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Near noon, there were no customers in the antique shop, and several clerks in Tang suits were chatting inside.

Liu Fei looked up at the antique shop plaque "Bo Gu Xuan" with three bronzing characters that were dazzling in the sunlight.
"Bo Gu Xuan?"
Liu Fei suddenly felt that the name was a little familiar. Think about it carefully. It just occurred to me that before I remembered it, I seemed to have heard Qin Song boast about this antique shop. It seems that some of them are famous in Jiangcheng antique industry, although they are small in scale.
It is said that Wu Junxuan, the owner of this antique shop, was born in a grave robbery in those days. Because he was the third oldest, people in the street generally called him uncle.
It was in recent years that the wind was too tight that Wu Junxuan washed his hands and gave his nephew a grave robbery class to do and concentrate on starting an antique business.
Besides climbing the "lofty branch" of the Qin family, his antique shop can rise so rapidly in Jiangcheng, which is actually thanks to the supply of goods and contacts he accumulated when he was a grave robber.
At least half of the things in the whole antique shop come from different sources, and because the Qin family is behind them, it has never been wrong until now.
After more than ten years of wealth accumulation, Wu Junxuan can be said to be quite rich, and there are more than a dozen sets of real estate in his hand. However, he has a problem, perhaps because he was too poor when he was a child. He is extremely stingy and stingy, and it is already earned to do business with him without being cheated. It is extremely difficult to take advantage of him.
When chatting, the clerk saw someone coming in and quickly looked over, but soon turned his eyes elsewhere. They didn’t even say hello. They have been working in this business for a long time. These clerks have long been trained to be vicious and can tell who is the big financier and who is wandering at a glance.
Obviously, Lu Fei, dressed as a student, belongs to the latter, and they are too lazy to spend energy to entertain him.
Liu Fei didn’t take it to heart. After all, he and Xiaoxiao just came in to wander around and didn’t think about buying any antiques. He was happy when no one greeted them.
Soon Lu Fei discovered a strange thing. He noticed an aura of heaven and earth in several antiques!
"How can antiques have the aura of heaven and earth?" Liu Fei first felt strange and thought carefully, not from some suddenly.
Most of the antiques here are excavated from the ground, and it is not surprising that they have been nourished by the aura of heaven and earth for a long time.
This also confirmed to some extent that Wu Junxuan made a fortune by robbing the tomb.
Thought of here, Lu Fei couldn’t help secretly wondering if this matter could be picked up in this antique shop and make a big profit, so that he could get rid of poverty and become rich and run towards a well-off society completely.
However, Lu Fei soon gave up this plan and strolled around the antique shop. Only then did he find that the antiques inside were very expensive, and they were often hundreds of thousands of pieces, which didn’t give him a chance to find out.
Hopes of getting rid of poverty and getting rich were dashed. Lu Fei was disappointed and was about to take Xiaoxiao away, only to find Xiaoxiao staring at a piece of Yu Pei in the window.
This is an old jade with a simple style but dull luster, because it was placed in an inconspicuous corner and Lu Fei didn’t pay attention to it.
"What’s the matter?"
Liu Fei still walked beside Xiaoxiao and lowered his voice and asked
"Spirit jade! That’s a piece of jade! " Xiaoxiao a face of excited way
"Spirit jade? What is that? " Liu Fei slightly one leng asked
"You don’t even know about Lingyu?" Xiaoxiao glanced at Lu Fei like an idiot and immediately explained, "The so-called spiritual jade is actually the essence of geocentric jade. The abbreviation means that the jade mine buried deep underground has been baptized for thousands of years and absorbed enough aura of heaven and earth before it forms a kind of jade. Thousands of tons of ordinary jade can probably breed such a spiritual jade!"
Xiao Xiaoqiang explained patiently according to his patient ecstasy. "I heard my master say that this thing is almost extinct in the spiritual world. I didn’t expect to meet a piece here!"
"oh? Then what does it have? " A listen to hundreds of thousands of tons of jade to breed such a piece of jade spirit Liu Fei immediately came to the interest hurriedly asked.
"Big place! Lingyu contains a huge spiritual force, which is the best material to assist cultivation! If you are right, you can make the yogi upgrade several levels in one night without any vice! "
Xiaoxiao is stuck in the early stage of building a foundation and has been stagnant. This jade is extremely important to her.
"If you buy it, you must buy it!" Xiaoxiao pulled pull Liu Fei sleeve a face pleaded.
"good!" Lu Fei nodded and then lowered his voice. "Don’t talk for a while. Everything depends on my eyes!"
After that, Lu Fei went to the window and pointed to Lingyu in the corner. "How much is this?"
Several shop assistants glanced here, but Gen ignored it and seemed too lazy to answer his question.
Just then a sound came from the back stairs. "Little brother has a good eye! This Yu Pei is a great treasure! "
Liu Fei looked up and followed the sound to see a shriveled old man in his fifties. As soon as he came downstairs, the old man had a wisp of goatee and a profiteer used to laugh.
Liu Fei saw that several shop assistants stopped talking and looked at the old man with awe in their eyes, so he guessed that this guy should be Wu Junxuan, the owner of this antique shop!
"Well? What is the origin? " Liu Fei asked, glancing at the old man with a face of surprise.
"Dongling thief Sun Dianying heard of it? This Yu Pei was stolen by Sun Dianying from the tomb of Cixi. It is said that it was presented to his mother as a birthday present by Ao Bai, the first assistant minister in the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. Finally, Ao Bai was confiscated by Kangxi’s property. This Yu Pei was finally buried with Cixi until Sun Dianying dug Dongling, Yu Pei, and then he reappeared … "


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