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Leon said that he felt that he would get stuck at the mountain crossing even if the enemy’s 10 thousand troops were in the mountain road, but this time it might backfire

As you can see, Leon Lance said
Leon insidious smile took a handful and said that when you were together, you grew up with your stuff. I’m more or less counted
King Hermes looked very anxious. He said, What the hell is going on, Lance?
Lance quickly showed the map of the southwest mountain range, saying that if everything is the same, General Madsen came from Zakaron Mountain range, then he can enter the southwest mountain range directly if he doesn’t enter Quirrell, and then once he occupies the mountain pass, the enemy can take the southwest mountain trail regardless of millions of soldiers, which is well known.
Lance pointed to the map marker and said that the danger lies in whether the 10,000 reinforcements mentioned by General Madsen are really this number. When we were bizarre, there were more than 10,000 soldiers in Quirrell. When we completed the rebellion and put down the rebellion, there were already 10,000 soldiers. In addition, the real number of mercenaries recruited in recent months may greatly exceed this number. As far as we are concerned, Madsen has deployed more than 10,000 soldiers in several mining farms on the border, and it is not rare to know that there are troops stationed in Quirrell. Giles is preparing Garland to compete with him. How can there be so few troops? We are an emergency to them now. Besides, Greg is not familiar with the deployment of soldiers. After all, he has only been back to Quirrell for half a year, but Madsen is different. He deeply knows how many troops Quirrell can mobilize.
Lance began to move these markers and then said that if Madsen told him to report that the 10,000-strong army had entered the southwest mountain range and then waited until the pursuit troops followed, this number of troops blocked the mountain pass.
Lance, representing the flag of Madsen, ate the flag representing Yusis, and its meaning couldn’t be more obvious.
Leon still looked out of the window and the rain was still falling, but his mind was obviously not in the battle.
Chapter 11 Ambush in the rain
After the rain entered the mountainous area, it showed a trend of strengthening. Yusis did not rain, but the rain did provide a good cover for his current action.
Madsen obediently entered the mountain road, which made Eustace feel a lot better. He was ready for the war in Madsen. Once Madsen is in his sight, he will definitely announce the attack intermittently. Of course, his surprise attack on Karlslon will have to be stranded.
Now it seems that the situation is still in the hands of the emperor Garland, except for the disgusting weather
The Imperial Guard Division of Wangdoutian is a non-war division directly under Garland’s royal family. The difference is that they defend the palace and protect Garland’s emperor. Yusis is the first of all emperors.
Courtas is the former head of the division of this division, and the deputy head of the former division. However, he took over the command.
All the legions are now dressed in black armor and strolling around the muddy mountain road. The rain mixed with mud is stained with armor. In the March, the troops don’t care so much. No soldier thinks that they are coming for an outing. Although every soldier who joined the Heavenly Guard Division thinks that this is the best and most comfortable division among Garland soldiers, now that the order has been reached, it is also carried out.
According to the map, our horse is about to enter the narrow valley and the mountain road is in the wrong terrain. Courtas said to the emperor Yusis.
Yusis looked at the sky and looked back at the soldiers, and then asked where Madsen’s troops were now.
The specific location is now known from knowing that they entered the mountainous area days ago. The mountainous road here is long and complicated, and it is difficult to judge where it is, Courtas replied
Then get ready to go into the mountains, Yusis said
Before the troops moved a few steps, riding a shadow behind the big army attracted the attention of the big army. A tall wizard dressed up as a knight with a cloak now jumped behind the big army and horses splashed water in the puddle and scattered it around.
Wait a minute. A magician is shouting at the horse.
Courtas first guarded his side and then paid close attention to the bearer.
It’s Leon. Courtas saw Leon galloping in.
Leon ran to Yusis and jumped on his horse. He knelt down and said Leon. See Synonyms at position.
Yusis made a flat posture to make Leon get up, and then said, why is Leon Qing now in this place? Shouldn’t you be riding with Randall Wan?
Commander Randall Wan is in Pasteur now, and I have come here specially to ask for a return to Pasteur Leon, said.
What did you say? Eustace looked at Leon majestically, and the rain wet their hair, which made them both look embarrassed.
It’s a dangerous road, and the enemy is likely to come from this mountain road, Leon replied
Yusis looked at Leon and sipped his mouth and said, Can’t you guess? If the enemy really chose to bypass Paster from the southwest mountains, then I can’t let them come from the mountains. It’s easier to defend than to attack the southwest mountains. If the enemy didn’t choose this road, then I will go straight to Carlson fortress. What do you think?
Leon seemed to expect Yusis to say that he reached into his arms and took a piece of parchment, and then said, Look at this parchment and you will know.
Kulta took the parchment and then transferred it to Yusis Yusis. He looked at it carefully and his face changed. After reading it, he crumpled the parchment into a ball and threw it into the side ditch. Yusis’s face was unwilling to be serious, and people around him didn’t dare to interrupt.
Leon, this is a great opportunity. This is a great opportunity for me to defeat Ponte. Yusis suddenly said this.
Yes, Leon responded.
Karlslon, a fortress that is so hard to attack and never fall, is now the best time to seize him. I can’t miss Yusis’s persistence.
Leon looked up and studied Yusis Yusis’s face carefully. He was much older than when Leon first met him years ago, and traces of time were painted on his skin.
I don’t want to give up this opportunity, even if it is an adventure, I will try it, said Yusis.
It’s an idea, Leon said
Yusis looked at Leon and his expression indicated that Leon would go on.
Don’t go deep into the mountains yet, ensure that you can retreat at any time, and let some troops explore the road first to ensure that Wan Leon answers.
Yusis pondered Leon’s words. Leon gave him parchment, and elaborated on their situation in Quirrell. Yusis’s vacillation now means that he has approved Leon’s analysis.
Courtas, look at that parchment.
Yusis said that Courtas quickly lifted the parchment from the ditch and read it patiently.
Take Leon Qing’s advice and make sure that you are finished. Courtas also dissuaded you.
Yusis’s ideological struggle did not last long. He has always been a broken king.
Courtas, why don’t you lead half the troops into Yusis first, or are you unwilling to give up his thrilling design plan?
Courtas knew that once Eustacia gave the order, it would be difficult to go back. He took a head from the place and then transferred his troops to carry out the order


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