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"No, no, no, my intuition, brother, your sword will never be like that all the time. It must be after a rest and will definitely return to its original state."

"I hope so. Well, let’s call here and see if you two have made me like this. It’s really bad! I can’t see that you two will be so powerful together. "
"Big Brother is joking. Which one of us is your opponent? Where are you going when Big Brother takes it?"
"Tiger sword and you? Now that you’re all out of the den of thieves, I think you should also go to Tiger Sword. Although the Hei Hu gang is not strong enough, everyone in the gang is very enthusiastic. It’s a good gang, but the people in the Hei Hu gang are all orcs. I don’t know if you like it? "
"Ha ha we thief what have never seen? Don’t worry, eldest brother, we also go to Tiger Sword with you. "The black thief looked at the thief and nodded hard.
"Well, let’s go say goodbye to our little sister and go together."
The three of them came to Zhu Rong’s little sister and wanted to say goodbye, but Zhu Rong’s little sister kept staring at my hand. Before we could break the sword, she said first, "Can you show me your sword, benefactor?"
Chapter 123 Meet wandering souls again
I saw Zhu Rong’s little sister ask so solemnly that she thought there must be something wrong with it, so she handed her the broken sword. Zhu Rong’s little sister gently touched the blade and her eyes closed as if she were feeling something. The three of us looked at her puzzled and caressed it again and again for a long time before she opened her eyes and said, "I’m sorry, my little sister is really unable to wake up the fire island spirit of the blade. If you want to wake it up, it’s too risky for the benefactor to do so. If you still can’t wake it up, I’m afraid you will lose it. What do you think?"
"You mean the blade fetish are sleeping? I want to ask you if you throw the broken sword into the magma pool and other pieces may be awakened. "There is a reason why the broken sword can’t give me warmth."
"According to my perception, I think if I can awaken the fire island spirit, the others should also awaken the benefactors. Would you like to have a try?"
"Why don’t you try it and let it be like this? It’s better to take a gamble. If you can make the broken sword return to its original state, of course it’s best. If you can’t, just throw it away when it’s a sword." I really can’t handle the broken sword. My heart is really chaotic
"The benefactor’s sword won’t be melted by magma, and the fire island spirit is not worried about anything. Let’s try it in the magma pool."
"Okay, let’s go and have a look." I called the thief couple, too.
The fire island magma pool is located in the center of the island, about ten kilometers from the ground. Sister Zhu Rong added a fire spell and some auxiliary spells to each of us before sending us to the magma pool.
The magma in the magma pool is bubbling loudly. If it weren’t for the little sister who got us a non-breathing spell at the same time, we would be dead if we stayed here for one minute. The red magma made the whole underground world red. In the pet, Xiaolong Xiaofeng flew to the magma pool without my permission. Xiaofeng took a look at Xiaolong and plunged into the magma. Xiaolong, not to be outdone, danced a few times and plunged into the magma pool.
The two pets’ actions scared the thief and his wife. They stared at the rolling magma, and soon the pool surface tumbled. The two pets came out of the magma in tandem and suddenly rose to the pool surface for about ten meters. As a result, Xiaofeng was of course no match for the dragon, and there was not a feather left, so he fell straight into the magma. Xiaolong was so happy that he screamed and screamed.
Xiaofeng was reborn with a bright flame after falling into the magma. Xiaofeng looked very angry and wanted to give Xiaolong a flame. I stopped them. "You two stay there honestly and don’t commit any more nonsense! When my broken sword is ready, you will go fishing for me. Do you hear me? "
The two pets stopped obediently and nodded at me. Xiaolong actually made a face at Xiaofeng, and several people laughed at the success of a villain.
Sister Zhu Rong carefully entrusted the broken sword to the magma pool and slowly put it into the pool.
The original lost its luster, and when it broke the sword, it was red when it came into contact with magma.
"It worked! It worked!" Zhu Rong’s little sister cried excitedly, and accidentally held the broken sword in her hand and let it loose and fell to the bottom of the pool. "Ah!" When she woke up, she exclaimed
"Hehe, little sister, don’t panic. There are two pets!" I shouted at the two pets in the pool, "Why don’t you go and get the swordsman sword? !”
As soon as the two pets heard the drink and dived at the same time, they got into the magma
Sister Zhu Rong apologized to me when she saw two pets entering the pool. "The benefactor finally has this method."
"Ha ha little sister thank you! The broken sword has recovered its original ability. It is a peerless magic weapon. Without your help, I don’t know when it will recover. Thank you! "
"It’s very kind of you. Without you, our Zhu Rong family wouldn’t wake up to say thank you. It’s me."
"Well, don’t say anything polite. When they get the broken sword, we’ll have to trouble you to give us a ride again."
"Well," Zhu Rong little sister looked at the pool surface in the past.
The magma rolled, and Xiao Long and Xiao Feng flew out with a radiant broken sword.
When I took the broken sword, the thief and his wife leaned in. The black thief said, "Eldest brother, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed that your pet would be so powerful that even magma couldn’t melt them!" Awesome! "
"Ha ha brothers, God never really cares about anyone, including me, you know? It’s because I have these two pet houses that I have to face more people and things than others. Good, little sister, give us a ride and take us directly to Tiger Sword. "
"Okay, please close your eyes."
Although my eyes were closed, the white light released by my little sister was still a little dazzling. After the light, we appeared outside the Tiger Sword City.
Just want to enter the city, I didn’t expect a familiar figure-wandering god to come out from the delivery door.
When it’s a narrow way to go, the world is so small!
The wandering god also saw that we were coming towards us.
He walked up to me and looked at me again and again. Finally, he murmured, "Sealed? Who on earth would have such a thing? Since he won’t come out, there is no need for me to stay here. "At some point, I turned longan into a broken one."
I was so angry at him that I saw him leaving now and shouted "Go slow!"
Wandering god heard drink humanoid surprised tunnel in front of me "what’s the matter? You don’t want to fight with me, do you? "
"Yes, I just want to fight with you. Do you dare?" I don’t know where I got the courage to say it when I was hot.
"Forget it, I won’t fight with you. If you really want to fight, you won’t be my opponent. If you cut me to death, I will never bother you again."


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