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Hangyun naturally doesn’t know that there are others following him, and he is bent on going back quickly to discuss countermeasures.

A return to the French king temple clouds regardless of Qin Baicheng and YanQingHan in the science of uniting the door to find them one by one.
These people see the clouds so nervous that they don’t say much when they know that something big has happened. When they enter the house with the clouds, they see Qin Baicheng draw his mouth and ask, "What happened? Let the patriarch be so urgent? "
Clouds don’t delay immediately will just eavesdrop on it again. What Xiao and Chai said to Yan’s family is hidden. At this time, it is said that it may evoke Yan Qinghan’s worries, but the business is to make up.
In this way, the cloud said for a full moment when the three people present listened to each other.
Finally, Qin Baicheng took a breath of air conditioning and sighed, "That Xu Anguo turned out to be Xiao Shouchen’s eyeliner. Xiao Shouchen turned out to have noticed Han Yong’s faction after he sent it. This is really a big surprise! If the patriarch didn’t follow Han Yong on the spur of the moment, I’m afraid we would still be kept in the dark! "
Yan Qinghan also nodded and then said, "But if you think about it carefully, it is also reasonable for those remnants Xiao Shouchen to concentrate on business for many years at no expense to get rid of some changes in the remnants of the highly respected people. He will naturally notice that we underestimated Xiao Shouchen."
Clouds smell speech heart dark sigh to "just listen to the Chai Xianyan Xiao Shouchen seems to have scruples about the two qualifications of Qing Han’s sister and brother, especially the Qing Han has been in the palm of her hand, so that she has no chance to participate in the great events in the sword door, otherwise there would be no such omission, which means that now I have fallen off the wind and Xiao Shouchen still arranged the results early in the morning."
Clouds thought of here can’t help sighing that Xiao Shouchen is too deep. If he hadn’t ignored Narcissus’s feelings for Hangjun, he would have been ignorant of it until now.
Thought of here, the clouds looked at Yan Qing’s heart and realized that "although Qing Han lacks experience, she is still the highest among us."
In this case, Xingyun immediately asked, "I wonder if Han Yong is dangerous? Shall we save him first? "
YanQingHan smell speech shook his head to "Han Yong instead is now Xiao Shouchen to patriarch meter can’t let Han Yong out of the question or startle him since he wouldn’t be so wrong"
Clouds smell speech nodded when it is suspected that "that Xiao Shouchen will help me to escort Feng Jiange to hide so that I can have a chance to contact the remnant faction in Anle Valley. What is this? Those remnants who support him and who don’t support him Xiao Shouchen should have known for a long time that he wanted to clean up. Do you still need me to identify him? "
Xiao Shouchen is going to bring the articles of association, and he is still trying to fight for it without showing any trace. I didn’t expect Xiao Shouchen to take the initiative to send the door to himself, but he is worried about the conspiracy.
"And what does Chai Xian mean by" serial stratagems "?"
Listen to the clouds to ask YanQing culvert frown meditation.
Qin Baicheng at this time is said to "this is also simple patriarch don’t go"
Clouds smell speech shake to "those remnants can have thousands of people! I now know that Xiao Shouchen wants to kill them naturally, but it is not cruel for these people to hide from the big faction but eventually die in the valley of happiness. "
Words just say that finish Qin Baicheng shook his head to "the patriarch can’t have a woman’s benevolence and happiness. Although there are many remnants in the valley, the patriarch has nothing to save now. It is the old Qin who stepped into the trap of Xiao Shouchen. Although I don’t know what the trap is, it can come from Xiao Shouchen’s hand. It must be vicious! The patriarch’s golden body must not be lost! "
Guo Dingfu is also a light nod. Obviously, in this parents’ mind, the life of the remnant is not worth it.
Walking cloud frowned slightly when he saw it. "Walking cloud is not a woman’s benevolence, but after all, this is the life of more than a thousand people. Now I know it, but I can’t bear to watch it."
Look at Guo and Qin, who are unmoved. "Besides, we are short of hands now. Once these thousands of people are rescued, we can help them absolutely, which is also a big blow to Xiao Shouchen."
It’s not reasonable for the clouds to say this. Guo and Qin took one look at each other and saw that Yan Qinghan always lifted his head and sank to "the patriarch must not go!"
When Guo and Qin Er-lao heard the news, they were so happy that they couldn’t help wondering "?"
It’s hard to choose whether to stay or not (chapter five or seven)
It’s hard to choose whether to stay or not (chapter five or seven)
YanQingHan consider for so long, the result is still don’t let yourself go to the clouds when is asked.
See the clouds asked to YanQingHan didn’t immediately answer but asked "patriarch know remnants in Wan Jianzong three big? Can it also be said that Xiao Shouchen is the third? "
Clouds smell speech dark to "I know that the remnants of Wan Jianzong multiply greatly, and that Han Yong is born of the intermarriage of Wan Jianzong remnants. This is still Qing Han. Tell me how there are three now? Besides, what if it doesn’t let me go to Anle Valley? "
However, although the cloud thinks so, it also knows that since Yan Qinghan said these things, it will be meaningful when she shook her head and waited for her to explain.
Yan Qinghan immediately said, "This remnant faction is very big. One of them is that Wan Jianzong’s door is always full of fighting spirit. Sword Sect has been relying on word of mouth for 200 years in Anle Valley. The hatred of the big faction will become weaker and weaker with time, so these remnants will become the most authentic evidence. They come every once in a while. It is time to wake up Wan Jianzong’s door. This big faction is still in deep hatred, but it has not yet been reported! What’s more, after the marriage, this old hatred of Wan Jian Zong Men will add a new hatred of the remnants. "
Clouds smell speech to the heart, "this is also those remnants who have only lived in Anle Valley for more than a hundred years, and many people don’t want to take revenge, not to mention that they have lived here for two million years."
And these remnants come to a batch of new ones from time to time, just as when I first entered the valley of happiness, I saw that some remnants were taken in and my heart was very dissatisfied with the big faction, but it was true. "
Clouds thought of here, then listen to Yan Qinghan and continue to say, "The second remnant is Wan Jianzong’s master’s offspring. I don’t want to say much about this patriarch’s known Qing Han."
See clouds nodded YanQingHan again to "the third patriarch is also see in the eye that is Wan Jianzong swept Wulin electrocuting these remnants can help in the future"
What Yan Qinghan said is very reasonable. It is not a good thing for many people to give up revenge because of the long time. But now Wan Jianzong has returned to Songshan’s old remnant faction. At least Xiao Shouchen thinks so.
Similarly, because Wan Jianzong returned to Wulin and stopped hiding, it would not be expected that those remnants would have Wan Jianzong. Now it is easy to recruit more people to be brothers.
To help this is the only remnant faction now, and 30% of them are willing to follow Xiao Shouchen. After that, there are more than 1,000 remnants in Xiao Shouchen’s eyes. "
Yunyun heard that she knew the meaning of Yan Qinghan. She was going to tell the story from the beginning step by step, saying that she should be careful to "I can see it more clearly no matter how thorough the analysis of Qing Han is."
After Yan Qinghan’s words, it is really clear that Xiao Shouchen is determined to clean up these people. Since it is good for him, he will patiently listen to Yan Qinghan’s own explanation
See YanQingHan continued to say, "and in the eyes of Xiao Shouchen, this thousand remnants faction is not out of place, and it is more likely that Xiao Shouchen will get into big trouble because of the vest. Han Yong is an example of him coming to find the patriarch and joining hands with Xiao Shouchen."
Said and looked at the clouds and asked, "Xiao Shouchen said that he would clean up those remnants, but did the patriarch ever think that Xiao Shouchen had already understood those remnants, but why did he delay to start work?" Now, what decision have you made? "
Clouds smell speech eyebrows a wrinkly to "that nature is he think the time has come"
Yan Qinghan nodded to "Xiao Shouchen, the patriarch in a word, had long wanted to clean up these remnants, but Wan Jianzong and the remnants were in Anlegugen, so he couldn’t do it. Moreover, at that time, the remnants still had something he could remove at most, but he couldn’t catch more than 1,000 people."
Speaking of which, Yan Qinghan’s temper turned to "But now Wan Jianzong has returned to Songshan, and those who don’t want to follow the remnants will naturally kill each other. This is also the reason why Han Yong is in a hurry to find the patriarch. Those remnants are not what he thinks."
Clouds smell speech suspected that "but there are many people in the sword gate whose relatives are remnants of the faction. Even if Xiao Shouchen really killed more than 1,000 people, even if he did not let outsiders know, how could he fool those in the sword gate?" Once it is leaked, doesn’t he mean killing himself? "
YanQingHan smell speech sighed to "patriarch this is why Xiao Shouchen wants patriarch to go to Anle Valley. Now the time has come, but he still lacks one thing, which is what patriarch just said."
Xingyun pondered for a moment and wondered, "Is it a confession?"
Yan Qinghan nodded to "it is the replacement of the sword door remnants that have been intertwined for more than a hundred years. Once more than a thousand people have died violently, how can it be without a replacement?" When the sword gate arrives, it may be chaotic first. This is not what Xiao Shouchen wants to see. "
When Xingyun heard this, he felt justified and asked, "Does Qing Han know that he is ready to explain?"
Yan Qinghan just opened his mouth to say something, but suddenly he looked gloomy and shook his head. "Qing Han doesn’t know Qing Han or he underestimated Xiao Shouchen. How can he guess what he thinks?"
Clouds zheng don’t know how to clear culvert suddenly stopped to get to the point when he was about to ask each other, but he listened to Guo Dingfu laughing at Yan Qinghan. "It’s hard to keep a secret. There are many things in this world that can’t be mastered by human beings, just like Xiao Shouchen today. Did you ever think that the patriarch followed Han Yong’s figure for a flash, and it sounded like a lot of feelings?
So you and I will try our best, but as the saying goes, man proposes, God disposes, but if you want to be white, even if the sky is interested, you must make efforts first. Even if you don’t know how to speculate, you must always say what you think so that everyone can participate in it. "
When Yan Qinghan heard the news, he thanked Guo Laoyan for remembering it.
Did Guo Dingfu smile?
This number of old readers is just how clear the culvert is. When he saw it in his eyes, he was blaming herself. She had failed to see through Xiao Shouchen and Han Yong, and she was bent on calculating the gains and losses of the talks between the remnants of the clouds, but she didn’t expect that Xiao Shouchen had fallen behind in the calculation and suddenly didn’t dare to make suggestions again.


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