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See the bearded friar falling from the jade slips.

His eyes swept clear and soft, and Wan’er finally stayed in Gu Qingshan.
Gu Qingshan eyes he is right
The other party is Jian Xiu.
Two people move at the same time.
This is a spiritual sensation, although it will be white to see each other at a glance through the real sword of life and death
Brother bearded nodded and confirmed his judgment.
Gu Qingshan also raised a little curiosity in my heart.
"I don’t know your name?" Gu Qingshan fuels asked.
"Qian Shan night" bearded friar said.
This name is familiar. I seem to have heard it somewhere …
Gu Qingshan slowly recalled the origin of this name.
This is a famous person in the history of Guangyangmen.
"I remember," Qing Rou quietly pinched Gu Qingshan and said softly, "In those days, the thousand leaders were called the first monks with swords and swords."
"Friar Sejong can learn one or two tricks of swordsmanship from thousands of leaders. It’s great to go."
"If anyone can learn swordsmanship from a thousand masters, it will be even worse, and he will definitely be a big monk."
"A thousand heads disappeared into the world after a discussion with monks of the same order, and never appeared again."
"The spiritual world unanimously recognizes that a thousand masters killed their friends by mistake, so they are ashamed to leave for the virtual turbulence to explore his world."
Gu Qingshan turned his mind and took the words. "Because he didn’t have wang hong’s swordsmanship, he resented the opportunity to kill you and take away your swordsmanship. Is that the secret?"
Qian Shan’s night leader showed deep remorse.
"He shouldn’t be given the knife skill of his mind," Qian Shan said at night.
"His mind? What shouldn’t you teach knife skills? " Gu Qingshan asked
Now is a good opportunity to know Wang Hongdao.
This Grandmother Guangyangmen actually killed his master in those days.
Finding out this matter will help you understand Wang Hongdao’s character and style.
There is no harm in knowing more about the enemy.
Qian Shan said at night, "A knife is only heroic."
Gu Qingshan nodded.
I have met a swordsman, and Zhongning Yuechan once said something similar.
"Knife martyrdom goes forward"
-Ning Yuechan is an expert in knives. Her mind is pure and her knife meaning is really improving very quickly.
Gu Qingshan really likes dealing with swordsmen.
Because many people with knives are passionate and sincere, and black and white are divided into pleasure and enmity.
There is nothing to say about such a simple and pure friend.
Of course, it is not the Knife Friar who is qualified to be called a Knife.


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