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Wei Guchen laughed softly instead. A king of Qin ate Xiao Yi so much, but he could immediately gain the advantage of the enemy. It takes a few gentlemen to tell us all about our painstaking efforts in all parts of the country for so many years. We are going to join in. We are going to join in. We are going to join in, and we are all afraid. Who will give me his life? Since Xiao Yi can make a fake, can’t Ning Zhao make a fake?

Zhao Chengfeng couldn’t help but get up and growl that these little people are treacherous and duplicitous.
They believe me, but it’s also human nature. I’m sitting in a lonely position, and my tone is dull and I don’t care.
Everyone saw that the householder was not concerned about such an important matter, and most of his face became very ugly and whispered.
Mo Cangran slowly realized that although these people have left us one after another and have been hit hard by the development of power, they have long hoped that they will develop power, but the Lord hopes that we will soon have more and greater strength to do great things in the future.
Wei Guchen’s eyebrows seemed to frown slightly, but he said nothing.
All the people present frowned slightly and thought deeply. People were worried and looked at Mo Cangran, but more people couldn’t help asking.
Mo Lao, what’s your good idea
Mo Lao, what else can we do?
Mo Cangran bowed his head deeply and slowly picked a bunch of keys from his waist. His hands were taught by magic, and his strength in the shadows has always been mysterious. Shennong Club was rich and powerful, and it won the hearts of the people. Zheng Haotian, a warrior in Jiangbei, was not only the general manager of Jiangbei militia, but also the general leader of Jiangbei water transport. He was also the kind master of Zuochan Taihua Temple in Jiangzhou Lin Zhenlei’s Five Sword Alliance.
His voice did not fall, and his expression was already obvious.
A campus Ji big fellow immediately said that it is good that these people all control one side, and everyone has a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. If we can control them, it will be great.
A few teenagers look more hesitant. Zhao Chengfeng opens his mouth to say something. After all, it is difficult to refute the elders’ words.
However, people still can’t help but sneer at the tone, saying that I don’t know what good way Brother Hong can make the hero wait for us.
Compared with Hong Yuntao’s crashing Lei Yin’s mouth, his voice is feminine and weak, and his face is thin and pale, which can be blown down like a gust of wind in a dark corner.
Hong Yuntao sneered at Mrs. Meng. There are many ways to make people obedient this day. Is it true that a literate gentleman like you can be white?
Meng Guan’s face was slightly cold, not to mention a cold sound in the crowd. However, there are many despicable methods. Of course, we will not slaughter Beowulf when we read sages.
Mom, a scholar can’t rebel for ten years. You just read too much to achieve great things. Where are so many rules and regulations? Hong Yuntao roared
On one side, people are getting up, their stature is a little short, their right arms are swinging, and their sleeves are more than enough. However, in the eyes, they are awesome and arrogant, and they have crushed all the brave warriors. Before we tried, we didn’t have a good discussion, but now we are suspected of being humiliated and not torn. Besides, these people have already been offended and killed by us, and it is even harder for them to retaliate in the future.
Most people nodded and talked in a low voice.
Brother Feng is right.
We are in a more and more difficult situation now, and we should do everything we can to win the support.
Don’t worry too much in this adversity.
Wei Guchen listened to everyone’s comments and smiled coldly at Mo Cangran. No wonder I said that those guys can’t cure the disease. Forget it. You always find a way to delay. That’s it
Mo Cang-ran said that if they are spared this great humiliation, they will be entangled in various forces to avenge their future troubles, but they will not be killed now.
Wei Guchen tapped two good ideas and methods with his left finger in his right hand, so that they could be banned or controlled by poison, money or beauty, and then let them do whatever I want from now on, just like those masters who control the heads of various factions and parties in the previous story who try to dominate the Jianghu are called the great devil.
But let’s not forget that in storytelling, such a big devil, no matter how beautiful, will eventually be defeated by Chatyi.
Feng Rong fought against the Taoist master in the previous step. We are not dominating the rivers and lakes, but the people in the rivers and lakes of Heaven are always brave and private. We lead them to work for the people of their country. This is to save them and become them.
Wei Guchen sneered at Sen’s cold shock wave, which burned in his eyebrows bit by bit, causing a burning pain in his heart. We are no longer dominating the rivers and lakes, but we are more ambitious. We want this country to fall into an war struggle, and the people who have lived and worked in peace and contentment have once again lost us. We have done everything in our power to lead others to talk to us and become famous.
This time, even Yu Boping has become angry and fierce.
Who solitary side head to see Yu Boping already livid.
He closed his eyes, slowly pressed the boiling and roaring firm but gentle in his chest, slowly loosened his fingers on the hilt, and then looked around everyone coldly. I haven’t done that yet.
They saw that Yu Boping’s mouth was full of anger, and most of them were relieved.
Yu Boping could see the flying firm but gentle in the depths of Wei Guchen’s eyes. Little by little, when he finally said that sentence, he still smiled at the sky, but what always made people feel a deep sadness.
Yu Boping sighed and clenched his fist and sat down.
Perhaps it is that Yu Boping is on his side, and the Lord will definitely give him a face. Others are getting stronger and stronger.
Lian Gang got a meal from Wei Gu Chen, and Xie Lingyun simply got up and achieved great things.
Why don’t you just say that the gentleman acts by hook or by crook? Wei Guchen also got up in the middle of the seat. It was this long body that made the scabbard cut through the heavens and the earth, which made everyone awe-inspiring and achieved great things at the moment. But I think it is necessary to do great things by hook or by crook.


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