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A magic general’s face showed fear and his voice trembled slightly.

The seven magic generals are all immortals of the ninth order, but they can’t see through the realm of this male practitioner.
"It’s a little eye."
The man proudly said
"Evil wind, you should chase it here. Are you really going to kill it all?" Ancient deep and remote look melancholy frown asked
"Of course!"
The evil wind demon corners of the mouth slightly become warped look coldly said "to cut grass is to uproot! Everyone in your fenglei temple has to die! "
"Where’s the other guy?"
Gu tong you suddenly asked
"Ha ha ha ha!"
There was a burst of laughter outside the hall, and there was a figure striding forward. The breath was as horrible as the evil wind!
Another real monster!
The seven demons will look at each other secretly.
Want to know the wild clan is the Xuan clan door doesn’t even have a real magic level strong.
The evil wind demon laughed, "Cang Yan, you are too slow."
"I can’t compete with you in posture."
The evil spirit of Cang Yan is unawares. "But you can’t beat me in killing people!"
The evil wind demon pouted, "That’s not necessarily the case. Let’s kill all the creatures in this wild Sect at the same time and see who kills more!"
Pale inflammation really magic bite should come to kill generate!
"Wait a minute!"
The seven magic generals in the hall spoke almost at the same time.
A magic commander pointed to Gu Tongyou and Qiu Si and forced them to laugh. "The two seniors found them themselves and we didn’t decide to take them in."
Another magic will smile apologetically, "We don’t know them at all, and we haven’t touched any fenglei temple in this corner of the magic domain."
The evil spirits raised their eyebrows slightly and joked, "But I just heard that someone is going to take them in, the promised person or the patriarch of the wild."
"Patriarch he …"
"I guess I was blinded by these two people’s rhetoric and confused for a while."
Seven magic generals looked at Sirius one after another, constantly signaling Sirius to bow down and admit his mistake.
Sirius a sullen and said nothing.
He was, after all, the king of seven emotions. How could he just bow down and admit his mistake?
Although he once believed that Wu Dao respected the Lord, it was only after being tortured alive by Wu Dao for thousands of years that he was forced to bend.
If these two real demons were in the past, he could kill these two people by moving his little finger!
Now both real demons dare to run to him and throw their weight around!
He has past experience in spiritual practice, and although he is fast in cultivation, he is now a fourth-order fairy root, not the opponent of these two true demons.


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