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No matter what industry you do, you must abide by the industry rules, otherwise it will be chaotic.

I took out two small incense burners and lit incense. Four people knelt side by side and I went to worship the incense burners.
After the worship, I still didn’t get up, took out the official seal, dipped it in cinnabar water, and then went to Batu and pressed it on his forehead.
Batu immediately turned to the virtual bow down and said softly in his mouth, "Grandfather’s brother Meng Grandfather’s great kindness has found a treasure today. I hope that my brother will not slip his hands and return to another day. My brother will be grateful to Grandfather for his great kindness." After that, he knocked three heads continuously.
I turned my head and took a look at Xu Ping and Chen Mo. There are some contradictions in their hearts. They don’t belong to our master. Just pay homage to the tomb owner. But this ceremony is really true. One day, the official seal has the magical power to restrain ghosts. Pressing the official seal on the forehead can dispel ghosts.
There are rules in our master that you can’t seal the official seal unless they are willing to join Faqiu Gate.
Xu Ping knows these things about us fairly well. Seeing that my face is reluctant, he said, "Come on, cover it for me first. After this success, I will officially worship my ancestors and join my master. What do you think?"
Xu Ping’s words made the contradiction in my heart suddenly disappear. This is indeed a way. Whether he will really join our school or not, it is a comfort to me. With this condition, I can safely violate the rules of our school.
Chen Mo has encountered these things with us in Mongolia, so he still believes that we hesitated for a moment. He said, "I don’t know if I can join your master now, but I will definitely ask Miss Zheng to let me go after I go back. I have been following you ever since."
Chen Mo kept his eyes on the official seal in my hand when he spoke, because he knew that the official seal had a very powerful power and could protect himself from the wind and rain.
"Well, I’ll help you build it today. When you get back, you must worship your ancestors." I said lightly.
Actually, I don’t believe that grandfathers can protect us. The only thing that can protect us is the official seal of this day.
I did this so as not to let myself feel sorry for Grandpa San. When he gave me the official seal, he said that we should not touch others, but we did.
After stamping Chen Mo and Xu Ping with official seals, we walked along the pyramid-shaped mound to the front.
Generally speaking, the normal tomb * * pyramid-shaped mound will not be too long for dozens of meters, and it will be over. Even the large-scale tomb * * pyramid-shaped mound has hundreds of meters, but we have walked for 200 meters and the distance is still not over.
"Look, there’s a stone platform." Batu shouted and walked quickly.
The three of us followed closely from behind and walked to the front of the stone stage.
This stone table looks like a stone chess table. Because no one has come here for many years, thick dust has accumulated on the stone table. There is a thumb-sized spindle-shaped mark in the stone table.
Batu and I looked at each other, knowing that this may be what the girl who sold the news to Zheng Xiaomei said. The beeswax is usually spindle-shaped wherever he goes.
"It’s good luck to pick up a piece of beeswax when you walk to this place." Batu has forgotten to prevent Xu Ping and said with a thick envy on his face.
"What beeswax? Where is the beeswax? " Xu Ping asked after listening to a full face of doubt.
The three of us looked at each other again, and then Batu and Chen Mo turned their heads to one side at the same time, as if to say that it was none of their business to let me do it myself.
I thought for a moment that now that we have come in, several of us should trust each other and can’t hide it from Xu Ping any more, so I said, "Well, Xu Ping, we received the news before you took out the information. A man took out a piece of beeswax from here and he didn’t dare to go deep into it, so he sold the news to us. We were always wary of you and didn’t say anything about it."
After hearing this, Xu Ping’s face showed a strange color and said, "I see. Since you bought the news, why didn’t you just come around for a long time?"
"Well … some things are not as simple as we thought. We were always wary of you before. After you took out this information, we withdrew this single business. Because our business is not interested in hot things, your institute has already had clues about this place, and we shouldn’t have come.
This time, we dare to come mainly because of you. If you sell us news and you don’t come yourself, we will definitely dare not come. "
After listening to my words, Xu Ping nodded and frowned for a while and said, "So can you tell me these things now and say that you have finished trusting me?"
I nodded and said, "Now that we have found a place and have come, we should be honest and work together."
"Stop it! What do you see?" Batu half squat body alert looked at the front and asked
When the three of us heard Batu’s words, we suddenly felt scared and turned around to follow Batu’s hand, but strangely, there was nothing in the dark ahead.
"What? Why didn’t I see anything? " Chen Mo first got up and asked.
"Just now, when you were talking, I saw two things that glowed green, which were a bit like the eyes of dogs. They flashed in the dark, but they couldn’t be seen now." Batu didn’t care. Chen Mo suspected that he was still crouching in front of us and explained to us.
"animals? Unlikely, right? I checked the information carefully before I came, but there have been no other animals here except yak for decades.
There was a wolf before, but then they were all lighted up. "Xu Ping was very alert and looked at the front and said.
"This is hard to say. Maybe there are fish escaping from the net?" I got up and said
29 Chapter 29 Wolf corpse in pyramid-shaped mound
"Look!" Just then Batu shouted to us again
This time, Chen Mo and I also saw that something really flashed like two small light bulbs in the dark.
Xu Ping’s reaction ability is naturally worse than ours because he has no work experience, so he didn’t see it, but when he saw that all three of us were waiting for him, he also consciously didn’t speak, but took out a gesture for him before me.
I have taken out the dagger and waited for that thing in the dark to come out, but it flashed before our eyes and never appeared again.
After a few minutes, I got up and shook hands with the dagger tightly and said, "It seems that there is something in it. Both of you should be careful behind me and Batu."
The hand light is very limited in this place, and we can’t see far. The four of us dare not be so careless as before, and the pace is very small, and the foundation is to look back step by step.
"Ow …!"
Suddenly, a proud wolf growled and interrupted the peace here.
"What a wolf!" After hearing this sound, the four of us felt a cold back at the same time.
"It seems that the external record is not necessarily correct," Chen Mo said in a low voice.
He didn’t blame Xu Ping for incorrect information, but said from the bottom of his heart, who can count every inch of land because nature is so big? Maybe the statistics show that people here have never been stationed on the snowy mountain surface for a while, and when they find that there is nothing, they just remember it at random.
"Be careful, since it’s a wolf, it’s definitely not alone. Maybe there will be a lot of it." Before I finished my words, I saw dozens of green eyes in the dark ahead
"Why so many?" Chen Mo’s face turned ugly when he saw the green light in the dark ahead.
Originally, he relied on the force of a few of us, but if it wasn’t too careless, three or five wolves wouldn’t be our opponents, but now we see at least 20 wolves in front of us, and even if a few of us can fight, they can’t be their opponents.
"Mom spelled" Chen Mo saw that we didn’t talk and directly pulled out a pistol from the waist to prepare a gun.
"Don’t shoot yet. Don’t you see that these wolves have no front?" I looked at the front and grabbed Chen Mo’s arm to stop him from fooling around.
"Yes, I think there seems to be something wrong with this situation. According to the habit of wolves, they will definitely hug people when they see them, but these wolves don’t seem to move. Are they looking at us in front?" Xu Ping listened to my words and said.
Now the four of us are the safest in Xu Ping, because he is the same as me, and his personal strength is not high. This is his first time to work, and we deliberately surrounded him. Xu Ping also knows that he should accept our kindness.
After waiting for more than ten minutes, a few of us broke out in a cold sweat where the temperature was not high. Batu finally couldn’t help but ask, "What the hell is this? Why are these animals staring at us all the time? Are they also afraid of us? "
Batu’s words make me think it’s very possible, otherwise they can’t stay stagnant forever.
"Otherwise, we might see something if we lean forward slowly," I asked.
"OK" Chen Mo was the first to agree to my proposal.
Batu can’t oppose it, and Xu Ping is in urgent need of what he has shown in front of us. He can’t wait to be the first to rush.
Several people discussed it and finally decided to let me take two steps forward while the three of them stayed behind.
In this way, we are the safest. If I encounter any danger when I walk forward, the three of them can come to save me at the first time. If we walk together without caring about anything, we may be devastated.
The left hand clapped and the right hand held tightly the dagger left by my uncle, took a few breaths, and then suddenly stepped forward with a horizontal heart.
Taking a step forward, I was shocked to find that there was a green light shining in the dark, and my eyes suddenly increased more than twice as much as I saw in my previous position.
But I see more eyes, but they are still motionless, as if they were sleeping.
With doubts in my heart and courage, I took a step forward. There are more than one hundred green eyes, and I have seen the owner of the nearest pair of eyes with the help of hand light.
It’s a wolf, but the wolf’s fur is very dry and his body is not full at all, and he looks dusty, as if he hasn’t been moved here for a long time
"ouch!" Suddenly, I heard the wolf corpse scream, but it was strange that it didn’t move at all, and the sound source seemed to come from all directions, more like a back.
After getting this conclusion, I did not retreat but went in and looked at the wolf corpse for a long time.
"Is it really dead?" I can’t believe that these wolves turned out to be corpses at the end of the stalemate here for a long time, and the sound is too strange. How can it make a sound when the wolves are all dead? Its eyes are not hard, and it will be more perishable than muscles, not to mention long-term protection.
Doubts in my heart are more intense, and I have taken a big step forward again. At the sight of green eyes, there are thousands of them, and a large one can’t help but tremble.
And I saw seven wolf carcasses. These wolf carcasses are shrinking badly, and their heads are not much bigger than a local dog, but their eyes are still radiant and shriveled. The sharp contrast is like a pair of fresh eyes put in an air-dried wolf carcass.
When I hit the wolf’s body with my hand, seven wolves roared around. Although I don’t know what dead wolves can bark, I can be sure that there are no living wolves here.
Seeing that these wolves are already dead, I am a little bolder and walk forward.


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