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Look at the sky and then look at the sleeping Ma Meilong Yu. Pick up the sword tactic and pinch it into a sword and drink a light drink "Zhu Xie …"

A light shout an orange sword mans immediately through the finger out of a thumb thickness to five claws dragon roared in the middle.
"Boom-!" When the five-claw dragon hits a big tree in front of it, the tree should break, and the dragon will disappear immediately.
Yu Long a wry smile to kung fu is still not home. According to Yukime, the dragon is supposed to be ten meters long and two meters wide.
But the dragon he just conjured up has the thickness of his thumb. It seems that he still has a long way to go.
"Smelly rascal, I ask you … what did you do just now that is extremely obscene and ugly? Where to learn? " Ma Xiaomei got up from the rock just as Yu Long collected her work.
"Dead three … what are you talking about … I don’t know what you’re talking about?" Yu Long, who was called a smelly rascal, was extremely unhappy.
"You … you bastard …" Xiao-mei Ma is a proud woman. She is so big. It’s the first time she has been abused. A mist suddenly rises in her beautiful eyes.
Yu Long secretly regretted that this woman was too thin-skinned. If I had known, I wouldn’t have scolded her.
I was about to walk over to comfort when suddenly there was a sharp cry in the sky, and then Yu Long saw a group of dark bats flying towards her in the sky not far away.
"It’s a blood bat … run …" Rowling gave a warning. "According to the information, the master estimates that this is a blood bat who specializes in sucking human blood and likes to live in groups … you have to fight now … you have to escape … you can’t come … you can analyze and calculate the natural enemies of blood bats with me first …"
"It’s blood bats. We run towards the forest …" Yu Long shouted and ran towards the forest in a hurry.
"Don’t have any manners …" Xiao-mei ma muttered a foot, but it was not slow at all. It was a few ups and downs that had already crossed Yu Long.
With the arrival of blood bats, a thick layer of dark clouds gathered in the middle of the week, and they seemed to have emerged. Yu Long and Ma Xiaomei Li Ming followed closely.
Just when Yu Long and Ma Xiaomei just ran into the Woods, a thunder sounded in the dark clouds, followed by a flurry of rain from the silver snake.
"hehe-!" The two of them soon found that the rain was black and corrosive in different colors, and it dripped on the branches and leaves, making a rattling sound.
Obviously, this strange rain is made by these blood bats.
Yu Long couldn’t help feeling that the mysterious environment was good, but he had to have something to be born.
In addition to Yu Long, there are other animals in the Woods, such as rabbits and small birds, which have also suffered. Yu Long saw a colorful anchovy corroded by black rain and blackened, and suddenly it turned into a black smoke and dispersed with the wind.
Even a few wild boar covered with scales have become withering in the black rain, and it seems that there are some signs of persistence.
Yu Long and Ma Xiaomei are sheltering from the rain in a big tree, but there is no life smile for the time being, but this is not a long-term solution, because the big tree roots have resisted the corrosive black rain for a long time
"Come here …" Xiao-mei ma looked at the dark clouds in the middle of the half and folded the call for blood bats, and hesitated a little to signal Yu Long’s past.
Long Yuwen took a few steps forward.
"Come here a little more … Come here …" Xiao-mei Ma seems to have made great determination.
"Sting-!" Just then, a drop of black rain dripped from the gap in the leaves and hit Long Yu’s body. His clothes were suddenly eroded by a big hole. Ma Xiaomei said that she would not hesitate to pull Long Yu into her arms and wrap him in her red cloak.
Chapter 25 Savior
A faint scent of a woman suddenly caught my eye and entered Yu Long’s chest. I can feel the great bimodal elasticity of a woman.
Yu Long secretly thought for a while that it was not worthwhile for Xiao-mei Ma to see her life in danger and want to get one before she died.
"It’s all right … it’s a pity to be a ghost …" Yu Long murmured, but there was still no despair in his heart. He believed that Rowling would not let him down.
"What regret?" Xiao-mei ma asked 1
Yu Long secretly sneer at all this and pretend to be pure with yourself? I was just about to say something. Suddenly, black rain has fallen on Ma Xiaomei’s cloak in Yu Long. Surprisingly, black rain has not corroded Ma Xiaomei’s cloak. Obviously, this cloak is not an ordinary thing.
"This is our Ma family’s combat suit, which is evil … if these blood bats don’t attack us, there will be no danger …" Ma Xiaomei simply explained that it was the first time that she was in such close contact with a man, and her heart beat faster, and her mind was also fluctuating, especially when her chest was squeezed by a man, which made her feel uncomfortable and ashamed. She wanted to push Yu Long out to end the embarrassment at the moment, but without the vest and combat suit to shelter Yu Long, she had to bite her teeth and insist.
Yu Long was white at this time. It turned out that he thought too dirty.
"psst-!" I’m really afraid of what’s coming. The target of the blood bat seems to be Yu Long and Xiao-mei Ma. They have swooped down and attacked them.
Yu Long read in her heart Ma Xiaomei’s good feeling be nasty, pushed her to the body and pressed her to her body. Ma Xiaomei, her own flesh and blood, was a shield.
Two blood bats swooped down with fangs and sharp mouths and pecked at Yu Long’s back. At the same time, Long Yu’s clothes were eroded by black rain.
At this time, Rowling, the savior of Long Yushi, still has no action.
Yu Long situation is very dangerous at the moment.
But it can be said that if there is no miracle, his life will be over.
"Whew … whew …" Miracle once again gave birth to the sky, and suddenly a few melodious chirps came. After hearing those chirps, the blood bat immediately gave up its attack on Long Yu. After hovering in the middle of the circle, it was organized and disciplined to walk away from the blink of an eye, and the dark clouds disappeared, and the black rain naturally stopped.
Yu Long heaved a long sigh of relief.
"Have you had enough … don’t get up …" Seeing that Yu Long didn’t get up and realize that he was under pressure, Xiao-mei Ma immediately became angry and punched Yu Long in the chest and pushed him up.
Ma Xiaomei also knows that Yu Long’s way to save her is a bit hard to accept, so she didn’t feel passion in her heart, but when she did, she measured me.
After Yu Long was pushed up, he patted his chest for a quick laugh. "I’m sorry … I’m absolutely offended by the sudden incident …"
"Hum-!" Xiao-mei ma cold hum a ignore Yu Long but turned her eyes to half because she felt a very familiar smell.
"Grandpa is grandpa …" Xiao-mei Ma saw a white old man flying slowly towards his side on the back of a colorful golden phoenix.
"plop-!" Yi Long Yu somehow fell to the ground and was unconscious.
At night, an old white man was sitting cross-legged with his hands radiant with a strange halo in the middle of the back of Long Yu’s head. Slowly, he was lucky, not to mention that the old white man was Grandpa Ma Xiaomei. He was healing in Yu Long.
In order to protect Ma Xiaomei from being burned by black rain, Yu Long caused a coma. Ma Xiaomei’s grandfather Ma Zhengfeng was cleaning up his body.
"All right-!" After about an hour, Ma Zhengfeng slowly received the work and gave Yu Long a comforting smile at the corner of his mouth. "You take care of him for a while. He has just cleaned up the evil poison and it will take him a while to wake up …"


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