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For a second Catherine loosened the elf bow in her hand.

The one-meter-long energy arrow shot out instantly.
And in the process of flying, I still constantly absorb the spiritual force in the air.
Eventually, it became bigger and bigger and evolved into a huge energy arrow five meters long.
And Catherine this arrow aimed at the target.
It is one of the island’s main warships.
Watching Catherine’s huge energy arrow fall into her boat.
The island owner who was attacked by Catherine immediately released his gold pet beast in horror.
And let it display defensive skills.
Trying to resist Catherine’s attack this time
But what shocked the island owner was that
When his gold pet beast displays defensive skills,
Catherine’s energy arrow actually penetrated the defensive barrier composed of spiritual force in an instant.
This arrow … actually has a spirit-breaking effect!
Seeing this, where is the island owner still white?
Catherine, this attack has a spirit-breaking effect!
Then Catherine’s energy arrow is firmly landed on the island’s main warship.
With a huge explosion, this hundred-meter-long huge warship
I was blown up by Catherine’s attack!
And most people flee immediately in the face of warships that are about to be silent.
Many people fell into the sea because of this.
Swim hard towards other warships around.
Everyone saw this behind the scenes.
Look worse than ugly.
Utah island owner
At this time, his face is even more gloomy and terrible.
They didn’t think that even if they combined the strength of so many people.
It seems that Dufa and Lu Yuan and his party can compete!
But the thought of handing them the lobster with iron tongs
They can get a reward when they finish.
The expression of several island owners became firm again.
Anyway, their purpose this time is not to defeat Liu Yuan.
They are trying to destroy Liu Yuan’s’ Flying Henan Man’.
Liu Yuan lost the ship.
Then he also lost the means of transportation to continue to the North Sea.
This is the lobster with iron pliers. Give it to them.
With this in mind, several island owners have released their pets.
Twelve gold pet beasts instantly appeared in the sea.
Not only that, the island owner also United with others around the evil islands
Joined the battle together.
As a result, the number of gold pet beasts on the sea surface has finally reached an astonishing fifteen.
Fifteen gold pets go together to destroy a ship.
These island owners don’t seem to be particularly difficult.
And with that appearance of these fifteen gold pet beast.
The island owners immediately launched a fierce attack on the land-based flying Dutchman.
At this time, Xiafa also jumped from the’ Flying River Nanren’ early.
Joined in the fierce scuffle
Liu Yuan soon noticed that these gold pets were strange.
It seems that they are deliberately trying to guide the battlefield to fly to themselves.
Liu Yuan turned white when he saw it.
This group of people actually destroyed their’ Flying Henan’!
Thinking of this, Liu Yuan said directly to Tam and others, "Stop them and don’t let them near here."
Tam several heard this.
Combined with the strange behavior of these pet animals in front of you.


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