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"There are several classmates and several colleagues, about a dozen people."

Huang xigang probably calculated one in his heart
"A dozen people … well, three people in one car" Huang Xiaoping wanted to think and asked, "Is that car enough? By the way, have you finished with the team? "
"It’s all Liu Qinglai’s responsibility."
Huang Xigang said
Huang Xiaoping smell speech just stretched to his brow wrinkled up again and thought for a while and said, "All right, I’ll ask that Qing Liu, alas, you guys are really unreliable …" And he turned to find Qing Liu.
"… hey Yang Xing here here"
Most of the people sitting at the dinner party today are Huang Xigang’s relatives and friends, and his classmates specially arranged a table. Qing Liu and Yang Xing came over to a table, and five or six young people took the initiative to greet them.
"Yi is Zhao Juan you!"
Yang Xing discovered that they said to Qing Liu, "Qing Liu, let’s sit at this table."
Qing Liu is so-called that he saw a table of people, he knew Zhao Juan alone, but he didn’t know several young people.
Zhao Juan was chatting with a girl beside him without noticing Qing Liu and Yang Xing.
"Yang Xing, who is this?"
Seeing Yang Xing and Qing Liu sitting down, a young man with a striking acne on his face smiled and asked, "It looks a little unfamiliar. I haven’t seen you before."
"His name is Qing Liu, and he was just a junior high school classmate."
Yang Xing said that he helped Qing Liu introduce him, and then he said to Qing Liu, "Qing Liu, these are my classmates who just went to college."
Qing Liu, Huang Xigang, Yang Xing, Zhao Juan and others are former junior high school classmates. After graduating from junior high school, Qing Liu returned to his hometown to farm, while Huang Xigang and others continued their studies and finally entered the university.
"Juan, your classmate is here."
The girl chatting with Zhao Juan looked up and saw Qing Liu and Yang Xing. Her shoulder touched a Zhao Juan gently.
Zhao Juan saw Qing Liu was dazed. He nodded casually and said, "Qing Liu, you are here." Without waiting for Qing Liu to talk, she turned her head to continue chatting with the girls beside her.
Qing Liu said he would say nothing.
"… by the way Yang Xing"
The "pox man" touched Yang Xing and said, "I just saw it as if Yan Dongmen was talking to you. Why didn’t he come over?"
Someone immediately chimed in, "why didn’t Yan Dong come over? I heard that it was not necessary for him to be a BMW float. Are you going to load the car now? "
"Yan Dong has something to worry about."
Yang xinggan coughed.
"Sorry to bother you."
Huang Xiaoping then came over and smiled and said to Qing Liu, "Qing Liu, right? I just heard that you helped to connect the smallpox car and the team?"
"Well, it’s uncle."
Qing Liu nodded his head. He and Huang Xigang are good friends and naturally call Huang Xiaoping uncle.
"Is that all right?" Huang Xiaoping looked at him and said with a smile, "When Liu Qinggang gets married, we must do something beautiful. Should it be okay for you to borrow a float?"
"No problem, don’t worry, uncle."
Qing Liu nodded with a smile.
"that line"
When Huang Xiaoping saw it, it was not good to ask him carefully. He walked over and took a look at Qing Liu’s shoulder. Zhao Juan, Yang Xing and others said, "Everyone has to follow just to get married every day, right?"
"it’s uncle"
"Haha, I have just agreed that I must go when I marry the bride."
"You don’t know what your idea is? You must want to see if there are any beautiful bridesmaids? "
These young people are joking and laughing.
"Okay, okay, guys, stop it."
Huang Xiaoping walked over and said, "Well, since everyone is going, just listen to me and arrange one." Qing Liu and others were quiet to listen to Huang Xiaoping’s arrangement.
These things are arranged by Daidong according to the customs and habits of SC Province.
"Qing Liu"
Huang Xiaoping’s eyes fell on Liu Qingshen and he walked over and said, "Well, since the team is borrowed for your help, you will just leave it to you with these students, okay?" He said in a tone of discussion
Table all smell speech to detain eyes are qi qi to Qing Liu.


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