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Father told me something, and I knew it in my heart. At this time, the Five Ghosts just came back and sent a letter to Sang Yu, and the result was still the same-the root didn’t find a way to get in, which means that Mangyan has been hiding in chaos!

At that time, Wang Xi was ready to look for it himself, but I knew that even if I went, I was still at a loss, so I shook my head and said my idea, "I don’t think this is the key … I think there is a way to get in!" That is to say, breaking the five-mans angle can expose the mans eyes.
Wang Xi and Sang Yu are in favor of it, but they just know something about it, Sir Cui, and ordinary people panic at the sound of it, for fear that we can’t handle it if we break the circle, and then let alone solve it, even a hundred years of stability will be lost.
Although this plan didn’t come out, I guessed something from their throughput-you think, a group of grandfathers and these villagers have a hard life, but after all, they have a chance to live. If you really get those things out, it will be difficult.
This is difficult for me. As a result, it’s hard to say whether it’s good or bad. A few masters don’t agree with Cui Erqiang outside anyway. A group of young people don’t know the result inside, and they knock on the door anxiously, which makes me feel depressed immediately.
I was about to get angry, but at the sight of that group of masters and ready to kneel down, I couldn’t help it. But this time, Wang Xi actually solved the problem in one sentence. "Nothing! I have a way to deal with these things-all the villagers are going to live in the county town for a while and then come back after the matter is settled. If we can’t handle this matter, the Wangs guarantee that we will solve many problems such as work, housing, life, etc. Let everyone worry about food and clothing … Do you think this is ok? "
When talking, Wang Xi finally did the most arrogant thing of the rich second generation-ya gave the trunk two large suitcases to have a look, which were neat and full of tickets … This goods had to bring enough cash and money to solve many things every time they went out. I was still quite disdainful at that time! It’s so cool to pay for it!
Section three hundred and fourteen Broken Mountain (2)
? Speaking of these grandfathers, they are not greedy. As soon as we can settle down the whole village, we are embarrassed. Grandfather Cui hurriedly cried awkwardly, "No, no-Mr.wong, we are all honest people in the village. We can just give something and have a bowl of rice to eat. No, you are so embarrassed …"
When will this be over? I don’t want to cause more complications now, so I cough. "Let’s stop talking about this matter, Mr. Cui. What matters now is to solve the array-please always call a few boys with shovels and pickaxes to do things with me, okay?"
"yes! Ok! Of course, Mr. Cui even promised to shout a voice in the courtyard. "When you come over to pay close attention to the top two, I quickly added," Remember this, Sir, it’s still Wang Xizhu.
"Ah, Cui Erqiang and his gang have been impatient for a long time. When they heard Qi Qi’s promise, they rushed into the hospital to see me and Grandpa Cui, and they immediately smiled." Sir, are you talking to Mr. Wang and them? "
This cargo is smart, too. I just kicked them out. The clue is that we didn’t get to the point directly. It seems that the reason for this is guessed in a few minutes-Mr. Cui laughed. "Top two, this … er, this Mr. Wang has already talked with us! Now we old men have decided to hand this matter over to Mr.wong, and they will handle it-from now on, you all have to listen to the arrangement of Mr.wong to handle things well in the village … after that … "
He couldn’t say anything here. He glanced at it and I didn’t know what it meant. As a result, Wang Xi immediately coughed and said, "How to invest and develop in the future? I must consider clearly to make the whole Maojiaping rich."
Father Cui laughed and said, "Yes, yes, get rich and get rich …" He didn’t expect that we were really going to invest here besides dealing with this problem, and suddenly a flower bloomed in our hearts.
Joy is not only a few old men left by Mr. Cui, but also those two-leng young people who immediately cried noisily-this idiot young man is really happy and talkative, and it is really simple to be happy without knowing what is going on!
Look at this. It’s hilarious on the surface, but I can’t let go of those things in my heart. I coughed a few times and motioned for Wang Xi to understand his horse. I mean, I hurriedly called a few "quiet! Quiet! I have a few words to say.
Mr.wong this one mouthful all horses are banned, he also looked around a Cui Erqiang and those village officials. "Although I said that I want to invest in hair, I don’t know anything about many things. It’s not to travel here! I’ll leave things here to this Liu Jingli to deal with … "The goods immediately gave me a job freely." We in Liu Jingli are good at foreign investment, development and tourism, and you have to do it after you finish.
"A group of people must have shouted at once and immediately came around and asked," What’s Liu Jingli’s order? "
You said that you can finally get down to business for so long, and I’m welcome. The horse said, "Cui Cunchang, you find me some strong young men to go out with me to handle affairs."
"Ah, ah, ah, horse-cow, you should take people and Liu Dage out to do things quickly.
As soon as Cui Erqiang spoke, the cow immediately went out with five or six guys and went straight towards one of the five mans. After a few steps, I heard Sang Yu shout "Wait, I’ll go with you."
I want to go to Sang Yu and have a lot of five ghosts to use, which is convenient. I quickly went back and took her with me. Cui Erqiang stayed at home to have tea and chat with several fathers. I talked about what I saw in the village and the local customs-it’s really a little bit ready to stay at home.
But I don’t want to take this guy with me. If something happens, I can’t explain it. Plus, he was in a coma last night, not sleeping. The whole person’s mental outlook is not good. Keep it.
So Sang Yu and I took the cattle and their group headed for the mountain. These guys casually said hello to the roadside farmhouse and borrowed hoes and shovels and other things. By the way, a repairman got two thick crowbars at home.
There are five mountain horns, and now I’m going to the last mountain horn, which is the barren land.
This is easy to say, but it’s really hard for me to get a look at that place. Hey, you said this place is really big. This land is the size of a basketball court, and it is bare and exposed with yellow mud. Don’t say that it is grass from trees, and even snakes, insects, rats and ants can’t be found at all, let alone something.
A group of bear children don’t know. When they got to the place, they took shovels and hoes and asked, "What’s the matter?" Boss Liu, do you want to find water or see specialties? We’ll get it out for you.
Although it’s very interesting, you don’t know how deep this side is. I can’t really ask these young people to dig three feet to find it. After thinking about it, I reached out and took the crowbar from the side and drew a circle casually.
Look at the size of that circle, these kids almost didn’t feel dizzy-how big do you think half a basketball court can be? If you ask them to dig three or five meters, they won’t be exhausted? By a group of people swallow saliva dozen careless eye dozen careless eye posture almost want to slip … Cattle stretched out his hand and stopped the eyes bulging like two almost yelled "who dares to run? Brother Cui told me to listen to Boss Liu’s instructions. If you don’t listen, dare to sneak away. I’ll break one leg and run two. I’ll break a pair of grunts.
All of a sudden, these bear children turned blue, whining and coming over. The posture was like calling them to die. I smiled a few times. "Don’t be like this. There’s not much room-you just dig this area for about half a foot and get a shallow pit out, but the bottom must be leveled. If not, just find some water to splash and find a flat one."
As soon as the words came out, a few guys were so happy that they hurried to get water and things-cows are so embarrassed to give me a mouth. "Mr. Liu is too lazy to push around a little thing …" With a smile, "But if you tell me what it is, I will definitely ask these guys to do it well or kill them."
I also waved my fist, but when I saw Sang Yu smiling, I immediately took it back with a hey hey smile.
"That’s really not the case." I pointed to the range and smiled. "It’s simple here, and it’s repeatedly said that it’s not necessary to do that-by the way, I have a few things for you to help me find."
With that, I took out a word from my pocket, brushed it, wrote a slip and gave it to him. Immediately, this guy took the slip and ran for half an hour. After that, the group of guys first came back, got a car, pulled a mill and a bucket, and soon the place was dug up.
With a dozen boys doing this, the place was dug up quickly, and by the time the cows came back with the carriage and dragged things, the place was almost out, and the ground was being ground while splashing water.
The ground soon leveled out, and the water spilled on the surface quickly disappeared. Then I asked someone to sprinkle a layer of chopped yellow pomelo foam on the flat pavement of Boya, and then the surface of plum pit, elm root, Sophora japonica leaf, coffin moss and so on was put into a pile according to different directions to ignite and burn these Boya.
Suddenly, the smoke was so thick that Bai Ya burst into flames. While it was full of smoke, I turned around the fire pit several times and pulled out some cinnabar from my pocket and spilled it on the fire-I just saw Sang Yu pretending to have nothing to do through the smoke, and I did two things.
When we met, she was smiling. "Hum, are you trying to record grievances through voyeurism? You just won’t tell me why? Don’t believe me? "
"That’s right. I cried wronged." These things are trivial. Miss Wang needs you to wait for a while and find a specific place to trouble you more.
Sang Yu was so proud when I blew it. "Don’t worry about what I do-well, since you said it, I believe in the big things. I’m the boss and you come to the small things."
"That’s that’s-no! I said this thing is a trivial matter. I’ll come to him. Don’t fool me into washing the floor and piling up my head … "
I’m chatting with Sang Yu here, and the cypress ya has slowly burned into white ash, and it’s gradually exposed. When the flame is extinguished, I’ll have a broom sweep all the ash a little bit-a little while later, I’ve already seen the ground, and there seems to be a strange pallor, and it squeaks and turns into ice with such a splash of water!
How high do you think the fire burning temperature in that place is? The soil in that place has been burned hot, and now the water is drenched and it freezes itself-isn’t this a sink of Yin and Qi?


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