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"Don’t worry, I will check them one by one."

Xu Ren checked the gifts one by one and finally found some clues, that is, two of these gifts were not recorded by the giver. In the box, there were two hundred-year-old ginseng. After inspection in Xu Ren, it was found that these two New Year’s ginseng were actually poisoned, which was a chronic poison. The emperor of Xingmang Dynasty was poisoned almost, but the amount of poison was larger. It was obvious that the giver wanted Zhao Qi to die quickly.
"The toxicity of these two hundred-year-old ginseng plants in Taidian is similar, but the amount is larger, which is obviously to let Taidian go ahead of the emperor."
Xu Ren directly took out the two centennial ginseng plants.
"Damn, these people are really impatient. Do you know who sent this gift?"
The emperor too Zhao Qi asked.
"These two hundred-year-old ginseng plants in Taidian are not included in the gift list, which means that someone deliberately left out these two gift boxes."
Xu Ren didn’t hide directly told the truth too Zhao Qi.
"It’s really prudent to give gifts without leaving your name. It’s really generous."
Huang Taitai Zhao Qi seems to be angry in his heart, but he also feels that he can accept others’ gifts without leaving his name, so he naturally starts to check.
"TaiDian don’t worry, although the two gift boxes are no longer a gift list, if someone sends them, there must be traces to follow. I have already let Chen An and vestbo stare at the givers. These two children have excellent memories and should be able to remember the people who sent them."
Xu Ren had an idea when he saw the arrival of the gift givers. He quietly told Chen An and vestbo, who have good memories, to stare at what gifts everyone gave.
"The two children and it? That’s great. "
Too Zhao Qi also slightly one leng didn’t expect Xu Ren to have such an arrangement.
After Xu Ren directly called Chen An and vestbo to the side, put out the two brocade boxes and let them think about which house the person who sent this brocade box was.
"Master, I saw these two jinhes at that time. It seems that they are Muhoufu."
Vestbo has a clever mind. She not only remembers the faces of those people, but also remembers where they came from.
Actually, it’s not ordinary people to give gifts to Empress Huang. They also sign up when giving gifts. According to vestbo’s memory, those people are from Muhou House.
"Mu Hou?"
Too Zhao Qi couldn’t help but frown after hearing vestbo’s words.
"TaiDian know MuHou?"
Xu Ren knew that Taicai returned to the DPRK soon and was not familiar with things in the imperial court. He knew that Muhou said that Muhou Xingmang Dynasty had been going on for a long time.
"Muhou had a younger sister who was Mufei, who used to be a father’s pet. Later, the emperor didn’t know how to lose it. Later, Mufei stopped laughing. After I left here, I heard that Mufei and the emperor were now in foster care in Zhang Guifei, where Zhang Guifei was aiming at my mother, and an emperor was adopted from Mufei."
Too Zhao Qi really doesn’t know much about the DPRK-China affairs, but he knows more about the harem affairs, because the empress often has letters. After all, mother blood is thicker than water, and even though she is separated from Qian Shan, Wanshui mother will care about each other.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and twenty Be nasty
Muhou had a younger sister, Mufei, who lived in the same dynasty, and the emperor gave birth to two emperors, but one of them was dead and the other emperor had adopted to Zhang Guifei.
"It seems that this MuFei is also a poor person. We are not sure whether MuFei and MuHou Mansion have it or not. I’ll keep them and see if they will take further action."
Although Xu Ren already knows who those gift givers are, he has not taken more actions because he is not sure whether the person who wants to frame Zhao Qi is Muhoufu Mufei or not. The best way now is to wait for action, which may startle him.
"I hope this matter is Mufei. I think Mufei is also a poor person."
Emperor Zhao Qishi doesn’t want to believe that Muhoufu and Mufei are targeting him. He is more inclined to Zhang Guifei, which may be because Zhang Guifei targeted him from a long time ago.
Xu Ren didn’t say much, but he felt that Mufei was suspected of being very suspicious. His early loss made his heart distorted. Now he has a hard time getting a chance to reach the top of the summit, but Zhao Qi has put in a bar. This matter is a blow to Mufei and Muhoufu.
This matter is just like this, and no one is here.
In a blink of an eye, a month later, Xu Ren gave the emperor another idea, that is, pretending to be sick.
Actually, Xu Rendan, the emperor of Xingmang Dynasty, is no longer in danger of life, and his spirit is very good. However, he is no longer in power. It is Tai Zhao Qi who helps the emperor to handle the affairs of state affairs.
Former Zhao Qi’s poor health does not mean that he is not smart enough. Zhao Qi has a very flexible mind and he can learn many things as soon as he learns.
The same is true of dealing with state affairs. He has dealt with state affairs with the emperor several times and has been in good order.
In this way, those people in the DPRK have completely given up their prejudice
Of course, some people will not support Zhao Qi, such as Master Zhang, even if they have no prejudice.
However, being a surname Zhang has also made great efforts to change something, because before they dominated the state affairs, the emperor was very angry. If they make trouble again, they are afraid that it will really harm the family.
The Manchu dynasty recognized Zhao Qi’s talent, but some people couldn’t sit still again.
On the third night of this day, Xu Renzheng closed his eyes and practiced. Suddenly he heard something outside, so he followed.
When Xu Ren is strong, he can find others, but others can’t find him.
Xu Ren saw a figure in a hurry. The man’s strength was not bad, and he was also very dexterous in shuttling through the Changle Palace.
When the figure probably turned a lamp of tea, it sneaked into the kitchen of Changle Palace.
Moment Xu Ren saw the man directly put a pack of powder into the water tank.
In addition to putting powder into the water, the man also put powder into the rice jar.
"How dare you sneak in at midnight to poison?"
Xu Ren slowly walked to the door and said
After hearing Xu Renyin, the man knew that he had been found, and his body turned outward at once, and at the same time, he threw all the remaining powder in his hand toward Xu Ren.
Xu Ren body back evaded the other powder attack.
The man saw that Xu Ren left the door and immediately accelerated his body shape and rushed directly outward.
It’s a pity that he just rushed to the door and Xu Ren’s figure returned to his front and smashed the black dress person’s chest with one punch.
The man’s figure fell directly from it and hit the ground.
"You can’t run away in front of me, so give in easily."
Xu Ren’s figure fell lightly beside the black dress person.
The black dress person showed no intention of giving in easily, so he waved his fist and smashed it towards Xu Ren.
Xu Ren body slightly dodged the black dress person fist and then Xu Ren kicked the black dress person’s belly with a leg lift.
Two flips came one after another, and the black dress person’s figure had hit the wall and directly rushed out of a big gap in the solid brick wall.
The man in black directly spit out one mouthful blood after hitting the wall, and then passed out completely.
For a moment, Xu Ren directly fed this guy a poison-avoiding pill and finally caught a monkey. Xu Renke didn’t want this guy to commit suicide by poisoning himself directly.
"What’s the matter?"
After Xu Ren solved the man in black, the Changle Palace guards finally arrived.
"It’s okay. Go ahead. I’ll take care of this person myself."
Xu Ren did not hand over the black dress person to the Changle Palace guards because he was not at ease and was afraid that there were spies among those guards.
The guards at Changle Palace left without saying anything when they saw that it was Xu Ren.
Then Xu Ren took the black dress person in the kitchen for a turn, mainly to check what poison was in the black dress person’s water tank and rice tank.
After some examination, Xu Ren found that this person poisoned his two ginseng strains, but the poison was the same, but this time the measurement was bigger.
Then Xu Ren directly took some water and rice, and the rest was directly destroyed.
The next morning, the man in black woke up and felt firmly tied by a special rope. He tried several times and failed to break free.


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