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This seems to be because the phoenix has been influenced by some personality creatures, and they have made many such drifting creatures.

At first, Phoenix paid attention to these drifting creatures, mainly to observe them consuming food bit by bit during drifting, and then the whole boat of creatures killed each other … This may be fun for Phoenix to watch.
Later, it should be that the whole process was too long, so Phoenix stopped making this drifting creature.
But they have made a lot of drifting creatures before, and many of them have been drifting for a long time.
But they all ended up in a world.
This is it.
Not by themselves, but … by the owner.
The abandoned owner once appeared near Phoenix Star, and it collected these drifting creatures and put them in this place.
The reason why the waste owners put them here may be because they want to use them as collections.
But the waste owner didn’t freeze all these collections like other collections, but just left them here … no matter.
Then the dust particles that were thrown here came to live here … and their culture was established here.
And the world that once abolished the Lord created a’ connection point’
That is, if the world allows it, the waste master and slave will come out of the solidification void and reach this place.
That’s why its tentacles came here.
And the creatures here … don’t remember the abandoned owner’s place. They think the abandoned owner is a threat and attack it.
It’s interesting that Lynn found the black part behind the waste master …
It will increase with the attack of tentacles, which was less than one meter in size at first, and now it has reached ten meters in diameter after being attacked.
I wonder if it will continue to expand if it continues to be attacked.
Even those creatures won’t attack now.
After attacking for a while, they found that their weapons were too ineffective for the waste owners, and they all fled again.
Waste main tentacle body is a kind of solidified and normal virtual mixed substance, which is quite … strong.
So it can grab all kinds of huge objects and swing them around.
Lin means the dark part, which should be the waste subject. It can be found directly in it … some memory information.
However, these memory information actually has a special effect.
If it’s not Lin, but a general creature, it will be … mixed into memory.
That is to say, I will feel that I am a part of my memory.
Just like Lin’s micro-arms go into the dark, the brain of this micro-arms will be assigned a role in memory and gradually recognize itself as this role.
Lin’s micro-arms were assigned the role of a … dust particle biological soldier.
If the arms think in their own brains after reading it, they will feel that they are dust biological soldiers.
Simply put, creatures will be … modified thinking after going in.
Lin thinks this effect is effective for dust particles, cells and some solidified organisms.
I don’t know if it works for Phoenix, probably not.
In general, it doesn’t just show other creatures the memory … although Lin can look at its memory casually in this state.
But what we see here is not its memory, but mainly some … memories of Phoenix.
Should be able to make some ways to dig more memories from here.
But there may be no time.
Because Lin found … Phoenix seems to have noticed this side.
The ex-Phoenix commander noticed that they didn’t finish blowing up the owner.
This is through their back and went to the explosion point. Some equipment tested it and found that some of the waste owners escaped.
The phoenix followed suit and soon found this place.
When the phoenix noticed that there were so many dust particles here … they were very happy because they really liked these species.
And the waste owner seems to have noticed that Phoenix found here.
Although it is not clear how it noticed, the waste owner also took action.
That is … contact it a’ transaction object’.
Chapter two thousand four hundred and fifty-two Exchange objects
A man who likes to collect creatures and …


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