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Although the first line of defense has been broken, a large number of mecha have been damaged, but nearly 150 thousand conventional troops have to be guaranteed, and there are equivalent war materials except oxygen, but oxygen was valuable and important at that time, but it was the cheapest war materials afterwards

That’s the nature of empires with transition gates.
The breach of the second line of defense and the third line of defense mentioned by Yinan means that nearly 150,000 troops will be withdrawn including the first line of defense, and a total of 500,000 troops will be destroyed by the Federation.
Of course, this force is nothing to the empire, but the resources consumed by sending so many troops to different stars cannot be ignored by the empire
Especially for Yi ‘nan, the imperial general in the War Mark Canyon Theater, if so many troops and materials are damaged but can’t be replenished in time, it will probably lose the empire and pay a huge price to occupy the War Mark Canyon soon.
Yinan replied that when the eyes looked reverently in a certain direction, the sky was in the headquarters, and it was isolated by walls, but it could not see the sky
But it’s like seeing a star, a planet, and a building towering over the sky.
"No matter how much you want to do, it’s worth it."
"Say yes"
Adakang applauded when he came out and woke up. "Ji Xinghe has more than 100 marquis-class mechs, but he has 300 and may be transferred at any time."
Yinan was surprised that it didn’t know how Adakang knew the news, but it was very sensible and didn’t ask.
"Ji Xinghe those soldiers driving marquis mecha show fighting capacity level is worse than our earl level. If it’s two hundred, it’s not a big problem. If it’s more than two hundred … General"
Adakang smiled and nodded and said, "I’ll give you the anti-Xinghe team for more than two hundred."
"Thank you, General"
With Adakang’s support, Yinan put its ideas into action.
The first step is to withdraw troops from the original second line of defense and now the first line of defense
Repairing the mecha Ji Xinghe received the news.
"It’s normal to withdraw troops, outpost line 142. They have accumulated more than 250 thousand troops and consumed a lot of raw materials all the time, which has exceeded the limit of a line of defense."
Chen Xun Ji Xinghe beside watching Ji Xinghe repair mecha move has a feeling of unknowingly.
Although he doesn’t know how to repair the mecha, it’s another miracle that he can repair six mountain-cutting mechs in ten hours by himself.
The western theater is not unwilling to send some mechanic soldiers to Ji Xinghe, but it is a luxurious mechanic corps that was sent back by the broken and damaged mecha.
However, Ji Xinghe rejected the good intentions of the Western Theater, which also made it impossible for the Western Theater to argue. I will repair it myself. If you are free, then repair and transform more imperial mechs.
So the western theater support came and the mechanics left.
"According to the Western Theater Command, the strength of the 142 Empire should remain at around 150,000, and 100,000 will retreat to 144 and 145."
Chen Xun is not worried that his voice will affect Ji Xinghe’s mechanic.
He is used to discussing the military situation and war plan with Ji Xinghe, who looks like he doesn’t need to rest but maintains high-intensity maintenance when others are resting.
"The two outposts, 144 and 145, are located in a double canyon, and the terrain forms a line of defense. The empire chose to withdraw its troops to this line of defense, in addition to sharing the pressure of 142 troops, it also made us afraid to divide our forces."
"Double-gorge terrain, even if we destroy the whole line of defense, we can continue to March from one canyon, and their reinforcements can March from the other canyon around our rear at any time to form a flanking potential for us. If we divide our forces … the Western Theater Command can’t mobilize so many troops in a short time."
"It’s very important for us, because it is now certain that the empire will mobilize another main force, and the target is base 5. We may need to Huiyuan base 5, and when we leave the war mark canyon, the imperial troops will definitely fight back against the western theater and the eastern theater …"
Chen Xun talks a lot, but in summary, there are not many war scars left by independent groups. The eastern and western theaters in the valley can launch active attacks on the empire and continuously recover lost ground. The independent groups can be saved by returning to the base theater No.5, but the war scars in the valley will return to the former situation again.
Finally, the seventh mountain-cutting mecha Ji Xinghe was finally repaired when he took a break.
"Send a hundred planes to cut the mountain and everyone in the independent group."
There are more than 100 people in the independent group who left the No.5 base, but Ji Xinghe asked one hundred people to cut the mountain to come over, which is enough to say that Ji Xinghe has been able to accept the sacrifice of the independent group.
Chen Xun’s eyes flashed a trace of relief and frowned at the same time. Unfortunately, his facial nerve was damaged, and he knew that he frowned.
"Li Han is really strong, but he’s not you. Even if you give him one hundred mountain cutters, he will be able to choose a temporary driving mountain cutter from the No.5 base, and he can’t bring out another independent regiment."
Ji Xinghe calmly said, "I’ll bring it myself."
"That individual starship?" Frowning Chen Xun or facial expression made his tone seem a little weird. "It’s you, but the single-soldier starship is running back and forth, but what if the two lines fight at the same time? You can’t have your cake and eat it. "
"I told you," Ji Xinghe repaired the mecha again. He said, "Believe in science."
Believe in science?
How dare you say that? You are the most unscientific person in the world.
Chen Xun asked, "Speak directly."
Turn your back on Chen Xun repair mecha Ji Xinghe sound calm.
"Remote Sensing Driving Technology Stars and Moon"
Chen Xun stare big eyes to not argue how unreliable this technology is when he heard Ji Xinghe wake up. "Don’t tell anyone yet, it may not work."
Chapter 44 Ten Thousand Scarlet Chop


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