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After he finished this sentence, he directly grabbed Bing Mei’s hand and went straight over these monks lying on the ground and walked towards the front.

Two people have just left here, and all the monks around here have fried their nests again.
"What’s the origin of these two monks? It’s really amazing that the’ female’ actually defeated Liu Yuan’s gang as soon as she got there."
"I think that little guy is really amazing. It’s my idol to be a gigolo. I wish I had his blessing …"
"Idiot, you give somebody else shoes like this. Don’t fuck off before it’s too late …"
"You say who gave somebody else shoes mom you say that again …"
"I’ll say it again. You give people shoes and they don’t want them."
So a battle caused by "shoes" also continued.
After a while, Liu Yuan finally woke up and looked around. There was no one. At this time, his face was burning. Just now, he boasted that he was the strong and was defeated by others. At this time, how could he’ mix’ in the wasteland city?
Thought of here, there was a flash of rage in Liu Yuan’s eyes. "Two damn things dare to provoke our auction house. I think you don’t want to’ mix’. Well, in this case, I hope you will leave the wasteland city or I will dig you up."
Thought of here, Liu Yuan kicked a few feet at his own hands. "The losers will hurry up and join me. Family will hurry up, a group of losers …"
In Liu Yuan, the monks who fell to the ground finally reflected from dizziness. They were all ashamed and looked at Liu Yuan who was furious and dared not say a word.
At this time, Liu Yuan has been flustered and walked in the direction of the family. He found that pedestrians around him were despised when they saw themselves, which made him even more faceless. At the same time, his resentment against Bing Mei and Xiang Ye rose a lot.
At this time, Xiang Ye and Bing Mei are marching in the northern part of the wasteland. At this time, I still remember a battle in the northern part and Shen Tu. It was that battle that he met Shen Tu and later met Shen Tu. At that time, Shen Tu told him that the’ exposure’ department was due to the family in the northern part of the country. The family told himself that the three major forces had been looking for people, which led to his being besieged by three families and brought fatal disaster to Fan Tao.
At this time, it is natural for him to go home first and say it well.
North at this time is still so * * Ye Xiang has seen a lot of vandalism and looting. There are many monks in the streets. They have no scruples. This is in the city.
Bing Mei and Ye Xiang are no strangers to this situation. After all, they also spent some time in the wasteland.
Fortunately, Xiang Ye and Bing Mei reduced their troubles. At this time, they didn’t hide their momentum. No monks came to provoke them. They just said a few dirty words behind their backs. They didn’t care about these Xiang Ye and Bing Mei.
Just as they passed a familiar shop, they saw it inside. At this time, there were waves of fighting sounds. The two of them were still walking. They immediately stopped to Xiang Ye. At this time, they took a look at Bing Mei and said, "This is a Shen Tu shop. It seems that we are in trouble. Let’s go in and have a look. After all, we are friends."
Now that Xiang Ye has made a decision, Bing Mei naturally won’t object, so she followed Xiang Ye into the shop.
At this time, Xiang Ye came in and found that the root was not a fight, but a group of monks were smashing things in the store. Although Shen Tu’s face was ugly, it was pulled by two hands around him at this time
"Ha ha, so busy. Well done …"
Xiang Ye this contemptuous sound up at this time after hearing all the monks have turned to look at the sound source.
"Who are you to die and dare to mind their own business …"
"Ye Xiang Ye brothers, why are you here …’ Shen Tu asked at this time, which is hard to believe, because he was surprised and stammered.
"Small things here without you get out of here early or offend our family will definitely make you prostrate."
Xiang Ye didn’t speak again when suddenly a familiar old man’s voice came to his ears.
Godsworn’s memory is unforgettable. Xiang Ye naturally recognized who this person was. It was the five elders who escaped from his hands that year.
"Are you …"
"It’s you. Hehe, it seems that I won’t bother."
Speaking behind is Xiang Ye looking at this person and originally wanted to be compulsory, but also uniting to the sixth level, which is a higher level than the original. Xiang Ye was surprised. So this person’s cultivation is not relaxed.
"Don’t you dare to come back? Are you out of your mind to die? Don’t you know that the three major forces in the wasteland are after you?"
At this time, the five elders of this family suddenly felt a throb in their hearts as if they were facing a beautiful monster. He was not his opponent in those days. Now, although he has risen, the other party is definitely not without progress, especially at this time. Although the monk’ mixed’ in front of him is extremely powerful, he just can’t see what realm he is.
Xiang Ye this appearance made him feel uneasy.
Chapter five hundred and thirty-two Fannie and Freddie
"Oh, I’m so famous. By the way, isn’t your family after me anymore? I remember asking if it seems that your family snitched. Hehe, now I just came back to let your family snitch again." Xiang Ye’s eyes flashed a cold’ Yin’ at home and said to the five elders.
"Xiao, what position did you dare to talk to our five elders like this and don’t want to live?"
Behind the five elders, a monk at home can’t see Xiang Ye talking like this at this moment. Recently, because another elder has successfully advanced to the seventh level, their family is not very weak compared with the three major forces in the whole wasteland city. Now the young monk’s words just don’t look at home.
"Good little if we know that we are family in business still dare to nonsense, I think you really want to die and don’t put home in the eyes …"
"home? What is home? Is it famous? I know that home is a small family, and there are all small people in it. What do I think is wrong with you? " Xiang Ye at this moment has moved murder directly without leaving a face and said.
"Little fuck …"
The two monks didn’t wait for the five elders’ decrees to attack Xiang Ye at this moment.
However, when they were not close to Xiang Ye, they saw that two figures had been sent out by Xiang Ye.
Two click bone fracture sounds made all the monks around feel a chill and looked at the two monks outside the shop without breath.
It’s true that Xiang Ye didn’t just use his strength, but attached two soul force attacks to his fists. As the fist fell on two people, the soul force broke out directly in two monks’ bodies to solve their’ sexual’ lives.
At this moment, the five elders finally couldn’t help it. At the bottom of their noses, the other party actually killed two of their hands. How can he stand this kind of thing? If he doesn’t start work, I’m afraid he will not only go out without him, but he will lift his head when he gets home.
"The ego will be interesting to see what you can do when you come back this time, so you don’t give us a face." The Five Elders are also working at this time, and their spirit force broke out at that time.
"More than enough to deal with you …"
In response, it was a cold sound, and all the monks heard the same "click" and saw this flying figure.
The only difference between the two people just now is that the five elders who fell to the ground were groaning in pain, which proved that he didn’t directly "force" his life.
"Well, all the monks can go home, and you still have a life. Is it because you are strong? In my eyes, there is no difference between you and those two dead people. I need you to go back and give it to the family manager. Just say that I am back in Xiang Ye to collect debts and let them get ready. I will go early in the morning." Xiang Ye then slowly highlighted a sentence.
After hearing Xiang Ye’s words, the remaining monks in the Shen Tu store immediately rolled and crawled out and pulled up, and the five elders ran in the direction of home. Their monks have never experienced anything today. Before, they wanted others to know that they were family members. At this time, this person killed two people in his family and seriously injured the five elders.
It was not until then that Shen Tu and two guys in his shop reacted from the shock. Shen Tu was a little surprised to look at Xiang Ye and asked, "Brother Xiang Ye, how did you do it just now? You just ruined the five elders in that house with one blow."
"In my eyes, they are all chickens and dogs, which are not worth it." Ye Xiang waved and said.


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