi. "I went to check one of the members of the secret code who died in the line of duty. It seems that the people who framed us have been plotting for a long time!" May the immortal emperor be so chaotic. "If the investigation is not clear, how can I tell the immortal Lord!" Zhuang Yi hesitated and said, "I think this Gu Sheng is a little different from others. We might as well believe him once …" "Different? What is the difference? I think it’s just a crooked official. It’s really hateful to take out this killer to blackmail me just because we didn’t receive him! " Zhuang Yi doesn’t know what to say. I hope that the immortal emperor is born in the magic road, and he is irritable and arrogant, which has offended many people. Otherwise, China hopes that the immortal emperor will be under siege.
"Go and get Lin Qinger and ask her what’s going on!"
The fourth volume Fairy Mountain Section two hundred Phantom of the Green Snake
? Section two hundred and sixty-two Phantom of the Green Snake
A green shadow floated into the room, and the slender green shadow fell to the ground. "Are you looking for a concubine?" May the immortal emperor ask, "Qing Er, get up first, and I will ask you what happened to the secret characters No.34 and No.46?" Lin Qinger said, "I’ve been investigating this matter and now I’ve made a little progress." "Oh, tell me soon!" "No.34 and No.46 in accordance with the decree were all in the territory of Emperor Zhao Shengxian, and it is strange that they didn’t send out any danger signals before the accident. If it weren’t for the sudden and unexpected accident, it would have never been expected that something would happen. It happened that all the male and female servants in the territory of Emperor Zhao Shengxian felt that things were not simple." May the Emperor Sheng Xiandi growl, "Old Six has gone too far recently, and even I won’t let go!" He glanced at Lin Qinger and asked, "So these two waist tags should fall into the hands of Master Zhao?" "It should be like this." I wish the immortal emperor wanted to think and said, "Qing Er, you are familiar with both of them. It’s up to you to explain it to that ancient rose." Lin Qinger Ying Ying smiled. "How can you let me meet an outsider? Aren’t you worried? " As soon as Zhuang saw the subtle atmosphere, he quietly retired. May the immortal emperor ha ha a smile and wrap his body around Lin Qinger’s body like a puff of smoke. "Although I am naturally charming, I am absolutely loyal to me. How can I not be at ease with you?" Lin Qinger gave a charming smile. "If you were so relieved, you wouldn’t have killed General Ying by mistake, but you didn’t have any choice but to send me out?" May the immortal emperor smile awkwardly. "Qingfei is not only smart in appearance and color, but also smart!"Lin Qinger gently twisted off his body. May the immortal emperor entangle and float to the door. "Don’t worry if male and female servants know what to do."
There are a lot of instruments in the ring that the fairy Lord gave to Gu Sheng, who was not teaching Mo Hua spells in the metaplasia prison. Unfortunately, Mo Hua is still shallow, so they can grab Huang Tianfang from the most basic things and run to this courtyard every day. He can’t tell what is going on. Every time he comes to expect to see Mo Hua, the maid around the ancient adult, instead of Gu Sheng, it seems that she can’t be seen for a day-no, To be exact, I didn’t see her for a while, as if something had happened in my body. He deepened his life in prison and led a beautiful fairy to see it, but no one could ever give him this feeling. Huang Tianfang felt very strange. He couldn’t figure out what would happen. Even if he didn’t deliberately release the power of the demon flower, he would be unbearable and unconsciously affected.
Mo Hua’s entry into the country really made her practice with twice the result with half the effort, and soon she broke through the second-class fairy realm. Although this realm is not much stronger than the fairy people in the celestial world, it is much stronger than before. In addition to her good innate quality, Mo Hua’s excellent physical fitness is also a very important factor for him to enter the country quickly. Hunting and digging traps by himself every day to chase prey will not make the fairy aura be able to arrange three people to fold their giant wooden traps. It is conceivable how strong she is. Although cultivating immortals does not require much physical strength, she still has an excellent body.
A green shadow floated to the door outside the biochemical prison to guard and drink "newcomers!" " Green shadow "swings" a little golden light "shoots" at the guards. "I wish Shengqing Princess this is the waist tag and I want to see Gu Sheng’s adult." Green shadow suddenly fell in the middle of a rotation and stood on the ground. A young fairy suddenly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. I have never seen such a fascinating woman! She didn’t do much. She simply left several guards there. No wonder she usually showed people in green shadows and didn’t dare to show her true face. "Go!" Lin Qinger jiao drink a guard this just suddenly wake up hurriedly said "you wait" he ran in with a waist tag all the way without stopping thinking to hurry back and take a look at that woman. No wonder it is a wish for the fairy princess to be really sexy!
"My Lord!" The guard flew to find Huang Tianfang first. "There is a wish for the holy fairy emperor Qingfei outside the door!" "ah!" Huang Tianfang was frightened that he didn’t have the knowledge like these guards. Lin Qinger’s name is Saint Qingfei, but it’s actually just a brand name. She and Saint Xiandi were willing to make a fuss about the three of them. Finally, they hoped that the Saint Xiandi would take the crown and get angry and kill the shadow general. Although Lin Qinger accepted the conferment of the Qing Princess, it is even more confusing to let people catch such a wonderful person. May the Saint Xiandi be in his mouth and afraid of holding it in his hand on weekdays. "Let’s go and take me to meet" Huang Tianfang hurriedly sent someone to inform Gusheng and arranged his clothes to meet him in person.
The gate of the biochemical prison is open, and Huang Tianfang comes out with a smile. "Minister Huang Tianfang welcomes Qingfei!" He didn’t want to belong to the immortal emperor, but he showed his respect for others or claimed to be a minister. After he looked up, Huang Tianfang couldn’t help but feel shocked. This woman is really a disaster! No wonder even the immortal emperor is not confident and jealous all day! "Huang Daren … Huang Daren!" Lin Qinger coughed and shouted, which finally woke Huang Tianfang up. His face turned red and hurriedly said, "Please come with me." As he walked along, he secretly observed Qingfei. It was strange that he compared her with Mohua in his heart. There seems to be a vague similarity between the two people. I can’t tell exactly where he wrote it like himself. Soon he came to Gusheng to live in the small courtyard and greeted him. He couldn’t help but be stunned and praised, "What a wonderful person!" He doesn’t say it’s a beauty, but it’s a wonderful person who makes Lin Qinger giggle. "Ancient talents are elegant people, unlike them …" Then he glanced at Huang Tianfang behind him and found that Huang Tianfang didn’t look at her, but looked at someone behind Gu Sheng with strange eyes. She looked up and suddenly felt a shock. "I wonder who this sister is?" Gusheng looked back at Mohua and laughed. "Oh, she’s my sister. Why?" Mo Hua and Lin Qinger at the same time, when the color of God changed, Mo Hua’s eyes flashed a trace of emotion, while Lin Qinger was disappointed. She could clearly see that Mo Hua and Gu Sheng had no relatives. The two people’s theory was that they were not similar in temperament from their appearance. So it was obviously a plague on Mo Hua’s charm, so he wanted to lure and confuse by beauty. He was going to be afraid and could not succeed.
Sable came out of the room and frowned at the sight of Lin Qinger. "Who is she?" Sable is very impolitely asked Gusheng hurriedly stopped her "unreasonable! This is the wish of the holy fairy emperor Qing Fei ""Princess? Can a green snake be a concubine? " She hit the nail on the head about Lin Qinger’s ancient rise. That’s why sable doesn’t like Lin Qinger sable and snake so much. In contrast, Lin Qinger doesn’t like sable very much. "What an uneducated baby!" You!’ The sable almost rushed to Gusheng and made an eye "color". Mo Hua quickly dragged the sable back. It took no effort. The big sable was no match and she was dragged in. She was very unhappy and complained, "Die Mo Hua, you are lame with Gu now!"
As soon as Sable left, Lin Qinger immediately changed his smiling face. "It’s not convenient outside. Let’s go in and talk." I knew you wouldn’t come to Metaphysical Prison for a reason.
"The ancient adults don’t tell the truth that my body has another job besides wishing to be a holy princess. It’s a big secret. I told you not to let it out!" She inadvertently seduced "confused", which made people feel that the distance from her was shortened unconsciously. Gu Sheng smiled. "Well, Gu Mou must keep a secret." Lin Qinger chuckled and came to Gu Sheng with a slight twist of her waist. She whispered in his ear, "Male and female servants are still secret leaders!" This road really surprised Gu Sheng. "What!" Lin Qinger slowly sat back to his seat. "It’s a surprise, isn’t it? I’m such a weak woman who leads such an evil gang. Sometimes I think it’s really incredible when I think about it myself, but it’s a fact that can’t be changed." Gusheng nodded. "Gu Mou and Bai Qingfei came here for this purpose." Lin Qinger smiled. "Yes, I just came because of those two waist tags. I wonder if the ancient adults can tell me about those two waist tags?" She looked at Gusheng Gusheng with anticipation, smiled gently and shook her head. "I’m sorry, this matter is confidential. Since Qingfei just told me a big secret, I naturally don’t want Gu to be a person who can’t keep a secret, right?" Lin Qinger was disappointed that God’s "color" was bleak and relaxed, which made people feel "confused" and "fascinated". If the average man absolutely couldn’t stand this fear, he would have told her all his ancestors for ten generations!
However, Gu Sheng has been tempered by dragons and foxes and sable flowers, and his heart has already stopped like water. Lin Qinger’s set has nothing to do with him. "Well, in this case, let me ask another question. Has the owner of these two waist tags ever seen it?" Gu Sheng confessed that "I have seen one of them" and "Oh, what does he look like?" Gu Sheng recalled that "it was very common and had no characteristics, but his face was a little numb." Lin Qinger asked, "Which waist tag owner is it?" "It’s No.46" Lin Qinger smiled. "The flaw came out!" Gu Sheng doesn’t understand "color". "Oh, I wonder what the flaw is?" Lin Qinger said, "It’s a flaw to frame us-the owner of the secret word No.46 is Hu Maolin’s white face, and there is nothing wrong with it." Gu Sheng took a look at Lin Qinger and said unhurriedly, "But Qingfei is also your resignation. How do I know that this is not your deliberate evasion?" Lin Qinger said, "If you don’t believe me, I can take you to the altar of secret font size to find these two close friends, and you will know when you ask them."
Lin Qinger went on to say, "In fact, adults know who framed us even if they don’t talk about my concubine. Only two of these waist tags were lost outside, and their owners were all missing in Zhaosheng Xiandi-am I right, ancient adults?" Gusheng asks, "So what did the two of them do in Zhaosheng Xiandi’s territory? They are the saints you wish to send to Emperor Zhaosheng? " Lin Qinger’s face "color" changed and quickly returned to normal. She said unhurriedly, "My adult’s this matter and case, and although I really want to tell my adult about these things, I still dare not say that without the permission of my position, otherwise my male and female servants will lose their heads." She stretched out her hand and made a knife in her neck, and her jade neck was very attractive, and Gu Sheng didn’t feel her heart beating faster, but she still admitted her mind and smiled faintly. "In that case, Gu Mou wouldn’t ask much."
Lin Qinger returned to May the Holy Fairy Emperor’s House. May the Holy Fairy Emperor have been waiting for her. "How did you spy on anything?" Lin Qinger cursed, "This ancient rise is really watertight, and I haven’t found out anything for a long time. Something can be sure that Emperor Zhao Xiandi must be setting us up." May the Emperor Xiandi ruthlessly hit his fist. "Old Six, don’t blame me for being unjust!" He asked again, "Why can’t you even make him succumb to your charm?" Lin Qinger thought of the ancient rose behind don’t spend eyes turn a deadly trap chung heart.
She smiled a charming smile. "Do you really think Lin Qinger is the first?" May the immortal emperor see her words for a reason and ask, "Why is there someone else?" Lin Qinger smiled. "There is another person around the ancient adults who is no worse than Qing Er!" "really?" May the immortal emperor some don’t believe in Lin Qinger, but see that he has some enchantment and can’t help cursing an old "color" ghost in his mind!
"How dare male and female servants cheat you? I can’t afford this big crime of bullying the monarch. If you don’t believe me, I’ll take you another day? " May the immortal emperor be tempted to say "no, no" again and again. His voice changed. "But this ancient emperor is so difficult to deal with. It seems that the immortal emperor will meet him in person!"
The fourth volume Fairy Mountain Section 209 War Fairy Emperor ()
? Section two hundred and sixty-three War fairy emperor ()
"Adult Zhuang comes again" Huang Tianfang hurried to the garden and told Gusheng a smile "Why did he come again? Ask him to come in. "Zhuang Yixiao Hehe came in." Old brother, I don’t want to go to the Three Treasures Hall today. My Lord would like to invite my brother and his party to the Imperial Palace for a chat. "Gu Sheng was stunned." Why are we all going? " Zhuang nodded enthusiastically and said, "Yes, I want to treat my old brother warmly. After all, are you a guest?" Gu Sheng smiled and declined, "Don’t be so polite. May the immortal emperor be so busy and take time out to entertain us, which really makes Gu feel guilty." Zhuang said, "My old brother doesn’t have to refuse, but he must come tonight!" Gusheng smiled and promised.
"I don’t want to go," Zhuang said reluctantly. "I don’t want to see that green snake again." Gu Sheng said, "Don’t play small" sex ".People have already said that let’s go together. You don’t want to give the immortal noodles." Chen Bing also joked, "Yes, girl, if you are good, who looks at the adults? If you are hooked by that green snake essence, wouldn’t it be more loss than gain?" "Go to your death Chen Bing no big or little! Who looked at him depends on what the elder sister of Dragon and Fox looked at me. "No one can hear the jealousy behind this half sentence. Gusheng is a little embarrassed." Stop fooling around. My Lord went to dinner together today. It’s been a long time since we had dinner together. Just take this opportunity to get together. "
Now that it has been agreed that everyone should prepare for women’s natural grooming and men should also tidy up. Don’t be sloppy and go out. In the evening, the cloud car has already been set up in Gusheng, and a group of people, Huang Tianfang, took a photo to show them the way and went straight to the Shengxian Emperor’s mansion. The scale of the Shengxian Emperor’s mansion is no less magnificent than that of Zhao Shengxian Emperor’s "color". After all, it is the site of Xiandi, and it is always like a point. I’m eager to make great achievements. This ostentation and extravagance is to set up two gates of the Emperor’s Mansion, which are as high as several tens of feet. It’s too scary to look straight at the people passing by. People are flying past Gusheng with their heads down. When the time comes, Zhuang Yi is welcoming me at the door. "My brother came just in time. I’m waiting for you here just after handling his official duties." Gusheng smiled shyly. "It’s a sin to let my brother wait here!" "Bro, it’s welcome to say this. Come in with me quickly." Two doors opened inside, and a treasure gas gushed out. A palace inlaid with gold and jade was displayed in front of Gusheng. Everything was so luxurious that Gusheng didn’t feel my heart jump. What a wave!
"Banquet Palace is over here, bro. Come with me." Zhuang Yi led them to turn left and walked past a few sections of white jade carved into a cloister. He came to a spacious palace. "This is it. Let’s wait for a moment, and we will probably come out soon." May the immortal emperor actually have already arrived. He hid behind the screen and looked out at the people who followed Gu Sheng. There are two women, one of whom has a purple hair and a beautiful appearance. May the immortal emperor read the number of women in his life. Looking at another woman with her head down makes people unable to see her face clearly, but may the immortal emperor feel a burst of heat at the sight of her figure and feel an impulse hard to suppress! "What is this?" May the Immortal Emperor wonder that his restraint should be more than so bad. Even Lin Qinger can’t let him have such a remarkable reaction!
Mo Hua is a fiend and demon flower. May the Saint Xiandi happen to be born in the magic way. Naturally, it is the breath that draws and reacts violently. Many ancient people sit down and Mo Hua inadvertently looks up. Those clear and dusty eyes suddenly make the Saint Xiandi promise to swear again, so he must get her!
Gu Sheng didn’t know the evil behind the screen. He and Zhuang talked and laughed, but the immortal emperor walked around behind the screen, thinking about how to get the girl who was difficult for him to control. He thought it was better to give priority to the enemy. After all, he was also a noble immortal emperor.
A burst of laughter came to Zhuang, and he quickly got up, "Hey!" When Gu Sheng heard that Zhuang Yi called the white man like this, he hoped that the holy immortal emperor would say hello at once, "How are you!" May the immortal emperor smile, "Is this Gu Sheng who is very famous recently?" This sentence is ambiguous. I can’t hear clearly whether he appreciates or criticizes Gu Sheng. I hope that the Saint Xiandi has a bad impression on Gu Sheng, but I am contemplating that women around others will naturally be polite. Gu Sheng doesn’t mind smiling. "It’s good that it is Gu Sheng". I can understand that people treat me and others naturally. I hope that the Saint Xiandi will show a little disdain in it, and he will not deliberately curry favor with him. I hope that the Saint Xiandi will also keep a certain distance. I hope that the Saint Xiandi will not like to secretly hum a face of Yan "color" in his heart. Zhuang Yi is different Gu Sheng smiled and sat by himself. "It’s an honor for that ancient one." May the immortal emperor see him sit in his heart without waiting for his command. But his eyes passed behind Gu Sheng. Mo Hua’s cold face "dew" gave a thaw smile. "It’s good for young people to be arrogant, so there’s nothing for everyone to sit down." He took a palm "dish"
A series of delicious dishes were sent to everyone in general, and everyone was asked to taste them one by one. "Take my immortal wine and get drunk today!" Gu Sheng was surprised at this. I wish that the immortal emperor had no affection for himself but became so hospitable. I’m afraid he didn’t have any kindness with food and wine. He was secretly careful not to drink too much. To say that Gu Sheng really had several accomplishments in drinking wine, but I hope that the immortal emperor’s wine is really better than other wines he drank before. It’s really the best! "Good wine!" A mouthful of Gu Sheng couldn’t help but praise. I wish the immortal emperor laughed and stopped. "Gu Sheng, this good thing, will be taken out to share with you, just like this fine wine. If I drink it alone, it will be much more interesting for everyone to drink. Do you think so?" I don’t know what he means by ancient times, but it’s absolutely right. May the immortal emperor put down his glass. Since you think so, should you share something good with me? Gu Sheng didn’t know what he said, so he asked, "I don’t know what Gu Sheng thinks is good to share with you?" May the immortal emperor’s eyes sweep the sable and Mohua behind Gu Sheng. "Can these two beauties, Gu Di, be shared with me?"
To laugh at the banquet hall, everyone was stunned immediately, including Zhuang Yidu, who was stunned by the Chinese wine spilling all over the floor. He didn’t notice the change of "color" in Gu Sheng’s face. May the immortal emperor keep a sharp eye on Gu Sheng Gu Sheng and never give in. A little bit of new air conditioning came out of his body generate! Seeing that two people are right, knowing that things are going to be bad, Zhuang hurriedly urged, "There is something wrong with this, this …" May the immortal emperor hum a "What is wrong in this transit is really in charge! It’s none of your business if you go to one side. "Zhuang Yi knew his master’s sexuality and dared not persuade him to say to Gu Sheng in turn," Old brother, why don’t you give way? " Gusheng laughed coldly. "What a shame!" May the holy immortal emperor be furious and strike the table, and the whole emperor’s house will be shaken. "You should be guilty of daring to speak out and despise the emperor!" Gusheng never gave in. "If you don’t know who you are, you will be shameless. You deserve it! Everything in this fairy world must be obeyed by the fairy Lord. You are arrogant and should be guilty! " May the immortal emperor face upwards burst into ha ha ha laugh "ha ha ha ….. you carry out the second I will be afraid of you? Do you still have this trick for me against Zhao Sheng Lao Liu? Even if the fairy Lord is here, do you think he dares to endure me! " "You! How bold! " Gusheng denounced the jade chain in his hand and rose. May the face of the immortal emperor change "color" and "seven stars cloud lock! Second child, second child, are you really going to start work on us? "
May the immortal emperor be ferocious. "Isn’t it just a seven-star cloud lock? You are far from being as good as me with this treasure alone!" As soon as he roars and opens his mouth, he spits out a blue mist, and the mist spits out for a moment, and then all the people in the whole imperial mansion are in a panic, including the guards of the imperial mansion, who are in a panic and yelling that there is an enemy invading. May the immortal emperor shout loudly all over the imperial mansion, "Don’t panic, and each of them is in his place!" "SAO" and "Chaos" gradually subsided. Gu Sheng knew that he was not willing to let the opponent of the Holy Fairy Emperor pull a few people to quietly try to slip away, only to find that he had just stepped out of a few steps and there was a burst of Yin insidious smile in his ear. "What’s the matter? No one can escape from this dense fog!" Gusheng was angry. "May the immortal emperor not be too harsh!"


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