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"Nice little girl, it actually contains soul force to attack the piano sound, but your practice is still too low, and it has not affected me enough. Let me show you that I can still kill this guy even with your help."

With that, the eagle king jumped directly into the middle of a huge purple emperor eagle, which also appeared majestically in the middle. As the purple emperor eagle appeared a light flashing, its feathers were cut again and flew towards the beast emperor. Eagle Wang Ti was also not backward and galloped away towards the beast emperor.
Seeing the eagle king at this moment is really a powerful attack on himself. The beast king’s mind is tight, the ball and the God Moon Order Department are spinning rapidly, and layers of light shields are arranged around him to try to stop the eagle king’s attack.
That feather with a "hiss" sound fell on the light shield surface of these sources.
"Crack …"
Another flash of "flowers" accompanied by a series of deafening sounds of "desire" came out from the impact, and the beast emperor finally successfully resisted this attack with the support of the ice meiqin sound.
However, for a moment, the Beast Emperor was not happy because he successfully blocked this attack. At this moment, the original attack was directed at him. Eagle Wang Ti turned his body and flew to the other side of the ice plum, so he had to solve the ice plum sample first.
The Beast Emperor was furious. "Shameless things should roll for a younger generation …"
At this moment, the Beast Emperor is also quickly moving towards the Eagle King to recover the Eagle * * only to move. In fact, it has already been planned. Although the sound of the ice meiqin has little influence on him, he has already seen that his own people on the ground have been seriously affected. At this moment, the members of the Beast Emperor City have suffered heavy losses, but the Vietnam War has become more and more fierce.
Looking at Wang Bingmei, the eagle who attacked himself, although her face did not change, her heart was still nervous at this time. After all, although the eagle king was also damaged at this time, she was still a nine-level monster beast. How could she be an opponent?
Although panic is not "disorderly" ice plum, the speed of plucking with both hands has risen by more than half. At this time, an elegant and noble ice burn jumped out of the guqin and rapidly became bigger in the middle. In a moment, there was no body surface with the eagle king, and the ice burn was detected and immediately intercepted towards the eagle king.
Eagle king naturally didn’t expect the other party to have this kind of ice burner spirit. At this time, facing the ice burner, although it was a little surprised, it didn’t take it to heart. A simple blow to the ice burner head has scattered the ice burner figure.
Sitting cross-legged with the wailing of the spirit of the ice burner, Bing Mei vomited an one mouthful blood because of the damage of the life spirit. But at this moment, she didn’t stop playing the piano, and her hands were still sitting quietly with rhythm’ wave’ to move the strings.
At this time, although the eagle king broke the ice burn, the pursuit of the beast king also came. Although the beast king could attack when the eagle king attacked the ice burn, he didn’t do that, but jumped in front of the eagle king and stood in front of the ice plum.
The Beast Emperor has decided that he must absolutely ensure the ice Meian, otherwise he is really sorry for Xiang Ye. Therefore, the Beast Emperor’s whole body strength has been condensed and he is staring at the Eagle King in front of him.
At this time, the beast emperor’s heart was full of deep depression. How could this happen if he hadn’t been ambushed by this sly guy?
At this moment, the eagle king naturally saw the beast emperor’s efforts to protect the ice plum, which meant that his eyes flashed with brilliance and shook across the huge body of the beast emperor and locked the opposite ice plum. Today, this human’ female’ must die because she has already died a lot.
The arc in the eagle king’s hand slowly continued to condense around the feather, making the surrounding virtual capital tremble. At this time, the eagle king directly faced the ice plum with a "chaotic" point. At this time, the animal emperor could not let him succeed, and the "essence" caused an attack.
Although the beast emperor was powerful, he couldn’t show it completely in the middle. He was clumsy when the feather was about to pass through him and attack the ice plum. But this feather was in his hand and he was struggling wildly. At this time, the beast emperor had been vaguely unable to catch it.
The eagle king saw that his feather was struggling in the hands of the beast emperor, and his eyes flashed a tactic to hit the feather again. At this moment, a thick thumb light on the feather surface flashed out and fell heavily on the arm of the beast emperor. At this time, when his arm was paralyzed and he didn’t react, the feather had already taken the opportunity to fly out of the hands of the beast emperor.
Then I saw a flash of black’ color’ and came directly towards Bing Mei’s attack. Bing Mei looked at the flying feather, and her hands directly picked up her Guqin’s hands. A sharp’ wave’ saw a series of’ meat’ and the visible sound’ wave’ went towards the feather attack. Although every time it was hit by the feather, these sound’ wave’ attacks were endless, which made it difficult for this feather to get close to her at the moment.
At this moment, the Beast Emperor suddenly saw that Bing Mei was not in danger for the time being, so his heart was fixed on the Eagle King. He wanted to control the Eagle King not to let him near Bing Mei.
As time went by, the Beast Emperor and Bing Mei were both struggling to support them. At present, the Beast Emperor was struggling to resist the eagle, and Bing Mei was trying to resist the feather.
Finally, the Beastmaster has appeared exhausted, and finally has changed. Every time he hits the Eagle King, he will leave a blood stain on him. At this time, the Eagle King is still very cunning. If the Beastmaster makes the God Moon order to attack him, he will try his best to rob him. Once the Beastmaster makes the ball artifact, he will quickly avoid sharp edges and not make direct contact.
At this time, the beast emperor vented his anger at this advantage, which made him feel too uncomfortable. It was not until today that he realized what the eagle king was like. He had been forbearing and hiding his wisdom. It was not until today that he completely broke out and killed the snake emperor and seriously injured himself.
"Well, I don’t have time to pester you here. You both go to hell …"
The eagle king’s whole figure has been shining after a "yin" cold sound came from his mouth, and his whole body was originally purple and black, and then his whole body turned into golden color, and his feathers and hairs turned into golden color. At this time, the eagle king’s momentum has reached the extreme.
Those huge and powerful wings were flapping around at this moment, and suddenly a series of strong winds swept through. The Beast Emperor calmly looked at the golden color in front of him, and the Eagle King no longer hesitated, and the color was also displayed in his eyes.
At this time, this night battle finally escalated to the * * Eagle King’s bright gold’ color’. At this time, because a small sun lit up the surrounding area, the monster beasts on both sides continued to fight, and they all stopped. They all looked towards the dazzling figure in the middle.
At this moment, the ray feather’s surface arc is also tyrannical with the golden’ color’ figure …
Chapter five hundred and twenty-four The Beast King Crisis
The second volume Cold-blooded teenagers
Then tyrannically, where is the shadow of this Leiling feather? It appears directly in front of the ice plum, as if it directly cuts through the shuttle and makes the ice plum unresponsive. Once again, it is found that the feather has landed in front of her.
At this time, Bing Mei stared at her eyes and gradually enlarged Lei Lingyu’s heart. A cold sweat appeared near her at this time. Some small Lei Guang arcs have made her feel numb and numb.
Seeing that the Beast Emperor is distracted, he will rush to the place of Bing Mei. At this time, the Eagle King can’t relax the golden’ color’ figure, which has already rushed towards the Beast Emperor.
At this time, the beast emperor suddenly solidified, and he was surprised to find that the small piece around him was blocked by the eagle king. At this time, it was difficult for him to move. At this time, it is a question whether he can save Bing Mei or not.
At this moment, the Beast Emperor’s eyes flashed for a while, followed by a look of disappointment. God’s moon order floating in front of him was directly put away by him, but the artifact that had been rotating the ball exploded at this moment, and the ball directly turned into a gray’ color’ light flow and got into the Beast Emperor’s body.


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