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But now even violet’s true blood can’t stop this poisonous spread!

The wound is dark and purple, and Su Mo’s whole calf has gradually lost consciousness from the initial itching!
Su Mo hurriedly broke out the talent of Six Teeth Divine Power, the supernatural power of Yuan God, and the blood force soared.
But even so, violet’s blood can’t resist the virulence of the wound.
Su Mo Yuan Shen has already reached the land yuan boundary, forcibly broke through his knowledge of the sea, quickly erased the bag seal and took out a bunch of magic pills to swallow.
The magic pill goes into the abdomen, and the strong medicine rushes to the wound.
However, such a large number of panacea combined with pure violet veins also slightly prevented the spread of a toxin.
At this time, Su Mo looked up at the warning signs in her heart.
See a mass of blood shadow outside the mouth of the cave running quickly and surprisingly fast!
Candle, deep and remote eyes Su Mo see clearly.
This mass of blood shadow is a huge spider covered in crimson, with sharp feet like spears, light toes and many silk threads.
The red-blooded spider’s face is ferocious and scarlet eyes reveal ferocious eyes. Staring at Sumo in the mouth of the cave, he seems to see something interesting and delicious.
Su Mo just guessed this possibility!
The silk thread left at the mouth of the cave may be a spider family!
This red-blooded spider sends out a breath of terror, and Su Mo can’t induce this spider to repair it.
But he realized that this red-blooded spider is the ancient creature who just woke up from Yuanling Mine!
He touched the spider silk at the mouth of the cave, and the red-blooded spider could feel it even thousands of miles away.
These spider silk are sharp and poisonous, but the red-blooded spider is huge in size, but the spider silk walks on the ground with amazing speed!
Seeing the silk trembling slightly, the red-blooded spider has come to the mouth of the cave.
See red blood spider instant Su Mo was surprised out in a cold sweat.
This beast doesn’t know any sympathy. He won’t let him go when he wakes up.
Sumo couldn’t run with his unconscious calf root in his hand.
Behind him, a pair of huge golden wings will directly break the surrounding rock walls and splash the sand, and the mine will collapse!
Sumerian avatar wants to escape.
But in front of the red-blooded spider, the abdominal peristalsis instantly spurts out a series of thin invisible spider silk, which seems to be weak and abnormal, and flutters in the middle to seal Su Mo’s way.
Dapeng wings, these silk threads can’t resist the instant collapse of the roots!
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and twenty-three Snow White Butterfly
Almost this red-blooded spider’s face-to-face instant Su Mo is caught in a huge disaster!
The strength gap between the two sides is too big. All his cards are in front of the red-blooded spider
Although there are two holy beasts awakening in the town prison tripod.
But these two sacred beasts have been exhausted in the battle before the soul force.
Only if there are enough psychic magic weapons to make the town prison tripod swallow up the soul power of the two sacred beasts of refining will there be a chance to recover.
Now Sumo can’t rely on the strength to resist this ancient creature!
Even if this red-blooded spider stops attacking, it won’t be long before the poisonous spider silk can cut off the violet’s real vitality!
Red-blooded spiders look excited, their eyes are fierce, and their mouths give out a shrill cry and dance their feet towards Su Mo.
The road ahead has been blocked by spider silk, and the roots can’t be washed away.
There’s too much spider silk, isn’t there?
Even if there is a real dragon and nine flashes, Su Mo dare not rashly release it, for fear that after flashing, the landing point will come to be covered with poisonous and sharp cobwebs!
Naisumo can retreat along the mine.
But he lost his Dapeng wings, even if he broke out in the vertical golden light, Tianzutong and other posture magical powers, the speed was far less than that of the red-blooded spider.
It wasn’t long before the red-blooded spider came after the crowd and stretched out a pair like spears and stabbed Su Mo with their front feet!
There are also sharp barbs on the front feet of this couple, which smell fishy and poisonous!


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