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Among the seven monks in the late Jin Dan period, Wan Jian and the crazy bully are better at attacking than defending, so they are both badly hit here.

There must be thousands of whisks, and the numerous whisks changed and tangled, and finally formed a big net to tightly protect Xuanchen. When several wind blades and swords shot up, they hit the net formed by whisking, but the net could not break through like a moth hitting a cobweb.
Although the attack will be stopped suddenly, Xuanchen is not damaged at all. When he is retreating, there is blood spilling from his mouth.
As soon as the Tian Xiang feather fan came out, it flapped violently behind it, and finally formed a huge tornado. The tornado was spinning fast and the suction was diffuse, and it absorbed everything. Finally, in the tornado, there were more than a dozen wind blades and swords submerged in it.
Tornadoes have some characteristics of taking full advantage of the force when they rotate. If only a few blades and swords are absorbed into the tornado, Tian Xiang may be well, but more than a dozen blades and swords are beyond the ability of Tian Xiang. He is struggling to move more than a dozen blades and swords in the opposite direction and throw them, and the corners of his mouth will not overflow with blood.
Day resin to deal with several wind blade, wind sword behind him is very simple, he directly offered the humanoid skeleton to become bigger in the back of his own body completely covered in it.
Several wind blades and swords hit the human skeleton, and immediately they made a series of deep marks to connect the godsworn’s mind with the godsworn’s magic weapon. The wounded godsworn can’t be safe at this time, and the corpse is pale and badly injured.
Tens of millions of wind blades and swords filled the sky, and 300 monks in the golden elixir period were always hit by several wind blades and swords, and the incense was no exception.
One handkerchief flew out of the incense swaying body, and she pointed to the handkerchief. When Fang Pa changed, the swaying figure of incense was completely covered.
"My daughter …"
The wind blade and sword hit Fangpa, and there were bursts of sticks hitting the rags, and there was a dull sound. Fangpa had a pink light flashing.
The fragrance is swaying, but it will be answered by several wind blades and swords. However, depending on her one-handed chest, pale face and frowning eyebrows, we will know that the fragrance is also traumatized.
"virtual surgery!"
Among the seven monks in the late Jin Dan period, the soul shadow was the easiest. He raised his banner magic weapon high in the range of the wind blade and the wind sword, and then he cast a one-way virtual technique
As soon as the virtual technique was applied, the shadow figure disappeared in a blur. After several wind blades and swords hit his original location, the shadow figure appeared next to the magic weapon flag.
Each of the seven monks used his magical powers easily, slightly or seriously, and received the wind blade and sword that hit him.
When tens of millions of wind blades and swords struck, 300 monks in the then period offered magic weapons to protect themselves behind them.
"Boom …"
Dense, continuous, and non-stop explosions rang out in the middle, such as huge drums swinging like fire, yao exploding like thunder, which was protected by thousands of wind blades and swords hitting the magic weapons of the monks in the then period.
Even the seven supernatural powers, such as Wan Jian and Kuangbatian, are more powerful than the monks in the later stage of the then period. After receiving several wind blades and swords, they all suffered minor or severe injuries, not to mention the 300 supernatural powers, which are slightly weaker than the monks in the then period.
When tens of millions of wind blades and swords suddenly attacked the monks in the then period, although they did not respond slowly, they immediately made defense. However, except for less than one tenth of the monks in the then period, the monks were not seriously injured.
The autumnal equinox saw that more than half of the 300 monks in the elixir period were seriously injured and spat out several mouthfuls of blood in a row, even their faces became extraordinarily pale. Even in the periphery, 17 monks in the elixir period were slow to respond, and the lack of mana injected into the magic weapon led to the weak protection that was immediately penetrated by several wind blades and swords, and immediately fell.
"Who’s the Taoist friend who didn’t show up when he saw such wanton slaughter of young students? Should he be a monk in Yuan’s infancy!" Tens of millions of wind blades and swords struck too suddenly, too quickly, and too unexpectedly. This wave of attacks came as a rescue to even the famous Yuan baby Johnson, but it was nothing more than watching the monks in the then period seriously injured. Seventeen monks in the then period fell on the spot. Even if it was always cool and calm, he couldn’t help but be furious at this time. He raised his head slightly and swept his eyes over and over again, thundering.
The line of sight kept wandering in high school, frowning slightly, and his face was faintly angry. His figure suddenly rose to the sky and stood tall and powerful. He kept and released the momentum like a prison, like a sea wave, like a dark cloud, and crushed it vigorously.
How powerful is the monk’s momentum in Yuan infant period? Autumn is seen at this moment. As soon as the momentum of heaven is released, it will cause the wind of heaven and earth to roar and disperse, which is a blustery one.
Being oppressed by that powerful momentum, Qiu immediately felt that he wanted to suffocate. Generally, even his brain thought seemed to stop at that moment. If so, he had to leave a shadow in Qiu’s mind, which was not conducive to later practice.
Although Qiu has just entered the foundation period, his spiritual practice is very strong. He has a moderate degree in the foundation period, and even the oppression of Qiu’s momentum in the sky is uneasy. Other 4,000 monks in the foundation period are no exception.
Just at this time, the other seven Yuan-infant monks are also foaming at the mouth and standing in vain everywhere, faintly guarding against the man who just came out of the wind blade and sword, and relieved the strong momentum and aftermath oppression for all the monks in the foundation period.
"Ha, ha, ha, you human monks are really arrogant. You dare to be so arrogant and slaughter so many flying giant eagles in the wild forest. If you don’t teach you a lesson today, you won’t know how little you are!"
At a certain point in the higher school, there was a sudden faint fluctuation. From it, there was a arrogant, arrogant and faintly angry sound "rumbling", which was so huge that it resounded through the world that everyone could hear it clearly.
Then, after the sound, it suddenly cracked and broke, as if it had collapsed, and a huge bird flew out of it.
The sudden appearance of the huge bird of God is extremely handsome and powerful, and it is dozens and hundreds of times more SHEN WOO than the flying giant eagle king. Moreover, the bird of God is extremely huge and dozens and hundreds of times larger than the flying giant eagle king, and its wings are hundreds of feet long and wide.
This giant bird is as golden as the flying eagle king, but the golden color of the flying eagle king is somewhat biased towards yellow color, while the golden color of this giant bird is biased towards gold color, which is a very bright, dazzling and golden pure gold.
The great bird’s wings spread out from the high altitude and brought up a gust of wind, which blew the clouds away and Yun Qi fell.
As soon as the god bird fell, the huge momentum rolled in the direction of the square, and it was like a real oppression against the monks of the square
The powerful momentum of the sky filled the whole room, but when the huge bird fell, the momentum it scattered violently hit the sky and still occupied the wind.
"Golden Dapeng Bird!"
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Chapter one hundred and seven Yaowei furious
The appearance of the Golden Dapeng Bird was very fierce and arrogant, and the movement was extremely loud. Before his figure appeared, he had already cast a powerful spell to hit all the monks in the then period, causing the fall of seventeen monks in the then period.
As soon as the golden Dapeng bird emerged from the high altitude, it was as huge as the real momentum, and it suddenly crushed the momentum that was so powerful that it was squeezed out by Tianli, and the momentum gave way all the way.
The golden Dapeng bird has a huge body and its wings have reached an amazing height of 100 feet. His whole body is golden, and the golden color is extremely bright, dazzling and pure.
The golden Dapeng bird recognized his origin as soon as it appeared, and called out in surprise.
"Golden Dapeng Bird!" Hearing these five words, Qiu was suddenly shocked, leaving a very surprised brilliance in his eyes. He was really shocked to the extreme.
I also know something about the golden Dapeng bird in autumn. According to this, the golden Dapeng bird has a trace of golden-winged Dapeng bird blood, and the golden-winged Dapeng bird is a kind of medium and extremely strong beast, which is slightly inferior to the dragon and phoenix.
Golden-winged Dapeng bird, a powerful and extremely spiritual beast, is good at wind and supernatural powers. It is said that the great golden-winged Dapeng bird can cross the distance of nine Wan Li as soon as it spreads its wings and flies.
Autumn can’t imagine flying nine Wan Li distances with one flapping of its wings. This is only possible when powerful magical powers and mighty powers are afraid of having fairy-beast-level golden-winged Dapeng birds.
I heard that the golden-winged Dapeng bird is so powerful and powerful that it contains a trace of blood of the golden-winged Dapeng bird. I think it is also magical and powerful
However, in the human world, not only the golden-winged Dapeng bird has disappeared for millions of years, but even the golden Dapeng bird is rare. I didn’t expect to be lucky enough to see one in the autumn outside the wild forest.
"You can be reckless in the wild forest with the ability of a monk in the infant period? Today I will let you know that the periphery of this wild forest belongs to my Jin Peng territory, and human monks can’t challenge me! "
After the golden Dapeng bird "Jin Peng" appeared, he was stronger and stronger than the sky, and the momentum was not seen. The sound of the golden Dapeng bird’s mouth "boomed" resounded through heaven and earth as if it were even shaken
Golden Dapeng Bird felt that his dignity was challenged, so he immediately made a move after he was full of anger, resounded through the world and even was about to be shaken.
A long peck from a sharp point immediately spewed a light from the mouth of the golden Dapeng bird, and the light flashed in front of the golden Dapeng bird and disappeared.


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