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"However, due to the influence of the imperial court, more and more imperial military commanders are slowly reluctant to let future generations continue to join the army, which will lead to fewer and fewer qualified military commanders in the imperial court …"

"On the surface, all the military attaché s stationed around the country are equipped, but these military attaché s can be regarded as brave and resourceful at best, but they can’t be called qualified military attaché s …"
"If you can’t solve the problem of military attache, you can’t just rely on your own hands to manage so many troops …"
Weizheng eyebrows a wrinkly to Zhang Wu asks, "General Zhang, in addition to the two methods of military promotion in the hereditary army, is there any way for him to train military attache …"
"There is another way, that is, state martial arts …" Zhang Wu replied after a short hesitation.
But haven’t wait until WeiZhengKou filled with nai sigh from Zhang Wu mouth.
At one turn, the conversation continued, "But because the imperial court has always paid more attention to martial arts than martial arts, it has gradually declined to the present state capitals. Martial arts have become a frame, which not only can’t select outstanding military attache for the army, but also becomes a convenient channel for those who are honored and noble to be promoted in the army."
Weizheng’s eyes lit up and he was not affected by the dim expression on Zhang Wu’s face.
Zhang Wu continued to ask, "General Zhang Shuai wants to know what this martial arts selection standard is?"
"Selection criteria …" Although Zhang Wu didn’t know why Wei Zheng would have this question, he still answered seriously.
"A guard … this martial art is not too high … you can take part in martial arts if your family is innocent …"
Hearing this, a bold idea quickly came to Weizheng’s mind.
Not only that, but an example of later generations also came to Wei Zheng’s mind …
Hundreds of years later, during the Republic of China, there were enough officers to form the Northern Expeditionary Army, and it was also necessary to really control the Northern Expeditionary Army. Jiang Guangtou trained a large number of officers and students to form an army by running the Whampoa Military Academy …
Since there are martial arts in this dynasty, why can’t I do this martial arts again and train myself to obey my military attache like Jiang Guangtou …
Just do what you say and do it. Watch Wei Zhengda and say what you decide in your heart …
"Generals, since martial arts around the country have declined, give me tiger leopard and Shanxi local garrison to train enough military attache. You handsome decided to start martial arts again …"
"But Shuai said that this martial art is not a martial art of each state, but directly under the jurisdiction of Shanshan Governor’s Office, and directly under the jurisdiction of Shuai …"
Kelly Y Zhou’s eyes lit up at Wei Zheng and exclaimed, "Good way … A guard should set up martial arts and strictly restrict the sending of experienced generals to teach martial arts, then we can cultivate a steady stream of military attache through this martial arts …"
"So we commander in chief of the army is to expand ten times and there are enough military attache to expand the army …"
"Is …" Speaking of which, Kelly Y Zhou’s face suddenly flashed a hesitant expression.
At this time, Wei Zheng once again asked, "What is a strategist … tell all your worries …"
Kelly Y Zhou nodded his head and answered, "A guard doing martial arts can really train enough military attaché s for us, but it is impossible for ordinary people to pass Wu Xuecheng as a qualified military attaché in a few years."
"This martial art can’t solve the shortage of our military attache in a short time."
Wei Zheng nodded his head and recognized that "the strategist said yes … it is really impossible for ordinary people to become a qualified military attache through Wu Xuecheng in a short time …"
"The first batch of handsome students after martial arts are not going to recruit from ordinary people …"
"Don’t recruit from ordinary people …" Hearing this answer, Kelly Y Zhou’s face flashed a trace of doubt directly
Asked Wei Zheng, "Marshal, what do you mean … where are you going to recruit the first batch of students after the martial arts office …"
"Recruit directly from the local garrison and the butch army … After the martial arts office, Shuai intends to conduct an assessment of all soldiers in the army. If the military skills are too used and literate, you can enter the Governor’s Office to study martial arts for three months … After three months, martial arts will give them new positions according to their academic level and assessment results …"
"In three months, whether the local garrison or the butch army can reach the full complement state … at this time, it is just right to test their learning achievements by passing the examination of low-level military officials to the army …"
"Not only that … martial arts completes the first batch of military attache rotation training … whether it’s the local garrison or the butch army … whether you’re the governor of Zhengsan or a small captain of Zhengqi … you have to enter martial arts for a three-month rotation training when you pick up one year … you can return to the army to take on military attache if you pass the rotation training … but if you fail to pass the rotation training, you can continue martial arts rotation training until you pass it …"
"Although the name of the martial arts that the Governor’s Office plans to do is exactly the same as that of the imperial court, the whole martial arts professor is completely different from the imperial court …"
"Shuai’s upcoming martial arts will put the bow and horse riding and shooting in a secondary position, and all kinds of art of war will be put in a primary position. Not only that, but the martial arts department will also divide musket artillery cavalry scouts into different categories …"
"What is it to learn after entering martial arts? What is it to engage in after graduation … This is called specialization."
"Every ten days after the last martial arts, Shuai will take a day to teach martial arts in person … Shuai wants all the students who enter martial arts to know that they are all handsome students who teach themselves …"
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Official rules
In the eyes of tens of thousands of local garrison soldiers, officials are all descendants of Xungui, and things have nothing to do with themselves.
However, just one day ago, the Governor’s Office sent a letter to the garrison barracks, which directly broke this idea in their hearts. Not only that, these forms aroused the desire and ambition that they had been burying in their hearts …
There is a saying that a soldier who doesn’t want to be a general is not a good soldier …
Although more than 90% of the soldiers in the army are forced to join the army because of life, there is no one who does not want to be a respected general after entering the military camp.


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