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"This … Master, this pill smells good, but what is it for?" Li Yuanchao looked at it for a long time and didn’t figure out what was in this little brown pill.

"Well, let me get this straight. This thing is refined from more than ten kinds of materials, such as ginseng, pilose antler, angelica and black wolfberry. It is guaranteed to be pure natural and the essence." Qin Shaojie said.
"What’s the effect of this …?" Li Yuanchao is still not white.
"Don’t force me to say so directly? This thing is a tonic pill for aphrodisiac "Qin Shaojie is really sorry for this old man. Why don’t you force others to say so directly?"
"ah? This thing is very complementary? " Li Yuanchao incredible asked.
"Of course, this is my wu-tang clan Taiyi Xuanhuang furnace. Try one if you don’t believe me," Qin Shaojie said.
"This … Master, do you think I don’t believe it’s this aphrodisiac? I’m a little bad for this old man, right?" Li Yuanchao said some embarrassed.
"Why don’t you give it to Shaoxiong later?" The old man was very disloyal and sold his son.
"Eat it, you can’t die. It’s good for you. It’s not just a spring medicine, it’s a tonic," Qin Shaojie explained
Li Yuanchao no longer hesitated to take out one and put it in his mouth. Suddenly, a fragrant smell melted in his mouth and the lower abdomen immediately heated up.
"Master this this how to return a responsibility" Li Yuanchao hurriedly asked.
"Don’t worry, you’re half a yogi. It’s helpful for you to practice Qi. Guide that breath according to the method I taught you."
Not long after, Li Yuanchao felt that his body suddenly felt much better and his spirit was better. Even if he is allowed to run 10 thousand meters now, it is estimated that there will be no problem.
"Master, this thing is really effective?" Taste the sweetness, Li Yuanchao said with surprise
"Nonsense, otherwise, what business will I find you to do? I’m going to sell this thing to make money. Hey hey, but it’s enough to eat one more month." Qin Shaojie laughed and seemed to have seen a lot of money flying around his head.
"The teacher are you going to …"
"How about buying materials, money and people, and then registering a biotechnology company in the name of your company and selling this medicine to make money?" Qin Shaojie said
"No problem, no problem at all. I’ll find Shaoxiong to do it." Li Yuanchao agreed to come here. It’s a profitable business. It’s stupid not to promise.
Whether there is a production line or not is not a problem, and few people in China will doubt the origin of this pill.
Chapter 127 Pickle Trust [4] More
What a businessman should do is to maximize the benefits.
Because Li Yuanchao was quickly established in the company, he no longer found a place to station directly in the Li Tuan building in Li Yuanchao.
Advertising propaganda was then smashed all over the place, and the little pill was divided into ten small bottles. After exquisite packaging, it was ordered by Li Yuanchao for five thousand yuan a bottle. If you don’t count the bottle money, you have to pay five hundred yuan each. This makes Qin Shaojie sigh that it is still cruel to circle money.
He didn’t expect that this small pill was sold crazy when it came out after many people tried it in the early stage, but it was still in short supply.
Pharmacy * * * stores are heavily stocked, and the counters of Lee’s Tuanqi Shopping Mall are also sold. Every day, the queues are almost at the gate of the shopping mall.
Now that people are rich, they pay more attention to their health. It is very cost-effective to spend 5 thousand yuan a year to maintain their health, so Xiaoyao Zun Pill has become a hot commodity.
This makes Qin Shaojie smile and smile. It’s too easy to make money.
So Qin Shaojie thoroughly asked for leave to work overtime and made a lot of goods in ten days.
Time flies, blink of an eye, a month has passed, and Qin Shaojie has made millions in the past month.
"Fanger will celebrate the New Year in ten days, and we will have an exam soon, right?"
Idle Qin Shaojie sitting on the sofa while grilled orange to LingFang asked.
"giggle" lingfang Wu mouth smile said.
"Yes, the exam is the day after tomorrow. You always ask for leave. If you don’t show up, Teacher Ai is going crazy. She asks me why you went every day. She said that if you don’t show up, she will fail all your courses."
"This is not something? Day I went to school to make her feel at ease in the exam? Isn’t that simple? "Qin Shaojie said confidently and suddenly asked again.
"By the way, how about the school store?"
"Didn’t you leave the store to Lindsay? She’s very good at management." Ling Fang said.
"That’s good. By the way, Fang Er, guess how much money that little pill made this month?" Qin Shaojie secretive said
Lingfang shook her head and said she didn’t know.
She has no idea about money, and she usually doesn’t pack much money. Qin Shaojie gave her a card. She always carries it with her. She never spends much money except buying food and a living foundation. Even if she wears it, Qin Shaojie takes her shopping and has to buy it for her. Otherwise, her personality is likely to be the long white dress brought from the mountain from spring to winter.
"Ha ha, this thing is more profitable than I expected. It has earned more than two million this month." Qin Shaojie laughed.
"By the way, when we go home this time, I want to buy a suite for my parents. The small room has lived for more than 20 years. Now we are not short of money and should live better. My parents don’t want to make the stall bigger. It’s always ok to buy a suite and live better."
"Well, it should be," said Ling Fang.
"It’s really not easy to raise you as a bad guy." Ling Fang laughed.
Hey, how can I say this? I’m so bad. I want to know how pure a little boy I was before. If I hadn’t met Xiaoyao, I wouldn’t know where I was suffering. To say bad, it’s all since I was possessed by the ghost and he taught me bad.
Qin Shaojie didn’t blame the ghost again.
"Well, I’m in a good mood today. Call Lindsay and Ethan. It’s my treat to go out for dinner today." Qin Shaojie suggested when he looked at it.


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