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But if there is a secret map, the situation may be different.

Yi Mark couldn’t help but think of the secret map. The image of Yingwu Yinhe female warrior is still so clear, but Yi Mark was surprised to find that most of the secret maps in his impression turned out to be the image of Shan Fengyu.
"I’m afraid I know my heart too well, and I feel that I don’t reject Shan Fengyu the most. Such an image keeps hanging around in front of me."
Easy mark some warm feeling in the heart, face also revealed a cool smile.
I wish I had passed earlier when I thought that the secret map was easy to trace, but practicing in the outside world is always a wave. Now, even if I plan to practice, I can’t help it, because he is already at the peak of the foundation period, and he has gone further.
Easy-to-mark expression is easy to mark in Sawyer Yisha’s eyes. She is completely confident about these four risks, but it is in this way that she has more faith and admiration for easy-to-mark.
"Well, let’s go to Tianqiong Mountain first. Well, here are three Qi-supplementing Dan, three Shen-supplementing Dan and three Jade Dan. You should know that Jade Dan can save lives when necessary."
Yi Mark thoughtfully took out three jade bottles and handed them to Sawyer Isa.
In the Sawyer family, Yi Mark didn’t take out Dan medicine again, but Yi Mark took it out at the moment.
Sawyer Isa slightly one leng and then her cheeks are on fire, and her whole heart is as unstable as a deer bump.
In the face of so many pills, she said that if she was not tempted, it would be false, but it would be beneath the girl’s reserve to accept it like this, and the other party had already helped her too much.
"Brother Yi doesn’t accept that Isa wants a jade elixir. Others don’t want it," said Isa, somewhat at a loss.
"Ha ha, Elsa, you’re welcome. Since childhood, except for the master, when my relatives are with you, I am very worried that you are my sister in my heart." Yi Mark said gently, but for emotional reasons, Yi Mark was completely closed up, and he had no idea about Elsa. He just treated this kind girl as a sister.
Yisha’s eyes were slightly dim, but then she was relieved. She smiled and took Yi Mark seriously and handed me the Dan medicine in a gentle tone. "Brother Yi, thank you. I will take good care of these Dan medicines when I am in Tianqiong Mountain. Brother Yi, you are also the eldest brother of Yisha!"
Yi mark smell speech smiled gently and gently touched her soft and fragrant hair.
Her heart felt a little happy and lost. She always thought of the word "sister" and murmured "Is it a sister?"
Chapter 17 Four Risks [2]
Chapter 17 Four Risks [2]
Yi mark smell speech smiled gently and gently touched her soft and fragrant hair.
Her heart felt a little happy and lost. She always thought of the word "sister" and murmured "Is it a sister?"
Sip her lips. Isa suddenly shouted "Yi Dage"
Yi mark looked back and saw an amazing scene at this time.
Isa gently lifted the veil, and a delicate, tender and pure face appeared in Yi-mark’s eyes, like coagulated fat, and her skin was somewhat flushed and shy. That amazing purity and beauty made Yi-mark’s heart not hitched.
Those big bright eyes are sparkling; The pink and lovely nose is slightly upturned, which has a tempting smell that people can’t help but want to kiss and bite; And the white cheeks are even more lingering; Coupled with a cherry red soft and beautiful lips, it is slightly neat and white, and its teeth are as white as jade shells, which makes Yi’s heart really tremble.
Beauty is really beautiful, with a little exotic atmosphere, and beauty is even more amazing and deadly!
Yi mark slightly suffocated, but soon calmed down.
"Isa, you are … Sawyer’s family custom, but-"Yi Mark was a little surprised because Sawyer’s family custom is that he has seen the female veil of this family, and the true man is their authentic couple.
It’s easy to mark. It’s really true that I took Sawyer Isa as my sister and didn’t read it.
But at the moment, such a thought that Yi Mark actually found himself not rejecting this woman as his own companion.
"Brother Yi, since you are a relative, how can Isa hide her appearance in front of her relatives?" Isa smiled mischievously and seemed to be magnanimous, but she was deeply betrayed by her blushes.
"You, you girl" Yi Mark sighed a little intimately and then flew close to Sawyer Isa. She gently took the veil with her.
Yi Mark is not stupid. What Sawyer Isa did may really be because she likes Yi Chen, but Yi Mark knows that maybe most of the reason is because she has a grateful attitude.
Yi Mark is a strict person, not only for himself but also for the people around him.
Just like this, it’s easy to mark one’s own love with other impurities.
If it is easy to mark the face, it is easy to mark the self-confidence and temperament, which is sufficient for Sawyer Isa; Is it possible to accept this feeling that wearing a mask is easy to mark and looks thin and ugly at the moment?
Although it is normal for monks to find Taoist partners, it is easy to trace more thoughts, such as breakthroughs, such as waking up the cat’s nest.
Isa glanced at Yi Mark shyly and silently accepted Yi Mark’s veil in person.


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