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Wu was also full of great impulse at this time, and they showed themselves and ran to the biggest hole-the moon.

Gangfeng is fierce, but it can’t stop them from leaving the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, and the yin and the yang, and they don’t feel lonely.
Marching is more and more difficult, and each of them is only half an hour before Wan Li gets to the hole.
Wu first takes a closer look at this curtain, which is not made of cloth, but seems to be glowing with green light. It is natural and unusual that jade can withstand such a violent gangfeng.
Where is there such a hard thing in the world? When I first realized it, I thought that this jade was made of the same material as Qingtian Yuzhu. He looked at the dense holes on his face and didn’t have the heart to be afraid. If these holes were all dug by five kinds of king’s blood, how many Kirin phoenixes would die?
The closer you get to the hole, the bigger it becomes. The canopy is thousands of miles away from the ground, and ordinary people can see it clearly. Roughly, the hole is also hundreds of thousands of miles away.
And looking through the hole, there is a piece of white light …
The fourth volume The cat was the best Chapter WuSanTian beast
Awakening Yin and Yang Road: "The road ahead is uncertain, so let’s take a rest."
Yin and Yang nodded. Although the two of them are extremely superior in the world of Yin and Yang, they should be careful when they look at the marginal canopy and the great red sun from the unknown world.
The two of them closed their eyes and sat quietly for a long time, then got up together and flew to the cave in Kong Fei for a long time. Finally, they arrived near the cave, stroking the blue canopy next to the cave and murmured, "Sure enough, it is made of jade pillars … how can there be so many?"
Yin and Yang said, "Although it is strange in the furnace of the jade pillar, it may be unknown that there are strange things everywhere in the sky that can restrain the jade pillar."
It is really possible to realize that Yin and Yang shine at the moment. If we can find something to restrain the jade pillar, we don’t know how to crack those laws.
Enlightenment "Go in!"
They both looked at each other and plunged into the middle together.
This canopy is a thin layer, but the gangfeng in the hole with a thickness of two feet is extremely strong. As soon as they entered the middle, they were caught off guard by a gangfeng.
They were horrified in their hearts.
It turns out that these holes are the source of Gangfeng, but they don’t want to be blown out without even entering two feet.
The potential of yin and yang re-entered the enlightenment and stopped him from thinking. There are gangfeng winds everywhere in the sky. If every starlight is a hole, wouldn’t it be possible to get out of the sky from a place with starlight?
The furnace gangfeng blows in from these holes, and these holes are all over the sky. Does that mean that the sky is full of gangfeng behind it?
If this is the case, can you stand in these holes even if you cross this curtain? Is there any difference between you and Yin and Yang?
Wu estimated that the gangfeng force just now was so fierce that he and Yin and Yang were afraid that it would be extremely difficult to get through here even if they were prepared, so they said, "Try another place."
There are stars beside the moon. Although this hole is much smaller than the moon, it also has hundreds of miles of Fiona Fang. It seems that the Gangfeng here is more violent than the previous one before they go to Kong Fei.
Wu wry smile way "say to want to out of the eye looking out of the Tianmen just in front of you but just can’t get out".
Without saying a word, Yin and Yang tried their best to jump into the hole, and the distance was miles away. It was hard to retreat further, which made them feel that all teleportation techniques in this Gangfeng were put to use as if they were imprisoned. Generally, a distance of two zhangs turned into a natural barrier.
Enlightenment: "This Gangfeng is strong and weak. It seems that we have to try it one by one."
The two of them discussed a while and walked separately, wandering through the stars one by one to try to make things happen. They are bound to walk in the fog in the furnace and must not retreat because of difficulties.
So Yin and Yang realize eastward and stick to the blue sky to look for these starlight holes. Most of them are similar in wind power in Moon Cave hole, and there are occasional strong and weak points and little difference. Occasionally, some adjacent holes are extremely strong in wind power, but I don’t know why.
Looking for the enlightenment, I vaguely found the law. The center of the holes with strong winds spread around, and the wind gradually weakened, and then it became stronger when it was the weakest, and then it reached a center with strong winds
If the center of the hole with strong wind force draws a circle outward, the circle contains about a thousand stars, but the hole with the weakest wind force is not the edge of the circle, let alone the circle!
There are always a few holes separated by several adjacent circular boundaries, which is the weakest place of Gangfeng. Wu summoned Yin and Yang, and Yin and Yang came near to Wu Dao. "Yes, I found something, but I always thought there might be holes with weaker wind ahead."
Enlightenment: "Maybe, but this is enough." At this time, I couldn’t help but think of the scene that Yuan sealed the magic array of Qingtian Yuzhu. It is no accident that Yuan has successfully sealed seven magic arrays, even though the first magic array is still anti-creation, and the influx speed has been much slower than before. If we stop at that time and concentrate on the Tathagata, I am afraid that the Tathagata will be ten times slower, but it is no accident that even Yuan has failed to get rid of one difference.
Tathagata is really calculating to lure Yuan into his own trap step by step and use his hand to complete the surge of anti-nature. In the final analysis, this is the ultimate understanding of human nature. It is unclear whether it is greed or inertia. Maybe it is wise to take a step back.
The two of them worked hard beside the holes to adjust their peak state, and then stepped in.
Although the wind in this hole is less than half as strong as it is, the pressure is also great. As soon as they entered, they felt that their breath was stagnant. The Gangfeng seemed to seal their meridians and affected the operation of nature.
The two men clung to the cave wall and moved forward inch by inch. Every step took a lot of mana, but they didn’t go half a mile when they saw that their mana was running out. They knew that even if the wind was weak in this hole, they couldn’t cross it.
When I retired, I realized that my face was depressed and my self-confidence was greatly frustrated. I asked Yin and Yang, "Is it not enough repair?"
Yin and Yang thought, "If it’s not enough, how can I teach you to go out?"
Enlightenment: "Kun Peng once said that Yin and Yang can come out of the sky. Can he talk empty?"
Wu nodded. Kun Peng said that there is nothing wrong with it, but the ability of Wu and Yin and Yang is really ability now.
The wind in this hole is already very weak, and it won’t be much different if we look for something weaker than this.
Yin and Yang were also lost in thought, and suddenly his eyes lit up and he said to Wu Dao, "Do you remember that magical power?"
"What magical power?" If you realize something, you will realize it.
"Reverse dry kun! This magical power is a wonderful way to get out of other people’s world. Why not try it now? " yin and yang
Wu hesitated. "You mean this world may also be a world?"
Yin and Yang said, "I don’t care if he tries anyway."
Wu nodded and re-condensed his mana. Think carefully about the beauty of "reversing Gankun". Gankun is also "reversing Yin and Yang". He is the founder of burning lamps. He was born from this boundary. The thirty-six changes of the highest day are the combination of burning lamps and two great achievements of Buddhism and Taoism. It has always been tried and tested.
After the exercise, I realized that with a wave of my hand, I would receive Yin and Yang in my arms, and I would meditate on a formula near the hole, so I used this type of "upside down and dry Kun"
What’s what’s what’s outside? The avatar immediately turned upside down, but he felt that he had entered a channel that he had never entered. This feeling was fleeting. When he stood still, he felt that he was down to earth. At this time, he clearly knew that he had left the furnace of heaven and earth.
He hasn’t heard the news yet. There are several loud noises coming from the top of his head. This audio and video is a surprise from several monsters at the same time. Yin and Yang jumped out of Wu’s arms and the two of them looked at each other. This is a serious surprise.
Although they didn’t know that the sky was a scene, they never thought it would be like this.
There is another layer of white sky in the blue sky, which emits cold white light, and that moonlight and starlight are emitted from this layer of sky and reach the ground through those holes.
As far as the sky and the white sky are concerned, there are many huge monsters hanging in the sky. A rough count shows that there are not thousands of them. These monsters have mouths and claws, all of which are gestures of dharma, and these Gangfeng winds emanate from these monsters.
The foothold of Wu and Yin and Yang is still Gangfeng, but it is much bigger than that hole, so the pressure is much less.
I was at a loss. Are these monsters the source of Gangfeng? How come the sky seems to have entered a trap, and these monsters are also very hostile to the two of them. They all cast amazing eyes on the two of them. Take this gap to realize the secret of Xuanfa and see the monsters clearly.
There are five kinds of these monsters, all of which are not as big as a thousand feet, but they are not what they can see and wear, and they are also yin and yang.
These monsters who are closest to me have a human face bird hanging from their side, and they have two hands and two feet, and a two-headed dragon sits with its eyes closed as if it were asleep.
A little further away, a sparrow-headed deer monster gave birth to a long snake tail covered with leopard prints.


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