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If all these things can’t shock him, then the medieval fairy tales are enough to impress him. This kind of ancient fairy tales with strange effects is far from ordinary fairy tales. What’s more important is that it is a rare fairy tale. The whole inferno is just three or two pieces, and it is also a common offensive and defensive attribute.

The so-called ancient fairy wares were refined by the method of losing secrets before Archaean times, which had extremely powerful and special properties.
Most of the immortals in Yanhuang today were refined before the wrath of heaven. Even the secret methods of several refining devices mastered by Chen Han’s hands were the methods of that era. Therefore, even if the talents of learners are higher, they can be refined as ordinary immortals. The method of refining devices in ancient times has long been lost.
The earliest ancient times can be traced back to tens of thousands of years ago, that is, before the war between the gods and demons.
At that time, the universe was called the lost celestial alchemy, and the magic method was also a fairy order. Later, as most people entered the newly left immortals, they were all killed and injured in the war between gods and demons. The fairy alchemy method and the fairy device disappeared completely because of the restrictions of Xintiandi rules. The lost celestial realm was the strongest, and the Mahayana period fixed the truth. The world was amazing, and the ancient fairy device became a mirror.
Even today, 90% of the nine immortals of Yanhuang are from ghosts and demons. After the war, they really originated from the ancient immortals, that is, the three artifacts that originally belonged to Ying Long but were sealed and became powerful into Ise Shrine.
It’s a pity that Ying Long was banned from repairing three fairy seals, and the solution still couldn’t play the powerful role of the ancient fairy.
Similarly, fairy materials are refined by Yuan Ying, a true practitioner, and the power of refining fairy fairy inflammation is incomparable.
"Stall them! Even if you die, you must lead them to the king. If you can do it, the king will make you a family king immediately after you come back! "
Mundus’s kindness and kindness gave Li Yanda a death order. He stood quietly not far away like a sculpture wrapped in a black robe. The man shouted, "The imperial edict of the Shadow Guard has made all the realms and talents of the Chinese clan grow faster than those of the Du Jie masters who won the peerless fairy soldiers with the king!"
Their own realm and talents have increased more than Du Jie’s masters. It’s not just the existing demons. There are no enemies on the other side of the star. It doesn’t take tens of thousands of years to accumulate. Who knows how many strong people there are?
Even when Mundus was in power, there were restrictions. Once the restrictions were reached, he had to abdicate and retreat and give the throne to Dijun, not only Mundus, but also all the demons outside the Li royal family. These talents are the real strength of the demons.
On the surface, the fact that these inferno elites are even less than 1% is not really elite by comparison.
When Mundus couldn’t resist the temptation of the medieval fairy, it was also exciting to continue to stick to the method of sending the array and calling the snow cloud to devour the extremely strong people and prepare to rob the forbidden fairy tower.
"Fairy … haha …"
"Less than 200 Du Jie masters have more than a dozen fairy wares!"
"Why is the inferno fairy different from ours?"
"Nothing, anyway, the materials or fairy materials can be taken out and recast?"
"Haha, it’s really developed this time!"
There are more than a dozen infernos left in the Du Jie period, and more than a dozen fairy pieces have disappeared in the self-explosion, and they have suddenly become the main objects.
Hundreds of fix true army to uproar exclaimed knife with a roll away all fairy Chen cold waved and shouted "at the beginning of the fairy just what is there to be happy about? Chase! It’s a bit like all Du Jie’s ministries enter the Forbidden Fairy Towers and others teleport after that woman directly! "
Killing Li Yan is part of the plan. Even if she can live, it’s also a period of time. Otherwise, if there is a fairy, she can resist the blow of the heavenly sword.
Even if she was gifted in the early days of Du Jie, even if she could control the fairy instrument and face the strongest one, even if she joined hands with 100,000 practitioners in the late days of Du Jie, it would be impossible for her to have a chance to live.
It’s a million kilometers away from the Vatican and hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from the ball practitioner’s camp. If you put 100,000 troops into the Forbidden Fairy Tower and go back to camp, it’s impossible for Mundus to chase it, right?
Therefore, letting Li Yan give her a chance to ask for information and then do something to kill her is to give Mundus a chance to chase her.
A dozen of the 100,000 troops left in a blink of an eye are the best in Du Jie’s mid-term, and one by one they directly launch a teleport and break away.
No matter how fast the magic cloud shuttle flies, it always takes a certain time to reach Du Jie. Those who fix the truth don’t need to teleport once in a while. It’s three or five hundred miles. No matter how fast Li Yan flies, it’s hard to escape at most, that is, Li Xing shuttle’s strong defense tries to get Mundus to come here earlier when he delays.
Of course, they will give her enough for acting, and they will never hurt the killer immediately.
More than a dozen Du Jie masters all left the scene, leaving three people who are also the best combination of killing and escaping together most often-the powerful Geng Jin knife, the unparalleled speed of the wind and the residual blood, the offensive and defensive Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the snow cloud of the battlefield meat grinder.
"It depends on the situation. Mundus will definitely take experts to rob the Forbidden Fairy and Precious Towers. Once caught in the Lisboa trap, the strength of the European Department will not be so fast. In the short term, it will be relatively weak. However, Mundus’s previous experience should not be swallowed up by the snow clouds. But Europe is still a lot of people."
"Let those people go after Li Yan. You can’t stay and help."
Glancing at the frowning knife, Chen is cold. Hehe laughs. "More than a dozen of them are the strongest experts in the Duanmu family. It is enough for Li Yan to escape back to the camp. Li Yan thinks that we are all after her. On whether we can kill her ancestors in the end, they will drag Mundus and his men to the camp."
The residual blood showed a bit of color and nodded and connected, "I understand that there are more than a dozen people who really lure the enemy. I and a knife borrowed Mundus to lead the army from the Vatican to sneak attack and send the array to attract the five Jedi troops."
"The idea is fine, but not completely correct."
"What else?"
"What do you think of the strength of the inferno, senior?"
"This …"
"Very strong!"
The knife took the us with a heavy face and took a deep breath. "Just a princess led you to deal with you alone, and there were 100,000 people. More than 100 people in the Du Jie period can imagine that the strength of the inferno is absolutely in us!"
Chen Han nodded his head to reveal his approval eyes and sighed, "If you add a ban on fairy Jane’s tower, those people in it will face the presence of sending demons and reinforcements from all over the world. Even if we can attract fire, we will suffer heavy losses. Xueyun will go with you."
"Then you … how can you do it alone?"
It’s not that I’m worried about his problem. Once the five Jedi masters are attracted to the Vatican, the cold roots can stop them.
The key is that he is far more lethal to junior practitioners than abnormal practitioners.
For example, a Yuan-infant fixer can slay tens of millions of mortals in one second by magic or firm but gentle attack. He has no external attack energy and must attack at close range to kill people. Although his fighting power is extraordinary in high-end battles, his killing speed is far less than that of Yuan-infant fixer in the face of hundreds of millions of civilians.
Hundreds of millions of the five Jedi have just possessed a little magic, and even the foundation period is not demonized civilians. Who knows when he will kill alone?
"Of course, it’s not enough to give me four late-stage masters to enter the five Jedi at the same time?" Chen cold ha ha laugh.
Knife is oneself at that time have no reaction to come over embarrassed scratched his head look solemnly "but fit period or be careful they are not as strong as you, if forced into the inferno is found, will certainly send people to kill"
This point mainly depends on him and the remnant blood. Mundus led the strongest elite in the clan to rob the forbidden fairy, the tower, the Vatican star and the array defense. They were supposed to create a strong enough situation to make the demons in other places have to go to reinforce the five Jedi. No more masters will be able to avoid the scene by virtue of a strong realm, but the sight of the demons disguised as demonized civilians and sneaked into the Jedi unnoticed.
When it is very dangerous for the residual blood to enter the Jedi, other people can be sent there, and Chen Han can still enhance his combat power in the Vatican, but Chen Han refused for simple reasons.
Suspecting entering the Jedi is the most dangerous thing. I don’t know what will happen this time when I am rescued by Xuanyuan Huangdi.
However, it is precisely because of attracting Mundus, pretending to attack the Vatican and entering the Jedi that the third thing is the most dangerous. One of the leaders of the forces is the commander-in-chief of the Union of Practitioners. He should be the first to go in, so as to block the mouths of other high-level forces.
Chapter 217 Too shattered


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