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Haida Stadium is large enough. There are various sports venues on both sides of the football field. Of course, the football field is not a regular stadium. There are two-thirds of the size of the regular stadium. The center of the stadium is the rostrum, and then there is a circle of cement terraces around it. More than ten floors.

On the last day, Lin Cheng wanted to see it anyway. Although he had no chance to participate in the competition, it was good for Lin Cheng to see it for the first time in such a large-scale competition.
Looking for a place to sit in the management stand position, I just saw Wu Jian rushing over and running over. I first took a look around Lin Biaoji. Wu Jian came in a hurry but didn’t say anything about it in advance. "What are you looking at?"
Wu Jian said mysteriously, "Isn’t my teacher Liu Lin here?"
"What the hell? Pay attention to the influence of teacher Niang’s speech. "
When Wu Jian heard this, he shrank his belly. "Yes, yes, pay attention to the influence." He looked around. "Is Teacher Liu Lin really not here?"
When Wu Jian saw Lin Cheng lifting his feet to kick himself, he quickly said, "Okay, I’ll talk."
This is the management stand, and today is the last day of the sports meeting. Many people around you have heard Wu Jian’s words, and they are betting on Lin Cheng and Wu Jian. It is precisely because everyone is surprised to see what they are doing that Lin Cheng is ready to kick Wu Jian, but Lin Cheng is just pretending that Lin Chengzhen wants to kick Wu Jian. It is an exaggeration to kick from one end of the stand to the other, but it is no problem to say that kicking from the stand to the playground.
In fact, just now when Zheng Xiumei met Lin Cheng, Liu Lin was called away by her wife, saying that she was going to organize a beautiful cheerleading team. The warriors in them shouted one last time. Although Liu Lin also wanted to accompany Lin Cheng in the game, she could let her own affairs go.
Wu Jian handed me a word to lower their voices and said, "Teacher Wang Jiao called and asked if you were in the dormitory? I said you just went out, of course, I didn’t say you were going with Liu Lin’s teacher niang. "Lin Cheng didn’t bother to correct Wu Jian’s words, but although Wu Jian deliberately lowered his voice, how could his northeast stubble-flavored voice be suppressed? Everyone around him was paying attention to this place, especially Lin Cheng, a school celebrity.
"Don’t talk nonsense if you have something to say."
"What’s the matter? Teacher Wang Jiao begged me to help find you and ask you to give her a message. I put her message in my mobile phone, master. Please give her a message quickly?"
Wu Jian was quite arrogant before, but since Lin Cheng helped solve the problem that he and Xiao Meigong were cheated, Wu Jian is now listening to Lin Cheng. Wu Jian will never neglect Lin Cheng’s success, and Wu Jian, who is fond of making friends in the northeast of Wu Jian, really regards Lin Cheng as a master now.
"She didn’t say anything?"
"If you don’t say anything, just say let me find you and let you give her a message."
Lin Cheng took the message and called Wang Jiao. In the message, Wang Jiao said that she was suffocated and had no place to ask what Lin Cheng was doing. I heard that Lin Cheng was watching the sports meeting at school, and Wang Jiao said that she would also go to play later.
But to Lin Cheng’s surprise, Wang Jiao actually led Liu Yifei to come, or that pair of wide frog glasses covered half of his face. The top hat covered the remaining half of his face in half. Liu Yifei and Wang Jiao wore an identical dress, which was a pair of sisters.
Lin Cheng was surprised to see Wang Jiao leading Liu Yifei to the campus together. Even if Lin Cheng didn’t go to idolize, he knew the star effect. He knew how big Liu Yifei could cause the star effect because he had seen Liu Yifei in the Champs Elysé es in Lingshan Island military camp before, which caused a sensation.
Wang Jiao Qiao smiled and Wang Jiao wore a sun hat like Liu Yifei. If you match a pair of sunglasses, it is exactly the same as Liu Yifei.
Lin Cheng saw Wang Jiao and went to Wang Jiao to welcome him. Lin Cheng came with a hug and aroma. Lin Cheng also knew to keep a low profile, but if he kept a low profile? Such a beautiful woman threw herself at herself, which aroused the strong jealousy of the surrounding management students. Wang Jiao is the perfect jade.
Liu Yifei is much calmer next to her, but she doesn’t have any envy. Although Liu Yifei doesn’t like men, she doesn’t have any aversion to Lin Cheng, and she often hears Wang Jiao talk about Lin Cheng’s good place. Now she can smile gently when she sees Lin Cheng.
When she smiles, it’s not a professional star smiling at the fans, but a heartfelt smile.
Although many students in management see that Liu Yifei is very similar to Liu Yifei, everyone is not sure how Liu Yifei came to the campus of Haida University because it is impossible.
9 volleying vigorously
Wang Jiao and Liu Yifei sit down hand in hand. They are sitting on a soft car pillow ≥≯≯丯丯. In the eyes of classmates, Wang Jiao is as elegant and charming as Liu Yifei, including swinging after holding up the skirt.
To be honest, students’ dress is still not very formal. In fact, this form can’t be compared with students. After all, if you want to be formal, you need money.
Wang Jiao’s family is rich, Liu Yifei is rich and leisure, of course, and his eyes are even more. This dress of the two suddenly eclipses the flowers, of course, attracting more attention from perverts.
Lin Cheng was sitting next to Wang Jiao, and several people couldn’t help clapping their hands when they watched the scrambling game. Wang Jiao came to accompany Lin Cheng and Liu Yifei came to experience college life. They were all watching the scene, but Lin Cheng came to see that these athletes were in good shape. In fact, if they couldn’t, they wouldn’t be able to run to the final.
There was a noise. It turned out that this afternoon, management and sports competed for the football championship of Haida University. It was really good to manage the men’s football team to play in the final, because the management was a gender-based flat court, and there were many strong football fans, but this strong body was nothing compared with sports.
Sports is the biggest winner of the second school sports meeting, which has won nearly half of the championship games. This thing is closely related to physical fitness. Sports games are the most difficult to fake, and the first and second are clear at a glance.
Today, many management people come to cheer for the football team. Because the management football team has entered the finals historically, they also ask everyone to cheer.
Generally, men don’t like football, especially students. Many students like football and like to kick a few feet when they are idle.
However, the form of the game has made many students in the management stunned, and they can’t shout it out. It’s only ten minutes since the management has been watered by sports for two games. There is no suspense, and it has always been the sports that have been pressing the management to kick, while the management can’t even organize a decent attack.
By the end of the half-time, sports had scored five-to-five. It can be seen that many people in sports are not playing football now, but regard this place as their own dribbling and passing the training ground, which has become a joke, and this competition has also made many students in management choose to leave before.
No one will feel better when watching their team being ravaged. Many people who know the ball can’t watch it. Throw the bottle away and choose to go back to the dormitory to play with their brains without watching this irritating game.
During the intermission, Zheng Xiumei rushed over to have a look at the sparse crowd in our hospital, which was a little tolerable. After all, it was because our team played poorly, so we can’t blame others for not looking at their sports and foreign language stands. It was a sea of people.
The most important thing is that sports are close to foreign languages, and foreign languages and art are famous for their many beautiful women. At this time, it is even more time for sports to show off. Who makes himself strong and who makes the foreign language on his side? Many perverts aim at the goal of pointing out the football knowledge of beautiful women one by one.


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