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Although the number did not exceed their expectations, Wei Zheng’s face still showed a satisfied smile and ordered Wang Tie Zhongda

"In that case, Master Wang, I ordered the armory to build the corresponding ammunition for the muskets from now on. After all the guns are finished, the muskets department will be equipped with muskets, and a team will be changed. The muskets will be temporarily equipped with two muskets battalions, namely the Tiger Regiment and the Leopard Regiment. After the muskets are changed, all the muskets will be eliminated step by step, so that our Tiger and Leopard armies will be equipped with such flintstones."
"It’s a general …" Wang Tiezhong answered with a confident face.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Dourgen again
The first batch of 100 flintlock rifles were sent to the musketeers’ regiment, and the guards experienced all kinds of benefits brought to musketeers when shooting with a flintlock rifle.
Just then, a man who surprised Wei Zheng hurried into Mushroom Yu and came to Wei Zheng with a nervous face.
"Zhou Chenguang ZunHua city, aren’t you? Why are you back? Don’t you Zunhua City was discovered by the Dalai Lama? "Wei Zheng asked Zhou Chenguang, who lost his mouth with a puzzled and shocked expression.
Zhou Chenguang quickly shook his head, and the saliva moistened it. Because he was about to get angry when he was on the road continuously, he replied to Weizheng, "The generals and brothers are all well and not exposed, but I want to say something that is more serious than the exposure of our intelligence department."
Weizheng eyebrows a twist while walking in the direction of the general office to Zhou Chenguang asked "what we said while talking …"
After rushing to follow the footsteps of Wei Zheng, Zhou Chenguang quickly reported, "General, we just got a message that the garrison of Zunhua City began yesterday, and the whole Zunhua territory was heavily mobilized. Not only that, but all kinds of siege equipment were continuously remitted to Zunhua City."
"Although I still don’t know the specific goal of Dorgun’s heavy troops, I got the news through buying off the court officers. At present, there is no big war between the court and the Dalai Lama. In this case, there is only one target left for this Dorgun to send troops, that is, our tiger and leopard army."
"There is no doubt that this problem must be us …" Wei Zheng, who has a certain understanding of this history, affirmed with a firm expression.
Then he continued to sigh with emotion, "Although we had long known that Dough Roll would deploy heavy troops to retaliate against us, I didn’t expect this Dough Roll to be defeated so quickly. It was just half a month after the end, and the scar was forgotten and he was eager to attack us."
I don’t know whether it was Dolores who sent troops in such a hurry. It’s not that he healed the scar and forgot the pain. He was eager to retaliate against the tiger and leopard army. It was because Dolores had to do so. This intimidation came from both his brother, Huang Taiji, who had already ascended the throne, and his opponent, the tiger and leopard army.
Although Huang Taiji has ascended the throne, his position is not very stable. The best way to ensure that Huang Taiji can do it is to increase his own troops as much as possible.
And there are so many Tatars’ troops. The more troops they have, the fewer they will have.
Suohuang Taiji began to reduce his brother’s army for various reasons since he took office.
Huang Taiji, who has a white flag in Dolgun’s hand, is also eyeing up and wants to change the flag owner with a white flag from Dolgun to one of his own.
In this case, what Dolgun can do to keep his main position with a white flag is not to make mistakes in front of Huang Taiji as much as possible, and to give Huang Taiji a chance to cut his own profits.
What you are in such a hurry to send troops to Mushroom Yu is to save yourself from the defeat in the hands of Tiger and Leopard Army and not to deprive Huang Taiji of his own army.
For another reason, it is the commander-in-chief of the Tiger and Leopard Army.
The specific reason is that Wei Zheng expanded his army and launched a series of looting operations at various positions in Dalai continuously.
When Dourgen learned from the Ministry that the Tiger and Leopard Army had achieved concrete results in this attack, a very bold idea came to mind.
After the Tiger and Leopard Army has been supplemented with so many personnel and materials at one time, if you don’t send troops to destroy the Tiger and Leopard Army as soon as possible, it won’t be long before the strength of the Tiger and Leopard Army will be expanded to twice as much as three times.
More than 1,000 tiger and leopard armies have made themselves suffer heavy losses from mushroom abundance. Dougun can’t imagine how much it will cost them to destroy the tiger and leopard army with mushroom abundance after the tiger and leopard army has 2,000 or even 3,000 elites.
In order to avoid tigers and leopards, the army further discovered that Dolgun had to rush to launch a new round of attack on Mushroom Yu with the help of the looting results.
Of course, it is not very clear about these reasons.
At this moment, Wei Zheng’s heart has already begun to think about how to stop Doldrums from attacking more violently with thousands of new troops who have just expanded their hands, keep mushrooms and let the tiger and leopard army survive this crisis again.
Zhou Chenguang quietly watching Wei Zheng slowly lost in thought when Wei Zheng asked again.
"Is it clear that Dolgun dispatched specific troops this time?"
Zhou Chenguang shook his head and replied, "The general’s invasion of Dalai is confidential, and our intelligence department has no way to get it."
"However, after Beizhi left the city, he tried to observe the specific scale of a military camp."
"According to the scale of the Tatar military camp, the troops sent by Dorgun are definitely not less than 20,000."
Weizheng nodded his head with a thoughtful face and said, "Twenty thousand troops are really elite Tartars according to the allocation of troops used by Tartars."
"According to your report, 20,000 troops or the current size of the Tatar troops will be calculated according to the specific strength of the Tatar white flag. If Dolgun really intends to take our tiger and leopard army at any cost, it will definitely dispatch the whole main force of the white flag, that is, 10,000 real Tatar elites."
"Out of ten thousand tartar elite means that Dolgun will also send out almost twenty thousand infantry and the service department, which adds up to thirty thousand enemy troops."
"30,000 people, if they don’t say anything else, can fill in the wall that we have worked so hard to build. What’s worse, these 30,000 people are not ordinary people, but armed to the teeth and infantry."
"This Dolgun really respects our butch army."
After hearing the analysis of Wei Zheng, Zhou Chenguang’s face slowly became dignified and asked Wei Zheng with a hint of panic
"General, what should we do when we get here?"
Take a deep breath and calm yourself down a little. After calming down, face Zhou Chenguang as calmly as possible and order, "Don’t worry about military matters. Thousands of brothers of our butch army are not vegetarians. Go back to Zunhua City and closely monitor Dalai’s every move and report back immediately."
"In addition, you should have heard about the expansion of our butch army, and your brothers are all promoted, and you are no exception. That is to say, our butch army level has been promoted to the deputy regiment level, which makes our intelligence system more perfect. Go to the strategist when you leave."
"Just say that I said that the intelligence service will receive another 12,000 silver tickets to act as an activity."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Die in the field
Kelly Y Zhou didn’t let Wei Zheng down. Just two days later, the information from Zunhua was sent to Wei Zheng.
"Dolgun dispatched 10,000 elite Tatar cavalry, and 15,000 infantry and servants carried a large number of siege equipment. It is quite close to Mushroom Yu from Zunhua … Please prepare the general to meet them."
I read the information in my hand to everyone, and asked everyone in a calm tone: "Brothers, the enemy’s situation is clear to everyone … Let’s talk about how we should deal with Dorgun’s siege again."
The total strength of the Dalai Lama is more than twice that of the previous time, and he is well prepared to fight hard. Although the strength of the Tiger and Leopard Army has exceeded three times, thousands of extra soldiers are recruits who have never been to the battlefield.
Who is superior and who is inferior? If you have a little sense, people will know clearly.
Just when the dignified atmosphere of the headquarters was about to drop to freezing point, Kelly Y Zhou, the strategist, performed his duties very well. He first said, "General, my idea is as good as a fight. We will build a trench group outside the city to kill the Tatar infantry on a large scale."
"The total strength of the Dalai Lama’s troops this time is 25,000. If we can find a way to eat the 15,000 commander-in-chief, this army will definitely retreat again because of the losses suffered by France."
The strategist’s words are like a squeeze of tranquilizers, which makes everyone feel a little scared and calm, and even some faces directly show a smile.
However, the expression on Weizheng’s face has never changed at all. Kelly Y Zhou looked at Kelly Y Zhou with a hint of nai and shook his head.
"Strategist, your idea is very good. If we build a trench group outside the city, it will really bring a lot of damage to the Tatars."
"But one thing I’m sure is that this killing is absolutely no match for fighting."
"Doughun has been devastated in this trench group outside the city in the second battle. Do you think Doughun will be unprepared to make a comeback?"
"Although your play can cause a lot of losses to the Tatars, you must never defeat Dolgun and force Dolgun to retreat again because of the trench group outside the city."
See you face slowly emerge dim expression WeiZheng words peak suddenly turned to continue to say
"But the military adviser’s opinion gave me an idea."
"Let’s think about what will happen when Tatar Dorgun forces us to withdraw our troops and give up the military action against us."
Kelly Y Zhou, a military adviser, replied thoughtfully, "The general must meet two conditions. First, the morale of the Tatars is low to the lowest point, that is, they are full of fear for our tiger and leopard army. Second, we have caused enough damage to the Tatars. From the analysis of the troops sent by the Tatars, if we can destroy fifteen thousand enemies, Dougun will be threatened from all sides and have to withdraw."
Wei Zheng must have nodded his head and agreed that "what the strategist said is very correct, so what we will discuss next is how to achieve these two goals and force Tatar Dorgun to withdraw."
Wang Feng’s eyes lit up and asked Wei Zheng tentatively: General, our Tiger and Leopard Army has the advantages of terrain and firearms. Even if he is prepared, we can stick to the battle and bring unprecedented damage to the Tatars.
Wei Zheng asked with a trace of doubt: Colonel Wang, tell me your specific thoughts
Wang Feng nodded his head, and his face flashed a strange smile and then he answered Weizheng.
"General Tatar Dolgun will be prepared after a defeat, but during this period, our tiger and leopard army has also changed, especially in weapons."
"Be specific …" Hear Wang Feng say Wei Zheng seems to think of something directly to Wang Feng blurted out.
Wang Feng didn’t hesitate to answer, "After the general sent the first batch of grenades to his brothers, Beizhi personally let people experiment with two, but he didn’t hesitate to say that the power of this Grenade is far beyond Beizhi’s imagination."
Zhao Yun, who also experienced the great power of grenades, quickly said, "Lao Wang said that the power of grenades is really great. If you throw a few at the scene, I’m sure it will blow the Tatars upside down."
Speaking of which, Zhao Yun seems to have thought of something. He sighed, "This Grenade is good or not, but it is too heavy. A brother who weighs two pounds can throw ten battles even if he has a very strong hand. This Grenade can fight with Tatars in melee."
Compared with zhaoyun slightly disappointed, Wang Feng is optimistic.
After waving his hand at Zhao Yun, he said, "Lao Zhao, what I want is the melee power of grenades."
"Let’s think about what would happen if we threw a hundred grenades at the foot of the city wall along the line of the city wall when the city was in full swing …"
"Also said that will be bombed trip …" Zhaoyun blurted out.
Wang Feng nodded his head and agreed, "Yes, it’s a trip. When the time comes, with the Grenade, the weapon of guarding the city, our mushroom Yu will definitely become a flesh-and-blood mill dedicated to devouring the lives of Tatars again."


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