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And now I am still one step away from this level.

Three crystal nuclei are the key core.
When he reached his realm, the sacred tower was a step forward for him, and he left the sacred tower, and the sacred tower entrance island appeared.
When calculating, it took him nearly two months to cut the sacred tower, and now there are seven days before the appointed day of Chineydy, the king of light.
Just out of the sacred tower, Suli suddenly felt something was wrong on Sunday, stepped out and crossed the land into a fiery world.
This is the purgatory of the good mother and the good people.
At the moment, the purgatory world has become broken, cracks are everywhere, the earth is broken, and several residual bodies are submerged in boiling magma, and the smoke is rising, which is the end scene.
When the domain of thoughts expands, it will immediately bring this vast and extremely purgatory realm into its own induction. He can instantly induce a world of creatures by practicing the realm now.
This induction shocked Su Li’s heart, and hundreds of millions of good people in the whole purgatory died alive.
Su Li slowly went back and forth to the ruined magma fire, and the land sank, and the magma flowed along the square cracks and entered the magical world.
He has been less than induction mother breath.
"Good mother also died …"
Su Li whispered to himself, and the thought domain converged into a huge one, and the scene changes in the photosphere went backwards.
Now that Su Li’s immortal body has become a perfect way to cut, it is close to the field of offering sacrifices and thinking. He needs an idea, and what happened here will be played back so that he can know the past
After cutting the road, he had a deeper understanding of the domain of thoughts. The ancient city is a domain of thoughts, but the domain of thoughts is not an ancient city.
He has always confused the domain of thoughts with the ancient city. For this third talent, the foundation of luck has limited the power of the ancient city to attack. Actually, the ancient city is part of the domain of thoughts.
Now he is equal to half the true god, and he has a deeper understanding of this domain, so that he can understand what the domain is and what it is. This third talent is really terrible.
It can be said that the ancient city is the tip of the iceberg of the only one, two or three talents in this theory.
This field of thought is really capable of thinking.
However, it is only possible to achieve the ultimate state according to his current understanding of this domain if he wants to exert all the abilities of the domain, but the universe is born and the universe is destroyed, even if this vast border is born and destroyed, this domain is also a thought.
Of course, this is based on the ability of thinking field, and the effect of theoretical reasoning does not mean that it can really be realized.
Because it is unimaginable to move and consume energy in order to reach such an ultimate level, it is very likely that several cosmic energies will be consumed, and this effect cannot be achieved. After all, the realization of the ideal domain cannot be achieved without energy, which is the foundation of everything. Even if the ideal domain is strong, it cannot rely on creation.
A mindfulness field plays back the past in a photosphere, and the playback speed is accelerating. Finally, there is a giant of boiling red magma, which is the true body of good mother energy.
Six fiery red hand Zhang seems to attack the enemy in the sky.
All of a sudden, a monstrous hand appeared and went to a beat. The energy of the six fiery hands and the good mother was shattered and collapsed
This big hand blow is too powerful. It will directly penetrate and split the energy of the good mother together with the earth, and it will all enter the magic world.
This big hand is powerful, and the energy that broke out in all directions destroyed the whole purgatory world, and the purgatory world was completely destroyed as if it were to fall to the demon gods.
Su Li silently watched as he slowly converged his mind. He already knew the result.
The good mother died, and hundreds of millions of good people in purgatory were destroyed.
The robbery of the nine realms will destroy the three realms, and now purgatory is the first to be destroyed.
Although Su Li, the monstrous hand, saw it for the first time, he was able to crash the purgatory world with one blow, destroying the whole good terran. This strength is beyond the reach of the demon world. Only when he said that he reached the top of the mountain more than 900 years ago, could he be a demon sumeru.
Chapter 92 In the darkness
The destruction of the ancient demon clan is suspected to be a magic sumeru, but the destruction of purgatory is also a magic sumeru.
For the real master behind the scenes who said that the goddess of love is a god, a word of disagreement will destroy the nation and destroy the world. This thunder and iron means silence Su Li.
He thought that the good mother had helped him and that she was the first one to recognize herself on behalf of purgatory.
Thousands of years ago, the good people were offended by the magic sumeru, and then they entered the purgatory world by the magic sumeru. It turned out that after thousands of years, they should also dispel the hatred, and the good mother agreed to help them resolve this hatred as much as possible. Unexpectedly, they failed to escape this robbery after all.
Magic sumeru’s move also made his face pale.
Silently looking at the broken earth in front of me, full of death, the silent world, the world of purgatory in the size of the number of days.
Looking up with immortal eyes and insight, Sunday suddenly looked into the underworld.
He wants to find the hiding place of the magic sumeru
Su Li was just about to look into the underworld when suddenly a white light flashed in front of him, followed by his line of sight being turned back.
A huge sacred badge pattern emerged in this ruined purgatory world.
"Elder, what is this?" Su Li stared at the virtual slowly rotating the sacred badge pattern, which was Bai Cang’s move to stop him from peeking into the underworld and provoking Mo Sumeru.
Bai Cang, who looks like a seven-year-old boy, came out of this sacred badge and slowly landed in front of Su Li.
"There are seven days don’t rock the boat … these seven days to prepare for …"
Seven days later, it was the first world war of King Su Liguang, and Bai Cang didn’t want him to make trouble again.
"Good mother … hundreds of millions of good people died in vain?" Su Li looked at Bai Cang.
It’s rare for Bai Cang’s face to show a trace of mood swings, but it soon disappears. It’s a slow sound. "Wait until you and the King of Light finish this war …"
He said that there was a terrible white light in his third eye.
Su Li saw that the white sky was hard to level. It seems that he also has a view that Magic Sumeru has destroyed this purgatory world, and everything needs to wait until he and the King of Light have finished World War I.
"All the tribes in the human world have made statues for you, and after seven days, they will offer you a unified sacrifice in World War I … hoping to help you further in the battle …"
Bai Cang finished and slowly disappeared.
Su Li feels that the three crystal nuclei that have not yet been immortal have always absorbed the faith from all sides. I don’t know what is missing, but it can’t be finally complete. Is it true that lack of reality means stronger faith?
If the whole human world holds a unified sacrifice, at that moment, I will certainly gain unimaginable faith. Can the first world war of King Guangwang help my three crystal nuclei to be immortal?
If, at that stage, you become a true god and enter the high-dimensional world, and then you can enter the higher dimension immediately to understand everything, which is already related to the ultimate secret of the origin, birth and death of the universe, and then you can be regarded as the real master of this goddess.


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