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"Wait" cold sound Alger and Tang Hao stopped at the same time metamorphoses, turned and looked at the glass house.

When she spoke, she was willing to speak. Tang Hao couldn’t help but feel in his heart. He looked at the people inside and saw that she had maintained her original posture without looking up.
Alger was also surprised that almost all the people inside him would never say a word.
Both of them are waiting for the people inside to regret it again and slowly pass by. The people inside never make a sound again, as if the speaker was not her but Tang Hao and Alger’s illusion.
Tang Hao’s face became more and more embarrassed. He could be sure that the people inside had really said the word "wait" just now, but now they are no longer talking. Tang Hao’s patience is dissipating bit by bit, but the people inside just didn’t mean it again:
Chapter 142 Throw bait
On the second floor, there was a banging sound in the big lady’s room. I heard that the servants were all looking at each other and soon gathered at the door of a room. Everyone’s face was worried and no one dared to go to the door to find out.
This is Miss Donna Tang’s room. In addition to the owner’s access to this room, there are housekeeper Robert and servant Avril Lavigne who is responsible for cleaning.
"Butler, why don’t you go in and see how Miss is doing?" A servant suggested that the rest of the people also nodded. Miss is a treasure in the master’s palm. On the first day, the housekeeper told them that she could offend the master and never offend Miss.
In the past few days, the servants have gradually become white in the Tang family. Everything is in the master’s charge, but they can’t afford to excuse me if something happens to Miss Wang.
Robert, who has always been mature and steady, always wears a kind smile, but he can’t laugh at this time. The tight frown shows his concern.
A group of servants committed suicide because of the young lady. They found that Robert was executed by his master from time to time. He still has a lingering fear. He really doesn’t want to go through it again.
Besides, when the master left, the young lady asked him a question, and he was vague about where he had hidden away. He knew that he had just left, and the young lady had just heard those noises. Robert could almost imagine that the decoration in the room would be changed again.
Miss is used to throwing things when she is unhappy, which makes him miserable as a domestic helper. Tang is rich, but no matter how rich she is, it’s not like this. It’s not tiring to change the decoration in the house at two ends for three days. Are they tired of cleaning up?
"Avril Lavigne, why don’t you go in and have a look?" Seeing Robert, another black girl asked Avril Lavigne, a girl as black as herself, "What is me?"
"Miss, you can go into the room, but we can’t," said the other servants. Avril shrank her neck and cried. She didn’t want to say this, as if she had something special. In fact, she was also afraid of Miss.
These days, the work has made her realize that the young lady is not a good waiter. If she is not sent, she really doesn’t want to clean the young lady’s room, and she would like to help her in the kitchen.
Avril Lavigne asks for help and looks at the housekeeper Robert.
"You go in and have a look." Robert weighed the pros and cons and decided to let Avril go in and see that she was a man. It was inappropriate to enter the young lady’s room, and she was worried that something would really happen to the people inside. When the master came back, they would have no good results.
A few days ago, the servants were new to the suicide. I didn’t know that Robert had experienced it personally. He was afraid that something would happen to the young lady and the master would come back to get their knives.
There was a car ringing outside. Avril Lavigne reached out to the door and quickly shrank back. Everyone looked complicated and mixed. The joy was because the master came back. They didn’t care who went into the room to see the young lady. They were afraid that something would happen to the young lady. The master would kill them.
Soon a tall and straight figure appeared on the stairs, and Robert, the housekeeper, greeted "the master is back"
"What’s the matter?" Tang Hao’s cold and heavy voice swept to a row of people not far away with cold eyes. A dozen servants stared at Tang Hao’s face and turned white. Several of them were timid and trembling like leaves in the autumn wind.
Everyone knows that their master is the current master of Tang Clan, a character who scares both black and white people. They are both in awe and afraid to look at Tang Hao one by one.
"The young lady’s room has just come out." Robert’s words haven’t been finished yet. A gust of wind blew in front of him and people have disappeared. When he saw the door, Robert secretly relieved and waved the servants to disperse himself. At last, he took a look at the closed door and turned away.
The room was full of dreamy fairy tales, and the ceramic vase fell on the thick carpet and fell apart. Donna, a big European bed, sat on the bed with her knees in her hands and her long hair covered her face, shivering.
When Tang Hao entered the door, he saw such a picture. His heart ached and he stepped over and sat by the bed.
"What’s wrong with Nana?" The gentle voice seemed to drop water. When the long arm stretched out, it hugged the shivering woman tightly. "Tell my brother what happened."
Donna suddenly reflexively hugged Tang Hao’s strong body and buried her head in his arms. She choked and said, "Brother, you are back. You are finally back."
"It’s my brother’s back." Like a baby, Tang Hao patted her back softly to comfort her.
"Brother, I’m afraid." Donna rubs against Tang Hao’s arms, which is very fragile. "Brother, don’t leave Nana. Don’t leave Nana."
Tang Hao, who has a weak bass and a hearing aid, is heartbroken and blames himself. He shouldn’t have stayed in the local laboratory for so long and come back early to accompany Nana. Nothing is as important as Nana.
The motionless figure appeared in the brain, and a flash of light flashed through Tang Hao’s deep eyes.
"Brother won’t leave, he won’t leave." Tang Haorou asked, "Nana told my brother what happened."
Self-reproach didn’t make Tang Hao lose his mind. It was less than two hours before he left, and Nana lost control. He must find out the reason.
After listening to Tang Hao’s words, Donna looked up slowly from Tang Hao’s arms as if she were looking at Tang Hao in slow motion.
"You go, you go, I don’t want to see you, you go." Suddenly Tang Hao asked Donna, "Didn’t you leave me? What are you doing back?"
"When did I stop wanting you?" Tang Hao frowned. His mind was running fast and he didn’t want her when he couldn’t remember himself.
It’s because he wants her so much that he keeps beating her again and again, regardless of right or wrong.
Donna in the dream
"In the dream," Donna said confidently, and her voice was so delicate and touching. "How could I call you when you left so suddenly? You didn’t look back at me. I was chasing after you and called you down. I cried and you didn’t look back. You really didn’t want me."
In the dream
Tang Hao raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows and said, "Nana, that’s something in Mengmeng that can’t be taken seriously."
It’s just a dream. Tang Hao really thinks it’s nothing
"Why can’t you take it seriously?" Listen to Tang Hao Nai’s tone. Donna is a little guilty, and then she thinks about what she will do and say. My brother will give her a lot of confidence. "Anyway, you just don’t want me. Mommy left me when I was a child. I didn’t expect you to leave me. Am I really so annoying?"
After saying the last sentence, Donna’s beautiful face was gloomy and sad.
"No mommy doesn’t want you, and I don’t want you." Tang Hao took her in his arms again. "You are never annoying. You are me and mommy. Who dares to say that you are annoying and I destroyed someone?"
"Really?" Donna looked up from Tang Hao’s arms and looked at him with big eyes. "You really don’t hate me."
"No," Tang Hao didn’t say, "I love you and I don’t hate you."
It’s not that I don’t want to talk about it, but it’s not the right time. Nana is feeling sorry for herself. He can’t take advantage of people’s danger.
For more than ten years, he has been waiting for a while.
Donna was satisfied with her head and leaned back into Tang Hao’s arms. There was a flash of pride in her eyes. She was the only lie in her brother’s heart and he surrendered.
She also gave her a firm guarantee that the lab people are not important to her brother at all, so she can rest assured.
Leaning in Tang Hao’s warm arms, Donna’s eyes turned and turned and finally fell to the ground, thinking that my brother must have seen the ceramic fragments just now. If he doesn’t give an explanation, will he think that she is unreasonable, although she is used to it?
I apologize on my own initiative, and my brother will love her more. Donna said softly, "I’m sorry, brother."
"How to apologize suddenly?" Tang Hao asked in surprise.


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