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Kong Xuan put his hand on his head and said with some uncertainty, "He, he should be our master."

Yuan Hongyi was surprised and said, "Our master is so young."
However, Kong Xuan didn’t pay attention to Yuan Hong’s surprise and patted him. "Let’s go quickly and don’t keep the teacher and master waiting." Then he also went to Aoki’s large array.
On a hot day, holding liu er in Aoki, he looked straight into the dreamland.
"Yi" stopped on a hot day and looked at the top of the head. It was quite spectacular. HarmonyOS Peak was light, and then it looked at Fang Chucheng. The red light in sky eye’s eyes flashed.
The corners of the mouth hang a smile, and it’s sunny. "Is this small job of Kong Xuan good? It seems that it’s time to praise it." Said that the whole person rose and went to HarmonyOS Peak.
"who?" HarmonyOS Feng Pan Wang Yiqing raised his hand is a small piece of sky blue sand powder. On a hot day, when he saw his face suddenly changed, he thought that he would never dare to try it. This so-called sky blue poisonous sand can have an effect on saints.
Pull liu er behind her and turn her hands over. Two blazing white flame walls suddenly appear, and the whole thing is slightly distorted, so the heat is amazing.
"Yi, Yi …" A loud blue poisonous sand was steamed clean.
"Pan Wang, stop it’s me." Suddenly, I saw Pan Wang take out another one. On a hot day with black powder, he immediately expressed his identity or he was poisoned by Yin Ling. He didn’t dare to guarantee that he had nothing to do.
After listening to the hot day, Pan Wang looked a little uncertain and said, "You are a monk. What’s wrong with your head?" But King Pan still put away the bottle in his hand.
See King Pan put away the bottle and remove the fire wall on a hot day and put the six ears in the tunnel. "I’ll explain this to you later. I’ll wake liu er up first."
King Pan was now half dead. liu er wondered, "How does liu er pull?"
A finger and a red light rushed into liu er’s body, then sat on liu er’s chest, and a soft red light crossed into liu er’s body. At the same time, a white jade bottle appeared in his hand with one stroke of his right hand, and a drop of milky cream with a fragrance dripped into liu er’s mouth. As soon as the cream entered liu er’s mouth, liu er’s face slowly returned to ruddy.
Pack up liu er chest left hand inflammation heaven "don’t listen to my command in the case of insufficient mana twice before and after the royal thunder golden whip was more big burning blood eye sword positive split today if it weren’t for my estimate is hopeless".
"Is it okay for the younger brother to be injured?" Kong Xuan Yuan Hong’s figure is revealed in two Guanghua schools.
"Bang" Kong Xuan ate another critical millet.
"Do you think your master can be okay with me?" A cold hum on a hot day expressed dissatisfaction with Kong Xuan’s words.
"I, I didn’t mean that, master." Kong Xuan reported his head and took a step back.
"By the way, Uncle, what’s wrong with your head?" Pan Wang see Kong Xuan two people have arrived hurriedly asked.
After listening to Pan Wang’s question, I caught my head and hung a wisp of red road on a hot day. "You said this. Actually, seriously speaking, I am Mongolian and not Mongolian at the same time."
Kong Xuan and others all looked at each other in a daze and asked, "What do you mean?"
Sitting cross-legged on a hot day, I laughed. "This avenue can be mixed into three thousand yuan, but the safest thing is that the innate spiritual treasure sustains the obsession, and then you can take off the obsession and recognize yourself. In those days, when heaven and earth wanted to travel around chaos, they took nine parties to clear the spirit, and after the practice of spiritual spring, at the beginning of heaven and earth, he settled down in Buzhoushan and practiced penance for several years. Finally, ten thousand years ago, nine of us were pinned on evil thoughts and chopped off a corpse, and I was the same person in nine hot days, which can be said to be your master.
After listening to the hot day, the three men were silent. After all, it was the first time they heard the so-called three corpses.
"Then the master’s three bodies are like chopping." Kong Xuan thought for a long time about what he was vaguely grasping, but he was very upset.
In the hot, heavenly heart, I looked at Kong Xuan and saw Kong Xuan with a tight brow and a confused face as if thinking about something.
"This is really savvy!" Seeing this, I sighed in my heart on a hot day, pointed out a red light between Kong Xuan’s eyebrows, and the red light on Kong Xuan’s forehead was invisible, and the blue, yellow, red, black and white colors flashed behind Kong Xuan.
Suddenly, the green light behind Kong Xuan broke away and became a Taoist priest in Tsing Yi. Kong Xuan was very similar. When the Taoist priest in Tsing Yi appeared, he bowed to the scorching day and said, "Thank you, Master Cheng."
Ha ha a smile on a hot day, but I didn’t get up and accepted this gift safely.
After that, the Taoist priest in Tsing Yi got up if he didn’t want to know that it was a hot day.
In the hot day, I got up and came to Kong Xuan, who was still meditating in a row, and whispered, "Don’t be greedy if you don’t wake up. If you don’t have enough mana now, it will be counterproductive to take your mana and other busy people will naturally be beheaded."
A face of meditation, Kong Xuan’s eyebrows suddenly relaxed, and the other four Guanghua schools also disappeared and opened their eyes. Kong Xuan revealed an acre of Qingyun above his head, and the road flyover Tsing Yi jumped naturally at the sight of it.
Kong Xuan got up, but it was very different just now. Although the appearance hasn’t changed at all, the whole feeling is simple. Many of them are no longer so aggressive. However, they just cut out an incarnation and let him completely take off Taiyi Jin Xian and become a quasi-leader. Although the mana is still lacking, even though they can’t beat the big burning day, they will not be defeated too badly.
In the hot day, I nodded and my eyes flashed with admiration. I was just about to praise two sentences, but I heard liu er moan to "suffocate me."
Chapter 59 ACTS disciple Wu door move
"eh? Do you feel uncomfortable when you wake up? " On a hot day, squat down and ask liu er, who is still not very awake.
"Teacher, teacher? Why are you here? " See hot face liu er exclaimed and cried out.
Raise your eyebrows and inflame heaven. "Don’t worry about this. Tell me what’s different about you now."
A somersault turned liu er and jumped several times in the ground. "It feels good and nothing unusual!"
I nodded and said, "Nothing unusual is good. After all, it’s my first time to save people. I’m not sure. Since you have nothing unusual, I’m relieved."
It was not until the hot day that liu er showed the dazzling red behind him and asked, "What’s wrong with your head, master?"
Nai shrugged his shoulders, and Kong Xuan glanced at his mouth and asked him to explain.
Kong Xuan nodded and took liu er to one side to explain. Pan Wang saw his eyes flashing with a low smile and turned around and didn’t know where he had gone.
At that time, there were two people left in the hot day, Yuan Hong.
Yuan Hong looked at the sunny day and couldn’t say anything. He just stood there and didn’t know what to say.
On a hot day, I quickly walked to Yuan Hong’s mouth and said, "Good qualifications! Sure enough, good qualifications didn’t weaken my brand."
Then, on a hot day, his brow wrinkled slightly, and his left hand suddenly caught a buckle in Yuan Hong’s artery. Yuan Hong didn’t even have a reaction time.
After a short while, I let go of my hand on a hot day and asked, "Have you ever eaten a kind of grass, which is white and has three inches and seven branches, and each branch is connected with a small exquisite fruit, which is distributed in red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple in turn?"
After listening to the words of the hot day, Yuan Hong tried hard to remember vaguely that he seemed to have eaten and nodded, "I can’t remember clearly either, but I remember that I gradually became white after eating a grass."
Before Yuan Hong finished talking about the hot day, I knew that my guess was right. I couldn’t help sighing in my mind, "What a colorful lotus! If I practice colorful days, I’m afraid Rodin can directly make a mortal stand as Taiyi Jin Xian. Of course, it was that mortal who didn’t explode."
However, it’s natural that I won’t see many good things in a busy day. This panacea is even worse. It’s still my apprentice to eat it.
After sighing, I looked at Yuan Hongdao on a hot day. "You immediately cross your legs and sit with me, and you refine the residual medicine."
Yuan Hong hurried to cross his legs and didn’t dare to move at all.
One-handed sword refers to a soft white flame hovering in front of your eyes, and there is an unspeakable warmth without flame bullying and heat.
Yuan Hong felt a warm and abnormal air flow into his body, and he could hardly say how comfortable he was. At the same time, he groaned out a wonderful and unspeakable feeling, which rippled in Yuan Hong’s mind and felt that he was deeply hidden in the Yuan God. The true spirit suddenly felt a lot clearer, a very clear and general feeling, as if the night beads covered with a thick layer of grass ash suddenly wiped a rag, but it was not clean but immediately radiated light.
Curtain but a long whistle Yuan Hongshen white light filled with a white gas from his body rushed to the clouds, and the clouds were suddenly scattered by this white light as if afraid. After this, Yuan Hong has already broken away from ordinary fairy cultivation and become a top fairy. If he is practicing for a period of time, it is not impossible to become that Taiyi Jin Xian.
"Yuan Hong meets the master!" Yuan Hong kneels on his knees and worships nine times on a hot day.
Ha ha, a smile. Pick up Yuan Hongdao a few days ago. "Good, good, good. Today I will honor you as a disciple for me. Today you are the third brother."
"Ha-ha, congratulations, teacher younger brother, I finally got started today", but after listening to Kong Xuan’s explanation, liu er did not know when to come.
Yuan Hong is a quick laugh.
Aside Kong Xuan saw Yuan Hong’s golden stick in his hand, only to remember that Yuan Hong had a magic weapon, and his eyes turned and said, "Master, since the younger brother has officially started, has your family given you one or two magic weapons to weaken your title for no reason?"
Nodded in the hot day, I quite agree with Kong Xuan’s words. I was about to pull out a magic weapon, but Yuan Hong heard Wang Yin coming from the rear.
"How can you miss such a thing?" King Pan strode along, but he was not alone, followed by five children of different sizes. It was the morning when the stars were young and dreamy, and he listened to the handsome smile chrysanthemum.


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