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It wasn’t long before Xia Wei got everything ready and whispered behind Mo Yifan, Master, I’m ready.

Chapter 14 Sister woke up
Mo Yifan nodded, but he was not in a hurry, but once again grabbed Ningfei’s wrist and listened carefully to the pulse condition.
Even though Mo Yifan has an accurate pulse interpretation program in his brain, it is still difficult to capture the abnormal pulse, which is a few minutes weaker than just now.
Mo Yifan hesitated. It is obviously not a wise choice to give up the needle rashly in this situation, but he thought twice about whether to give up this opportunity and decided to stimulate Yi Ning Fei’s feeling first and then.
He thought that Ningfei might have this reaction just now because he heard his call, so he squatted in Ningfei’s ear again and said softly, Sister, can you hear my voice? Do you really want to wake up and have a look at me?
Mo Yifan said while still gently holding Ningfei’s wrist and carefully feeling Ningfei’s pulse condition.
It is unexpected that the abnormal pulse condition of Ningfei’s silk is still if it is not affected by his words.
He thought to himself, unless I am now in a semi-mechanical state, my tone of voice has no feelings and my sister has no feelings.
Thinking of this, he first tucked Ningfei in a thin body, then slowly retreated to a semi-mechanical state and fell in Ningfei’s ear again with deep affection, saying, Sister, wake up quickly. I miss you very much. I want you to talk and listen to your nagging. I want you to wash my clothes and pick up my room every day. I want to hear you hum that song, which is a little out of tune. My sweet brother, I’m resting now. I made a film and played a very important role in it. I want you to wake up quickly so as to cheer up my brother, okay?
Mo Yifan’s mood is very stirring at the moment. With the words in his mouth, his former sister gets along with dribs and drabs and suddenly rushes into my heart. Unconsciously, one hand has been hugged by a thin quilt, and Ningfei’s fine waist has always been determined. There is a faint tear in his eyes.
His words sounded very dull and shameful, as if he was expecting his sister to wake up just to wait on him. But in Xia Wei’s ear, they felt more touching and smelling than the world’s fan ballads, and she couldn’t help but feel like a knife in her heart. She thought that Ning Fei would be moved to wake up if she could really hear Mo Yifan’s voice.
Unfortunately, Ningfei’s pulse condition has not changed, and it is gradually becoming straight and gentle.
Mo Yifan’s cold doubt in her heart is because she was prepared too little just now. Yu Ningfei’s subconscious struggle has exhausted her mind and she can no longer make a new round of struggle.
This is definitely not a good sign, which means that Ning Fei’s willpower has become weaker, and it is not fair to say that her brain will suffer more damage, and it is likely that she will completely lose the possibility of awakening.
Mo Yifan’s head was covered with a cold sweat, and his teeth giggled, and his heart was very chaotic at the moment.
What happened to master?
Xia Wei has been clever enough to see Mo Yifan’s abnormal reaction behind him and quickly found a towel to carefully wipe the sweat from his forehead.
My sister’s situation is worse. Maybe I shouldn’t have come to see her just now.
Mo Yifan blamed 1 and closed his eyes tightly.
Xia Wei couldn’t help feeling distressed when he saw his heartbreak. Then he went around Mo Yifan and stretched out two white and delicate hands behind him and gently massaged his head.
Xia Wei is a Chinese medicine practitioner who knows the acupoints of human body very well, so this press really sobers Mo Yifan’s mind a lot.
Although Mo Yifan enjoyed this feeling very much, as soon as he was sober, he immediately considered his sister’s safety, so the horse sat up straight and turned to Xia Wei and said, Please help me massage my sister’s body. I want to give her an injection, but I will directly stimulate her brain for fear that she can’t stand it. First, try to find her sensitive nerve line as much as possible.
Oh, good.
Xia Wei asked Mo Yifan but didn’t hurry to the bed and stretched out his hands across the thin bed and was gently pressed in Ningfei.
This won’t work
Mo Yifan waved his hand and said that it would not work if it was lifted.
Xia Weilai usually doesn’t massage Ning Fei like this, but today Mo Yifan will be listened to through the thin wall. She thought that it seems that she is still a secular concept, and it is the brother and sister, and it is still a cure and will be taboo so much.
When I smile, I gently uncover the quilt and slowly press it from my shoulder against the almost perfect and moving body.
Mo Yifan just retired from the semi-mechanical state and didn’t come back at this time. Suddenly, he saw his sister’s attractive and exquisite charming body suddenly jumping up and breathing urgently.
He hurriedly closed his eyes and tried to adjust his mind to enter a semi-mechanical state. Suddenly, he felt that the strangeness in Ningfei’s pulse condition was miraculously strong again.
Mo Yifan’s mind shook and her brain turned quickly, wondering if the changes in her sister’s brain waves made her feel not because of my words, but because of my reaction. How could this be so strange?
He thought of this and deliberately did not enter the semi-mechanical state, and deliberately turned his attention to his sister’s convex and concave attractive parts and even forgot to return.


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