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Su Zhengdong got up and started talking with words.

After about five minutes, the other party nodded and replied, "I give you permission to implement the strategy."
"Good" Su Zhengdong hangs up and says "Han Tong, Han Tong, you are true and I am not white …"
At noon the next day.
A dozen people sitting together in the snow of several barbecue pits in a certain courtyard in Pingdao District of Songjiang are chatting with a glass pavilion with heating.
"How’s it going? Tian Lao is in good health recently?" Sean smiled and rushed to the Lord and asked an old man in his sixties.
"Good," the old man smiled and pointed to Sean and said, "You’ve been doing very well recently."
"Haha, I’m just fooling around," Sean complimented with a loud voice. "It’s not as good as when you were young."
"What about ghosts? How are you recently?" The old man asked the Jiangnan ghost with pigtails.
"It’s okay, it’s okay." Ghost words responded briefly.
This Tian Lao Songjiang has a great generation on the ground. Nowadays, many people in the four major districts have lived with him after their death. Sean ghosts, including Xu Yang, respect him very much, and today it is he who called everyone to dinner.
They sat in the pavilion for a while and then Tian Laocai waved and said, "Let’s have a table in the house and let the brothers go in and have fun."
Sean and others all waved their hands to leave after one leng.
After the guy left, there were only six or seven people left in the pavilion, and Tian Laocai opened his mouth and introduced, "Little Bright Ghost Jiahua, this is a friend of mine named Lu Lin in Fengbei."
"Oh, hello"
After everyone heard it, they greeted each other.
Tian Lao sat in the theme and bowed his head and took a bite at the barbecue before he walked over and said, "I asked you here today to introduce you to some good things, but let’s talk about it first. Whether you talk about Chengdu or not is your own business, I don’t want a bonus, and I don’t want to introduce a savings bureau."
"Ha ha what’s the matter?" Sean asked with a smile.
"There’s a lot of business and profits," Tian Lao said, pointing to the crowd with a smile on his face. "You’ll be completely full after a few years of hard work."
Sean was shocked. "What’s that noise?"
"Regular European brand goods" Lu Lin replied smoking a cigarette
"European brand goods? !” Call jiahua youth a leng twist a head to look at the Sean "recently, why do you want Songjiang to sell so many people?"
Sean looked at Lu Lin with blinking eyes and asked, "Can you tell if this batch of goods is from South Shanghai?"
Lu Lin considered for a long time and frankly admitted that "it came from South Shanghai."
"Ha ha!" Sean smiled. "I have a friend who came back to South Shanghai because of the ringing of European cards. I’m sorry I can’t do this business."
The girl at the front desk of Nanhu Tiancheng Baofeng Company smiled at Li Yuanzhen and said, "Sorry, Manager Qin is really not here."
"Not a fart!" Li Yuanzhen rolled his eyes and shouted, "Qin Yu, I know you. If you don’t come out, I’ll stay with your company!"
A few minutes later, Cha Menglou shouted, "Qin Yu asked you to go."
Chapter 669 Dark trick
Lu Lin, from Songjiang Pingdao Differentiator, waved his hand at Sean and said, "Brother, I haven’t finished yet, so don’t rush to deny it."
Sean frown looked at each other didn’t say anything.
"Today, I can make a decision at this table, so I can say whatever I want." Lu Lin arranged a dress and pulled a stool and sat forward. He said seriously, "Let’s talk about the goods. I can bring four batches of goods to Songjiang a year. Each batch of goods is about four to five Taiwan trucks, which can be equipped with unlimited firepower in addition to the length."
Ghost smell looked up at him and bowed their heads and continued to eat barbecue.
"I’ll talk about the price except that the goods are abundant and the channels are stable enough for you to share equally." Lu Lin lit a cigarette and continued, "The purchase price of each batch of goods is about 10,000 to 220,000, and the fluctuation range will be slightly adjusted according to the market change, but it will remain low-cost and efficient. You should have an understanding of the price of four to five trucks, and the top price may be only about 220,000. Then you can imagine how much profit you have."
Sean listened to each other’s words and his face became dignified.
"If three or four people share it, I conservatively estimate that each of you will have a net income of two or three million a year." Lu Lin walked over and looked at the crowd and continued, "Of course, if you can expand the market, my high shipment will not be a problem. Simply put, I will eat as much as you can."
Everyone smells silence.
"Nowadays, it’s no big deal if the environment is a little upside down, but if I do it with you according to this amount, it is estimated that the government will come forward to clean up." Jiahua thoughtfully frowned after a long time
"Everything is risky, but I believe that it should not be difficult for you Songjiang contacts to keep a low profile and make money." Lu Lin walked over and said, "Besides, you can directly pick up the goods in Songjiang and I’ll think of some way."
Jiahua’s expression became complicated when he heard this.
"Tian Lao is not an outsider. We have known each other for many years. Let’s tell you what, if you make the first batch of goods, I can give them to you on credit." Lu Lin added a knife at the right time. "The goods are sold to you first and then the payment is made."
"So good," the ghost asked with a smile. "What do you want?"
"Just put a flag in Songjiang to occupy a plate" Lu Lin said frankly, pointing to the desktop.
"We don’t know you very well. You talk … hehe!" Sean replied with a smile.
"I don’t interfere in the business, but I can guarantee the Lulin people." Tian Lao finally said, "If he is lying, I will compensate you for your losses."
Voice fell all was stuck.


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