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Because he seems a little calm and embarrassed.

Alo light way Sue abandon MuJing with me, ok? Section 1331 A little chat outside the school 3
Don’t let her blurt out and refuse
When he refused, he looked a little strange. Feng’s eyes flashed a bit of interest and looked behind him.
Then I’ll take a step back and be your lover. You two pick me up together. That guy looks almost the same. You treat me like him. I didn’t say that people are approaching Suer again. If you get closer, she won’t be able to retreat. What did he say just now?
Suddenly a gnashing of teeth suppressed anger.
Tight and handsome seems to be going out for a moment.
Who else is there but Alo’s mouth?
Unexpectedly, Alo casually looked back and left his lip and asked why he was yelling so loudly. I’m not deaf.
Do you know what you are doing? Question.
You know, I deliberately. Now Sue is single, and anyone can pursue you. You haven’t married yet, huh?
I think you are tired of living. Mu Jing’s face is really embarrassing. How could he be such a younger brother?
Arlo turned indifferently and had a stretch. She asked if you were angry, just like asking casually.
Good. You can see it when you’re angry.
If you are angry, you can do it. The goal is too challenging. He actually patted his sleeve and walked out of the door without looking back. He came as soon as he got to the door. His hateful voice didn’t deliberately lower his voice or hide who he was talking to. Did you hear that? He admitted that he was angry. I won. Ha, 1,200 yuan.
Ah, 1200. What is it?
When I heard the first snow, I was dissatisfied with the small protest. Brother, this one just now doesn’t count. How can this move be too despicable and unkind?
You just care if I get what I want. Simple and quick. That arrogant one is so arrogant that people want to beat him.
I can’t. Your brother will be angry if you do this.
When gambling, you didn’t say no three bad ways to give money quickly. Emperor Beiwan also wants to default.
But but
Hum, section 133 A little chat outside the school 4
The two voices are getting farther and farther away. It seems that the first snow made a compromise.
How can the first snow be Alo’s opponent?
A fine person like Mu Jing often falls into his hands.
Know the truth this moment MuJing want to vomit blood.
Gambling guessed that Arlo was the other purpose, but I didn’t expect it to be this one.
The dog’s blood is rotten. It’s even worse than always picking on him.
Just now, I saw the first snow quietly outside, slightly embarrassed. He also guessed that something happened. When he hit this situation, he quickly became angry. He was not angry that Arlo was speaking ill of himself, but angry that this guy had gone too far and dared to move his head.
I really want to knock a stick on Arlo’s head
Son of a bitch’s brother would bet on his anger.
Blood spattered three feet.
I really want to kill him
The point is, he also brought the first snow of tenderness bad.
Poof hehe
A man fell down on the bed and laughed.
What a surprise to come here early in the morning.
It seems to her that just now when people also admire the scenery.
This fool
At first she was worried.
But when she heard Arlo speak ill of him, she felt inappropriate, especially when Arlo pushed her to the edge of the bed, but she didn’t get any closer than before. He was able to control her actions, but he didn’t say that he was doing a show, probably waiting for Mu Jing to come in, so it was easier to substitute.
Hehe, that’s too bad
The two brothers who came here were betting.
Bet that this brother of theirs is not angry or dizzy, but they want to come.
Mujing embarrassed to think of oneself also in distress situation.
Staring at the bed, the gloating man pretended to be airway, and you still laughed at me for being bullied. Mm-hmm, he didn’t feel threatened if he pretended to be angry again. Finally, he remembered that even others couldn’t help laughing just now.
I really can’t help it with these two younger brothers. Section 1333 It seems to be harmful but it is called 1.
Alo’s first snow fell, but they met Huangfuyi Muer playing in Chaofeng Palace in Gongdao.


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