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"tombstone appearance"

"Look, I have prepared a tombstone for us before I hit it."
Buyilou is considerate.
Also gave this sapphire brand a long name.
The name is Mo Qi, which is hard to get.
It is obvious that in this city, except those who have lived for thousands of years, he knows that more than 90% people have no specific concept of robbery in troubled times
After all, a troubled times robbery was 10,000 years ago, so long ago that even he was a little vague. He could look for clues from the ancient books left by the secret cabinet and then keep waking up. What does it mean for Luo Tian, a fairy of God, to wake up the divine plan?
Even if he has seven difficulties, he should always reflect on himself and compete with others.
He thought that this sapphire card gave a kind of understanding that anyone could die when the war started, and anyone could die.
Heaven is living now.
Can you play?
Only fight to the death
This engraved signature is the final farewell.
Family, friends and relatives …
"What should I write?"
Willow thirteen wanted to think.
Then he pointed to the knife and carved a line of fine print.
"Exotic demons come and hit me!"
Just finished engraving his signature, Liu XIII suddenly stood up with carp.
The feet and the earth tremble!
Jun Zeyu put a gargle cup in the room, and Shen Tianxin looked at the water in the cup and kept oscillating to produce water lines.
I just walked out of the hospital with one arm in a hundred years, covered the door and felt the ground shake and paused a little.
On the street stalls, three people bought some light breakfast and handed it to Moxiangqi. Then they turned their heads and looked at the gate.
Chongyang was dressed in a black robe and sat on the eaves of the building. It was a fish-belly white day. It was windy and suddenly he lifted the wide black robe. He looked up and took off his robe and hat …
At the bottom of the tree, when the monarch of Loulan touches the piano at sunrise, he sits with a child pointing to the west and watching the yellow sand diffuse. He calls back the monarch Loulan’s fingertip and the strings are broken.
The mountain behind the big tree collided with Zhu Da by two knives, each retreating several feet. When the earthquake started, the mountain rubble rolled down. The two exchanged sapphire cards and knew each other for a long time.
At the top of the mountain, Zeng Yi, a great general, died, Li Feng, Hou Qianli, and the lonely city closed side by side, and they had a panoramic view of Chaoyang and Huangsha.
Sitting cross-legged on the mountain plain, Leng Qingqiu was obsessed with practicing knives with his eyes open. He finally woke up from the computer virus when the sun rose.
Then I heard a yawn, which was the first big dream of Sun Dasheng in the ruined temple. I woke up and stretched myself, and my bones sounded like fried soybeans.
Not far from the top of the mountain city, Mo Qinan still stands in the distance.
Sunset cool also inclined to the window table, holding Mo Qi’s sapphire card in his hand. He smiled gently and pointed out that three words were engraved, and then he made a long farewell to the belt and the amazing movement outside the city.
In the attic, Wu Jia and Yang Liu got up and sealed the game together. The game had not yet ended, and then they held each other’s fists and held ceremonies, which was rare in their lives.
Across the street, the old shopkeeper put away the beads and accounts and worked in the restaurant. He said that people talked and moistened their mouths and said a sentence, wait a minute.
There’s a monk in yellow clothes in the street, a bell-ringer in Nanshan, and a young monk. They should be willing to walk by and see Huang Shi, the owner of the big flag gate in Lane Corner Hutong, holding his arms to watch the wind. It turned out that Ning Xianshan got up the courage and blushed. He was about to face the person in front of him and lean against the wall and admire Liang Liang for a long time.
When the earth trembled, Liang Liang reached out and slapped him in the past to "live and talk"
NingXianShan burying his face in injustice to see to the righteous side.
Huang Shi coughed and saw a flash of light overhead.
It turned out that Tiandong JiuJin Lan flew with the wind …
The sun rises and the city wakes up.
Street East Chu cavalry, ten valves to rush the army, thirteen royal kings, together with the heavenly soldiers, fought four armor to cross the street, making the whole city full of cold.
There are seventy-two peaks in Kunlun and five mountains in the original city, and the goal is as firm as a meteor in one direction.
There are also hundreds of famous music charts, including the ten-day apparition and the wind and rain … Several broken winds are like muffled thunder and sunshine everywhere.
Then they all fell to Chengtou.
There are ten kendo honorifics in Chengtou, and in the middle is the crazy poem, the unique sword, Chen Xuandu, the ten valves, Liu Achai, the giant sword, Pei Fenglou, the jade dragon, Li He, the five mountains, Taihua, Feiheng, Xuansong, Youheng and Daizong, five sword immortals, Shuiyue Cave, Canglan Xiansu Nong …
Chapter 10 Thousands of miles rolling yellow sand (in)
Ten kendo venerable men in Chengtou came from all over the country on both sides, and the strong ones arrived one after another, standing side by side in order.
For ten days, the sacred iron cold wine beckoned the flag, and the old boat Nanshan hit the bell
In addition to the sword fairy in Wuyue, the Peifenglou in a hundred-foot dangerous building and the Lihe in Huang Jintai, there are also hidden caves, white hair fairy, white peony root, Ling Dize, eleven Jingting Mountain, Cao Jing and Tongchu Guigulin, Wu Jiaqingping, and the cold autumn wind Leiyuan calendar in Man Qing.
There are Baihuaxian in the South China Sea and thirteen royal generals in the Imperial League, Laozi Gongbo, Ouyang, Fifth, Guan, Shen, Han, Qin, Chu, Tie, Cao, Zhang, Zhao and Lu.
There are dozens of elders guarding the Kunlun Jiange, and there are four doors, three halls and seventy-two peaks to rob the sword fairy.
There are twelve Xingchuan, nine Jin Lan, and a hundred cases of repair, which have reached the realm of robbery.
There are the generals of the King Hui of the Eastern Chu and the aristocratic families of the seven prefectures in the past, and now the Eastern Chu court is the pillar.


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