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"Ha ha thank you? It’s my turn to thank you "

Ni Junduan gulped down the cup, and his mobile phone shook in his pocket again. It seems that he can’t leave.
"Drink so fast?" Le Xuewei was surprised.
Ni Jun has handed the cup to her hand. "It’s delicious. I have to go … and there are some things like this. Xuewei, if you have anything, just give me a call. I will come immediately when I receive the words in the chapter and the imperial city."
"Good to know that you have something to do!" Le Xuewei promised to pick up the sofa Ni Junxi coat and handed it to him, only to find that his shirt sleeve was stained with engine oil, presumably when he was repairing the car just now.
"NiJun ….." LeXueWei stopped NiJun "you want to go to the occasion is very formal? If the shirt is dirty, take one from my father and change it for you! "
Said the Ni Jun promised to go to the parents’ room to find a suitcase and take out a Hangzegao shirt and hand it to Ni Jun. "Change it quickly!" Isn’t it still in a hurry? If your shirt is dirty, if you are not seen well, you will think that you are rude. Your identity is different now. You should pay attention to these details. "
"Uh … good" NiJun mywood took the shirt heart surge thick warm current.
Le Xuewei gave a hand to him. "Then you change me and go to the room to sort things out. You will put them here and wash them. You will come and get them again every time." Then he turned and went into the room.
Ni Jun froze for a long time before he untied his shirt. He changed the dirty shirt for Le Xuewei, but he didn’t come out. Ni Jun gently put the shirt on the sofa and wanted to go in and knock on the door to say goodbye, but in the end he still didn’t have the courage to leave.
When Le Xuewei came out, she didn’t see Ni Jun’s shirt stained with engine oil lying on the sofa. She picked it up and walked into the bathroom and threw it into the basket. She thought that it should be very important for Ni Jun to leave in such a hurry. It seems that today is the time to delay him. It’s really hard to say that the situation is really difficult. Who would have thought that Han Chengyi’s shadow Ni Jun has become an heir to the prosperous family?
Chapter 37 Crisis
I came to’ Lanwan’ at noon, but it was still late.
Seeing the door seal far away, Han Chengyi’s heart suddenly sank and two words emerged in his mind! Hangzhou’s family has been blocked. Xiaoxue, Dabao Xiaobao’s family can return! At this moment, Han Chengyi closed his eyes and had the impulse to slap himself.
The car stopped and Han Chengyi stepped on the doorstep, which was unrealistic. These people were too quick!
There was a car passing by but it stopped beside him. The car was none other than just about to leave Hang ‘an. When Hang ‘an saw Han Chengyi, he couldn’t help but sneer at the car and walked towards him.
"Hey, who am I? Isn’t this the famous general manager Han Yu, who turned his hands in the Imperial City? You have a lot of work to do, and the whole imperial city has asked you to calculate. Why did you come here? " Hang An has a bad breath and is full of provocation.
"oh! I see. Are you here to enjoy the pleasure of revenge? How’s it going? Does it feel good? How can the foundation of Hangjia be stable before it falls? I’m afraid it will never turn over with you! You really can’t say that offending no one can offend Han Sanshao! How cruel Han San is! Even his wife and children can be ignored … "
Han Chengyi never spoke. When he heard the last sentence, he suddenly turned around. Two sharp eyes gouged out to Hang An’s hands, grabbed his collar and gnashed his teeth. "What the hell did you say?"
"Hum!" Hang An is not afraid to glance at Han Chengyi coldly. "What do you say that you don’t understand? Han Laosan doesn’t freak out that you are cruel like Yan! Desperate to this point? Aren’t you worried that Xuewei and Dabao Xiaobao have no place to stay? That’s your woman, your blood! "
"You fart!" Han Chengyi stared and almost roared "What is driven to extinction? I didn’t do it! "
"No?" Hang an thinks it’s ridiculous. Will anyone believe him when he says this? "Korea’s old don’t play is snow eu here also won’t believe your story! What was it that your father and eldest brother didn’t have you at the same time? At least it hasn’t forced my adoptive father to death, has it? It’s very kind of you to be a Taiwan-Canada economic review! "
"Hang An shut your mouth!" Han Chengyi gripped Hang An’s breath with a tight hand.
Hang An neither hides nor struggles to meet Han Chengyi’s eyes calmly. "Han Chengyi, do you love Xue Wei? Do you really love her? My sister hasn’t had a good day since she was six years old. You will be good to her, but now? Han Chengyi, you actually love yourself more, and you love that signboard of your Korean family more! "
"Where did she go?" Han Chengyi doesn’t want to talk nonsense with him. The more he listens, the more he feels sorry for him. Where on earth is Xiaoxue suffering now?
"Hum!" Hang An sneered, "Where did she go? Are you qualified to ask that? What if I tell you? After telling you, you kept pushing her? Forcing her to choose between you and Hangjia? Han Chengyi, aren’t you so clever? Just as you were born a Han family, Xue Wei, she was born a Hang family! Since you have chosen hatred, you have chosen to give up her. In that case, don’t ask anything. She won’t leave her parents alone to have a good life with you. You love her so much. Don’t you know her? Han Chengyi, I believe you want to hold her in your hand! But that’s how you hold her in your hand? You may be a great man, but Han Chengyi, I despise you for making my sister so sad! "
Hang An broke free from Han Chengyi’s collar and asked, "Do you have anything else? I’m leaving if I have nothing to do. "
Han Chengyi’s absence made him speak to Hang An, glanced at him, turned around and drove away.
"San Shao" Hao Xiyin came along. "Don’t worry, let people check it now. There will be news of San Shaofu soon. Calm down. President Joe is still in the holy goodness. San Shaofu won’t lose President Joe from the imperial city."
It was only after Hao Xiyin woke up that Han Chengyi was relieved. How did you forget about it? My father-in-law is still here. Xiaoxue won’t go far.
"Check it out, don’t make a move yet, and … Hang Zehao will review it and find someone to follow me. I want to know how far it is going."
"It’s three little rest assured"
Hao Xiyin quickly found Le Xuewei’s foothold. Han Chengyi looked at the paper address and was impressed that it was in the old city. Does Xiaoxue live here now? Will she not be used to it? She followed him. When did he make her suffer all day? Eating is the best.
"What is this place?" Han Chengyi’s worried frown tone is not very good.
Hao precious little sound guessed his mind and explained, "Three little rest assured that although it is in the old city, the room is good, but it has been lent to Hangzhou by people who have a large area. Three wealthy families and young gentlemen should not suffer there."
"Well," Han Chengyi said, though he still doesn’t trust to keep the address in his heart secretly. How can he trust? He has to take a look at Xiaoxue with his own eyes. He probably doesn’t want to see him. He just needs to take a look from a distance.
It rained a little in the afternoon, and Le Xuewei came to visit Qiao Wandong in Shengci. When she came out, she smiled. The doctor said that Qiao Wandong was recovering well. Although the blood clot was absorbed by herself, she did not wake up for a long time. She may wake up naturally when the blood clot gradually shrinks and the oppressed nerves are liberated.
This is really the best news that Le Xuewei has heard for a while.
At the gate of the inpatient department, Le Xuewei was thinking about how to get back. When she came back, she took a taxi. But now it’s raining, I’m afraid it’s hard to take a taxi. It’s always hard for her to grab a car with others on the side of the road. What if she gets hit?
Is hesitated inside the bag, the phone rang, Le Xuewei took it out and saw that it was Ni Jun.
"Hello Ni Jun"
Section 23
"It’s San Shao … Xue Wei" Ni Jun now occasionally shouts the wrong habit. It’s really hard to change this thing. "Where are you now? I just came back from the imperial city and will pass through the old city. Is it convenient for me to pick up that shirt? "
"ah! Great! Are you in the city? Then you turn to’ Shengci’ to pick me up. I will wait for you at the gate of the inpatient department! " Le Xuewei sipped her mouth and felt so lucky. Fortunately, Ni Jun is in the city, otherwise how to get back is really a problem.
"Oh, good, I’m coming," Ni Jun hurriedly told the driver, "Go to Shengci!"
Weekend afternoon, the hospital parking lot was full of car Ni Jun. He walked in with an umbrella to meet Le Xuewei at the entrance of the inpatient department. "Xue Wei has been waiting for a long time? The rainy road is a bit of a traffic jam. Don’t come in and take two steps at the door! "
"Nothing" Le Xuewei got into the umbrella and walked out with Ni Jun’s arm. Ni Jun helped her to be more careful.


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