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"Isn’t it asking for trouble to get this little thing out without setting a trap?" King kong cannon frown

"I don’t have the patience to dawdle with him. I want to end this war as soon as possible." I shook my head again to snatch the guardian Tianlong’s near-death baby to speed up the pace of the war. Ye Aofeng must be as anxious as a cat on hot bricks at this time. He will try his best to get the child back. What I want now is that he is eager for him to worry and it is easy to make mistakes.
"Come on, what now?" King Kong cannon spoke and asked, at this time, Xu Shuang’s clothes and the baby changed their diapers and looked back at me with questions.
"I’ll go out to deal with Ye Aofeng and you stay here," I said thoughtfully for a long time.
"You want us to hide here?" King Kong Gun frowned and grinned, showing his reluctance to leave this overseas island.
"As soon as you go out, you will become the target of Ye Aofeng’s arrest. If he catches you and exchanges babies with me, shall I change or not?" I sigh
"The child is too small to eat?" Xu shuangyi put in a mouth.
"I will look for milk to feed them and wait for Ye Aofeng to talk to me." I felt Ye Aofeng’s words in the middle of my words.
"Take the wind and immediately send Tianlong back to Huguo Temple, otherwise the consequences will be at your own risk." Ye Ao’s voice is very cruel and impatient
"Ye Aofeng, you seem to be in a hurry?" I laughed easily and asked about the consequences. This sentence didn’t threaten me. I took the baby from Tianlong, so I held the trump card.
"I didn’t expect to be pretentious enough to do such a thing in the wind?" Ye Aofeng snorted heavily. He knew I wouldn’t kill the baby, but he didn’t think I would take the baby.
"I won’t hurt him to support you for a few days." I laughed. I took the lead in this matter. If I let him think of this plan, he still doesn’t know how to torment me.
"Give back Tianlong, I will fight you head-on" Ye Aofeng said.
"Heaven and earth have been closed, and you have broken your word, and I can’t do anything to you. Don’t play tricks." I deliberately made my tone look lazy. I’m not a mad villain, but I must make him think that I am such a person, and naturally I am angry with him.
"One last question, or not?" Ye Aofeng lost patience.
"I have friends in Northern Zhou and Northern Qi, and you have friends. You can do things, and I can do what you like. Don’t threaten me. First, I hate threats. Second, you didn’t blackmail me." I responded with a cold hum.
Ye Aofeng stopped talking after the cold hum. His previous angry tone made me extremely Japanese. It is indeed disgraceful to take away the child, but it is shameful to deal with this kind of person. Tea is for guests and sticks are for dogs.
"Why don’t you accept his challenge?" King Kong cannon asked doubtfully.
"Do you really dare him to fight me? Even if I send the child back, he won’t fight me." I shook my head and sneered.
"Come on, what should I do?" Ask the king kong cannon again
"Didn’t I say that you wait for me to go out and wage war from here?" I said seriously that Tianlong was already in my hand, and then it was time to wage war and destroy Beiqi, and it was necessary to set a trap against Ye Aofeng at the same time.
"All right, whatever you say, we can hold you back when we go out. Please hurry up. This bird place is really boring." King Kong nodded and promised him that although he wanted me to fight side by side, he also knew that wolves could not get in the lion war.
"Take good care of Fenger" Xu Shuang dresses lightly.
"I’ll go first." I nodded primly. The golden-winged Dapeng is not as simple as a mount for Xu Shuangyi. It’s her family.
"Take care of them." I took off my gun and handed it to the King Kong cannon.
When I left Xu Shuangyi’s house, I found that it had snowed in Xue Hai outside. It was relatively rare. If it wasn’t for the extremely low temperature, it wouldn’t have snowed. When I came to Wu Qingzhu’s house, Wu Qingzhu was fidgeting with Emperor Wen of Sui. Both Wu Qingzhu and Xu Shuangyi were virgins, and their mothers suddenly waited on their children, and they didn’t adapt.
Wu Qingzhu also agreed to my plan. They can stay here, not only to look after the children, but also to reduce my worries, so that I can go to Ye Aofeng to compete for supremacy. The most important thing is that the three of them are my last strength. After Ye Aofeng and I run out of aura, they can go out and help me.
"You Ziyang Taoist priest can observe qi. What if he finds us?" Wu Qingzhu spoke out and asked, she is very clear about my origin and knows that Ye Aofeng is my brother.
"The terrain here is special, he won’t find you." I’m serious. The main reason why I chose to settle down from this overseas island is that there are both fresh water and salt water sources here. First, drinking water is not a problem for everyone. Second, fresh water and salt water give off breath, which makes this area foggy. I can’t see their breath and Ye Aofeng can’t see it.
"They have nothing to eat." Wu Qingzhu shook the child in her arms. In her mouth, they meant two children who were self-sufficient in King Kong cannons and Xu Frost clothes, because there were not many plants and animals living on the island at this time.
"I’ll send it to you later," I said to Wu Qingzhu, who nodded and promised me that he wouldn’t stay much. He immediately teleported back to Yang Zhong’s mansion.
The child disappeared, and yangfu naturally became a mess. He immediately surrounded me after seeing me
"I will move to Andi and be killed by the enemy." I quickly rushed to Emperor Wen of Sui and Lushi to tell the children where to go.
"How can a strong son leave home when he is young and has never been weaned?" The woman’s mind began to cry at once.
"There is a real person who should protect him from crying." Yang Zhong said that being a father is different from being a mother. Although Yang Zhong is also worried about his children, he believes that I can protect Emperor Wen of Sui.
"Prepare everything for the baby," I told Lu. Children need a lot of things. They always have to eat before I find the ground milk.
Lu smell speech immediately ran to the patio and looked at Lu’s anxiety. I suddenly remembered my mother who had been missing for more than 20 years. What did she want to worry about? Mother would naturally think of her father and her family, which would naturally aggravate her homesickness. At this time, I couldn’t wait to end the war and return to modern times immediately.
Marshal "ten days after rectifying military forces, he sent his troops to attack Qi." I took back my thoughts and rushed Yang Zhong and said.


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