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Moon Soul sighed and said, "I hope she will be safe."

Ten, the first release of eroticism
Hearing the moon soul say this, the pure real person looked at the moon soul strangely and asked, "Since you can know that Song Long’s daughter is called Song Ran, don’t you even know this big event?"
Knowing that the moon soul was going to reveal the truth, she quickly laughed and said, "I’ve only heard some small fragments. Where can I know the whole story clearly? Of course, I still have to ask you. Otherwise, how can I show that you are a master and I am an apprentice?"
Pure reality still doesn’t believe that this is the first time that the moon soul complimented him since he knew it. He asked again, "Really? Then why do you want to ask the Song Villa? "
Moon’s eyes turned and said, "This … this … haha! Just asking! I’m hungry. I’m going to eat. "Say that finish, regardless of the pure reality, I strode forward alone.
Hear the soul to eat pure reality shouted, "hey, didn’t you just eat? You are a fool. I have Jinshan Yinshan, and sooner or later you will corrupt me. "He completely forgot what happened when he was eating just now.
On the soul also don’t back to the tunnel "make you eat two meals with a lamp of tea kung fu, don’t let me eat three meals for half an hour? So much money can’t be brought into the shade. If you live, you have to eat. "
Pure real people thought about it in their minds, and then * * smiled and seemed to think of something. They shouted, "Hey, wait for me, I’ll take you to a fun place." Then they chased it.
Pure real people chasing the moon two people walking together in the street, just at this time in front of a group of assume-like people carrying a sedan chair.
The moon soul saw that they seemed to be looking for someone, because those people who looked like family members were pulling princesa to look at them one by one, but none of the people next to them dared to talk, which adult family they should be.
A servant took a 16-year-old woman to the front of the sedan chair, put a little curtain on it from the inside, and then closed it again. The servant said, "It’s all yours" and pushed the woman into the sedan chair, so the group of people lifted the sedan chair again and walked forward.
When the car passed by the Moon Soul, the woman cried out in the car, but no one dared. Neither of them was the kind of courageous young people. Just then, an old man came running from there and cried, "Daughter, you can’t spoil my daughter …"
It seems that everyone is used to it, and people in the street are watching everything with an indifferent expression.
The moon soul asked the pure real person strangely, "What was that just now?"
Pure reality Gherardini way "what? Do you want to meddle? "
The moon soul didn’t good the spirit. "Can’t I ask?"
"I can’t tell you clearly, why don’t I take you to see it?"
So the two men followed the direction of the group of people.
The two men chased after a gate and saw that the sedan chair was carried in. There was no figure of the old man behind it. It was estimated that the old man was blocked by those who assumed that the two men turned to the back street and saw a pile of sundries in the wall.
See the group who put the car on the ground, and then went out of another yard in the first room, and several handmaids dressed up respectfully. On both sides of the car, a figure came out of the car and fell to the ground motionless. Although it was already dark at this time, the moon soul clearly saw that it was a woman who was pushed all over.
The male dressed man went directly into the first room, and two handmaids helped the female * * in, while the other two handmaids took some pieces of cloth from the sedan chair, which should be the female dress. The male-like man didn’t see him because he didn’t turn around.
The pure real person glanced at the soul of the moon and asked, "Do you know this?"
The moon soul looked blankly at the innocent man and wondered, "Know what?"
Pure and true people said, "Are you a man?"
This month, the soul is even more confused. Do you know what it is with men?
In fact, you can’t blame the Moon Soul for what he knew about men and women since he was a child. Even if she was puzzled by a melting charm, he just thought it was beautiful, not to mention what he could associate with what he saw just now.
Pure real hands severely knocked on the soul in January. "What can I say about you? I think you are more pure than me. "
Moon soul hand touched a head of nu way "you don’t make it clear how I am white"
Pure reality in distress situation "clear? How can I make it clear? Ok, I’ll let you see clearly. "Say that finish, you should be admitted to the hospital first, and the soul of the moon will also be admitted to the hospital."
Two people secretly approached that room, and then secretly walked to a door in the corridor. The pure real person heard a sign for the moon soul to stop.
The pure real person poked a hole in the window paper with saliva on his finger. He looked at it himself, then smiled and motioned for the moon soul to look at the pure real person. The moon soul laughed and thought there was a conspiracy, but he was curious, so he lay down to look at it. It doesn’t matter. The moon soul blushed and shrank back.
This time, he did see the sample, but he also saw several * * women, and that justice did that in a * * woman’s body. This time, even if Moon Soul didn’t understand it again, he should understand it.
Pure reality looked at the moon soul and couldn’t help laughing. The moon soul stared his one eye.
Out of the room, they shouted "Moon Soul". The two people knew that it was not good because of a smile. They quickly ran to the wall. The man casually wore something and came out. The servants also ran out. Seeing that the Moon Soul was about to be surrounded.
Moon Soul’s heart andao was miserable, but I didn’t think that the pure real person took out something from his arms and fell to the ground instantly. The whole hospital was shrouded in smoke, and the pure real person took advantage of the chaos to run to a place without saying anything. Finally, the two of them came out from the gate.
After running for a while, the two stopped to make fun of the pure real person. "Look at you just now. It won’t be a good place, will it?"
The moon soul didn’t good the spirit way, "Yes, I am a place, but I don’t publicize it everywhere. Who is like you? It’s not pure but it’s still pure."
Pure true people laughed. "It’s killing me to say that you are a proud person. Haha …"
Nineteen, fix true sect
I’m not proud of myself. Is it true that I’m proud of being a playboy or a slut? What kind of world is this? The soul of the moon was about to argue again, but suddenly I found something was wrong and something was coming to me. When I reacted, I was tied up by a rope, and then I saw that the pure real person was also tied up. I met a yogi this time.
"See where you are going this time?" A man came out of the darkness. It was just in the room that he did that. The man looked at the bound moon soul and the pure real person and sneered, "How dare you come to spy on me? Fools don’t ask who I am or who sent you?"
Although the moon soul and the pure reality are tied up, they don’t seem to care much about the pure reality and yawned. "It’s because I don’t know who to spy on or who will go to your den?" I think you’re the idiot. You even ask such an idiot question. "
The man approached and looked at them coldly. "Give me a piece of your mind and leave it in my hands. You will die in a few days."
That Simon Junxiu said these words from himself is very stylish, but he didn’t expect the moon soul and pure reality to look at him, then look at each other and finally burst out laughing.
Simon handsome white what they still laugh, but two people actually dare to laugh in front of your face that is look down on him Simon handsome blue nu way "still dare to laugh? I’ll show you my tricks today, or I won’t call Simon Junxiu. "
After hearing Simon Junxiu’s words, the two did not stop laughing because of fear, but the laughter of others was even more exaggerated. The pure real person said, "Simon?" The Moon Soul answered, "Handsome?" The last two people together, "red Chinese-style chest covering! Ha ha … "
That Simon Junxiu really didn’t understand what these two guys were laughing at. At this time, several servants came running. When they saw Simon Junxiu, they couldn’t help laughing. "What are you laughing at?"
One of them leaned over the path "Young Master’s Side"
Simon Junxiu bowed his head only to find that when he came out, he casually wore a woman’s skirt with a red Chinese-style chest covering tucked around the waist. He finally knew what these people were laughing at. He pulled the red Chinese-style chest covering and fell to the ground, slapped it in a face and then glared at the next person. Everyone stopped laughing except the moon soul and pure reality.
Ximen Junxiu leaned against the backlight, pointed to the moon soul and the pure reality, "Bring me these two reckless things back" and ran away despondently.
The moon soul and pure reality were brought back to a prison in the compound just now.
The moon soul looked at the innocent man and asked, "What should I do now?"
Pure reality a pair of you didn’t care about the sample against the wall casually said, "what can I do? Dead. "
Listen, when he said that the Moon Soul simply stopped talking, he said in his heart, I don’t see how long you crazy Taoist can hold it.
After a while, Simon Junxiu changed his clothes and walked to the door of the prison. A servant moved a chair for him.
Simon Junxiu sat down and asked, "Who sent you?"
Neither of them spoke much, and they had a posture of preferring death to surrender.
Simon handsome sneer at a way "don’t say? I have a way to get you to say "
After saying that, a few servants beat the prison door and then brought in a few young women of medium beauty. Those women came to the moon soul and the pure real person, and then they undressed and groaned while undressing. Finally, they took off all the time, leaving only a small coat.
The moon soul closed its eyes when they just took off, but it came to their ears. This moon soul was even worse. He wanted to "Tianyuan Road" to protect his mind, but he didn’t expect a woman to hug him naked and breathe a sigh of relief in his ear.
"I can’t put it on his mother." I broke my rope as soon as I saw the soul of the moon, and then I quickly took a few shots on the foreheads of several women, and several women fainted.


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