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It is natural that the action potential of hundreds of top masters of Tsukiji is remarkable. Robbery monks in the lake are not only at the top floor, but also in many other places. Relatively speaking, they have not formed too large a scale and seem a little inconspicuous. However, it is these humble robbers who must be careful if they leave the single monk, otherwise they will be unlucky if they touch it.

However, there is no need to avoid this group of monks like Wei Ji, because they have absolute sweeping power over these small-scale robbery forces. If those people don’t pay attention, the result will be to let them have more plates in their hands to send their friends.
All this way, Wei Ji and others are looking forward to this, but unfortunately, they can come here to participate in the hundred-year training quota competition. None of them are stupid. Wei Ji and others are far away from the roots, and they don’t even have the slightest provocation. However, Wei Ji and others can continue to move toward their goals without their own help.
The vertical depth of the Lake of Thunder and Fire is only a hundred feet. When acting alone, it is necessary to make many vertical and horizontal turns to make the distance greatly longer. But now, when all the instruments burst out, the combined force of power is enough to take all these flames and thunder, but it is not necessary to be so troublesome.
Soon everyone rushed to the water for two or three feet. This is the place where monks who are determined to get the number plate by robbery.
At first, these people intercepted at the place where the water was close to the water surface, because the closer they were to the water surface, the weaker they were to intercept others. Naturally, they had to be in as safe a position as possible. If they hadn’t stopped people, they were injured by the fire and thunder in the lake, which would be a big joke of training for a hundred years.
Now these people have gone deep into so many things, but it is also a last resort. However, if any monk with a number plate rushes out of the lake, he will be sent out by this palace. It is impossible to fight in the middle. In this case, this group of highway robbers must make multiple interceptions with a certain buffer, otherwise the opponent will tear a crack in the defense line, and it is easy to leave with a number plate.
One wants to rob the road, and the other wants to keep it desperately. These two kinds of people have irreconcilable roots and contradictions. These two kinds of people will not even have the slightest nonsense. One result is to show their strength and face each other.
As early as at the bottom of the lake, Wei Ji and others are ready to go. At this moment, naturally, there will be no delay, so they will show their own powers.
You can see dozens of flying swords cutting off the river and cutting off the flow. All kinds of instruments explode in unison, and the brilliance is extremely bright. If you look a little further, it will be almost here. It is a sea of light surging enough to wash away all the banned dams.
However, it is a pity that Wei Ji and others are brave, and those who rob monks are not inferior at all, but in number, they are better than Wei Ji, a group of Jews who have had Wei Ji and others, and there is not much taboo at the root of their actions. Naturally, these masters can see the signs before and orphans are also gaining momentum.
Comparatively speaking, these monks who want to rob are prepared more fully, and they are not improvised like Wei Ji, a group of people. Quite a few of them are fellow disciples or friends in Qi Xin, and they are even better in terms of cooperation. Although they can’t be arranged, they are still fine.
Almost Wei Ji and others fly swords and weapons, and at the same time, these highway robbers are also smooth and soaring, and weapons are flying around.
The shining and bright brilliance is like a Baoshan suppressing the raging sea torrent, which has to be discouraged, such as crazy roar and roar
Guang shan guang hai collided and oscillated, and the lake burst in all directions, causing great waves. In this boundless treasure light, all kinds of flying swords and implements also collided violently, giving out waves of tinkling.
These words are late, in fact, in a flash.
At this moment, relying on strength and falsehood will be shattered. At this moment, both the defending party and the highway robbery party are damaged and injured, which is not light.
Fighting in the lake of thunder and fire can hurt people but can’t kill people. This is an iron rule that people can violate, but it doesn’t mean that there is no means to make all the rules have advantages. The key depends on whether you are smart enough to find this.
Who avoid and others are mostly looking for the number plate people at the bottom of the lake at first, so they have fought against the flames and thunder in the lake, but they have not had a fierce confrontation with other monks, but they don’t understand the bottom line. It is difficult for some scruples to appear tied behind your back.
Most of these monks who robbed the road have gone through many times, but they clearly know that the monk’s injury will reach a certain level or there is a danger of life and death, and they will be directly judged to have failed and sent out. This is the conclusion they have reached through many times of fighting, but they have no scruples when they make moves.
As a result, the situation between the two sides is naturally more unequal. The number of injured monks on one side of the fence has been blocked and robbed, and the monks have died for a long distance.
For the backward situation now, many people on the side of Weiji are greatly changed or nervous, or flustered, or anxious, or solemn, or afraid, but all this has no impact on Weiji, and his face still shows 120% confidence with a faint smile.
Because Wei Ji has seen the reason why his opponent is so crazy to attack, that is, there must be something hidden in the rules that he doesn’t know. He can already guess the secret vaguely, but there are still some doubts in his heart before he is sure to continue to endure.
Wei Ji also believes that there are definitely many Taoist priests who think of them like himself. Once this secret is confirmed, that is, when they can exert their strength, that is, when they break through the defense line and rush out of the Lake of Thunder and Fire.
Wei Ji firmly believes that this moment is not far away, so he will turn himself into a thick sword rainbow and fly out to kill the four-pole lightning and fire flag, but he will firmly guard himself from making himself appear the slightest mistake.
As Wei Ji expected, that moment was not far away. When he chopped off his opponent’s flying sword with a powerful chop, a fellow Taoist near him was knocked down by a Huang Jinbao ship, and then the Huang Jinbao ship shot a brilliant light like a blade of firm but gentle, which went straight through his heart.
On the defensive side, almost everyone has to deal with the siege of several monks. Where can anyone be distracted to support him? Seeing that the friar was about to die of penetrating heart, however, at the moment when the brilliant light approached the friar’s chest, the friar suddenly disappeared, leaving a four-corner number plate floating in the lake and constantly falling towards the square.
At this moment, Wei Ji and others who didn’t know the monks at first naturally got into a secret. At that time, their hearts were fixed, but at this moment, those who had exquisite thoughts were no longer in this side, because they found that this was an excellent opportunity for them to break through the defense line
Because the other side is also a group of Uzbekistan, even if it can achieve absolute unity in a small group, it is absolutely impossible to unite in a large group, and this situation is most obvious when the interests appear. At present, the appearance of the first main number plate is absolutely enough for many people in the other side to give up the joint blockade and prepare to get there first. In this case, it is inevitable that one person will compete for the large-scale chaos.
Chaos is always the best opportunity for the weak side.
Chapter DiSiQiEr rushed out of the lake of thunder and fire
Chapter DiSiQiEr rushed out of the lake of thunder and fire
Things are developing as Weiji expected.
The main number plate sank only a few inches, and four of the robbing monks robbed it.
Among the four people, the fastest shot is a woman who is not very beautiful, but she is particularly gentle and lovable. If you don’t understand the situation, I’m afraid everyone will know that she is a very gentle, reserved and shy girl
However, in today’s environment, she really made all the monks present realize what it means not to judge by appearances.
At the other time, the woman didn’t move the instrument when she was fighting. She only had a machete with a foot long and two fingers wide in her hand to control the shadow of the knife. It was simply a knife wheel, and the knife mountain was brave and fierce. At this moment, the number plate appeared, and she was also the fastest. The knife was integrated into one, and all the obstacles in front were thrown at the number plate.
The distance between the two is only a few feet apart, which is really a blink of an eye, and then a hand of fine fine jade sticks out five fingers from the bright knife rainbow, and five bright and extremely vigorous fingers are pointed out, and all the lines are wrapped around the number plate.
Such a swift and unsurpassed action made Weiji stop by one person. Of course, it may be that some of them have reacted but deliberately failed to stop.
Seeing that five brilliant and vigorous faces are about to be entangled, perhaps it is the precious license plate that doomed him not to be so easily given. At this moment, another person approached, and Zhang Zhang scattered a fist-sized round blue thunder ball and flew it out.
After this blue red ball moves, it is as urgent as a spark, and it will arrive near the number plate in an instant faster than light.
However, this thunderball is not as explosive and destructive as other thunderballs. This thunderball is called Qingyuan Evil Thunder, which is a special kind of thunderball. It seems to be quite powerful when it explodes, but in fact, it’s all about strength. Its root effect lies in the formation of Qingyuan evil spirit net after its outbreak.
Continuous mooring cyan ShaQi rapid expansion of mercury diarrhea generally depending on the lake barrier soon enveloped the Fiona Fang ZhangXu plate and the five brilliant Gang gas were caged in it, followed by cyan ShaQi condensed road criss-crossing cyan silk thread appeared in ShaQi formed a net.
"Click, click, click,"
The general sound of axe chopping wood sounded one after another from the blue Shaqi net. It is obvious that the five vigorous qi are trying to tear and break the blue Yuan Gang Shashen net, trying to break the ban and leave with the number plate.
After that, the monk opened a special door without any delay after his own green Yuan Gang’s evil spirit network microscope. When the right hand of the avatar stretched out, Ling grabbed the green Yuan Gang’s evil spirit network, which became more and more condensed, accompanied by several "poop-poop" sounds, forming a palm-sized ball of light and flying towards his hand.


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