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After all, the number of rebels is still large or dominant. As soon as the battle started, the Golden Man was shot by three people, and the defensive Golden Man was also shot by the rebel arrows.

Su Yonglin calmly responded to the command and instructed the army to move slowly along the drum without panic.
Occasionally, soldiers who are hit will not cause panic in the army. Immediately, Su Yonglin will be replaced and continue to maintain the army’s marching orders, so that they can keep approaching Jinren Village.
Advance to the front of the horse, although the rebel army has a commando team to leave the army shield protection. According to the previous training, it is a bit rough, but it is not flustered to pull out the horse to the follow-up troops.
The Jin people in Zhaili lack more effective means of long-range strike.
This unexpected sharp attack by the rebel army disrupted their defensive rhythm, and they were a little flustered, more neutral and fired quickly to dismantle the horse-refusing commando, which made Su Yonglin happy.
This says that Jin people are confused.
When the rebel army saw that the attack was effective, it made a little momentum and a little feeling that it was approaching the village.
Of course, the Jin people’s defense will not succeed in facing the rebel army, which is not indiscriminate, but has a well-organized and dominant position. They can’t bring effective obstacles if they keep shooting
Finally, the village was destroyed by the rebels, and the gap in the main entrance was beaten and the rebels rushed into the village.
But the fighting didn’t end there.
After the rebels rushed in, they were surprised to find that the Jin people in the village had not given up. They made a final resistance and did not intend to surrender.
Their village buildings continued to resist and block the rebels, which brought some trouble to the rebels.
The tough battle suddenly turned into a small-scale street fighting.
The same is true for most of the Jin people’s villages before they were conquered. In addition to the high platform in the periphery, there are also two-story and three-story buildings that can build two lines of defense with a little benefit.
Is equal to in addition to the peripheral line of defense and a line of defense, a total of two lines of defense.
Jin people’s village not only has a habitable body, but also has a defensive effect. After the peripheral defense is broken, there are towers and houses inside to defend, which has played a layer-by-layer defense.
In this case, it is necessary to have enough troops to delay the enemy’s attack
It is estimated that when this village was built, the Jin people in this village considered the possibility of rebellion and made preparations before it was built.
A few times ago, it can be said that the rebel army was lucky enough to sneak up on it, and there was no fighting will and no second line of defense, and it collapsed after being killed.
And the designer of this village is obviously a little prescient. With a defensive body, it seems that he still has a will to fight, which immediately caused trouble to the rebels.
The difference between people is really bigger than that between people and pigs …
Su Yonglin sighed so much.
But that eye is not the time to sigh
After breaking the peripheral defense, a small number of residual Jin people retreated into the tower building of the village department and the crossbow attacked the rebel army for the second stage of defense. This situation once made the rebel army very passive according to inertia.
The previous combat experience was that Jin people quickly collapsed and did not dare to resist and immediately surrendered.
With such fighting experience, the rebel army felt that it had won after breaking the defense this time. Everyone wanted to rush to end the fighting, so the army dispersed and the soldiers rushed into a ball and rushed into the village.
I was lucky a few times before, but this time it’s different.
This group of Jin people have a strong will to resist. They have not given up occupying favorable terrain and kept shooting arrows. From time to time, rebel soldiers were hit by arrows.
There are injuries and death on the spot.
The rebel army did not continue to maintain the army array according to Su Yonglin’s military orders, and as a result, the offensive momentum was delayed and the situation was chaotic.
Su Yonglin was also surprised for a moment. I didn’t expect that the attack could be delayed and dark. If it was not good, I would immediately make the drums beat through the drums to get my orders.
The formation can’t be chaotic. Form the formation immediately!
Many days of training have had some effect. When the officers heard the drums, they reacted. This was Su Yonglin’s order to ask them to form an array at once.
When the soldiers heard the drums, they realized that this was a military order.
So the officers shouted at the top of their voices, and the soldiers of their own department also got together as quickly as possible to restore formation on the spot.
A tight military formation can give soldiers a sense of security. After a short period of panic, the military formation disappears.
A group of battlefield recruits quickly recovered their composure, stabilized their positions and did not retreat, waiting for the Lord’s further orders.
Further orders, of course, are to maintain the army array to attack and kill the people who occupy the building and block the rebels one by one.
After the completion of the army array, with the sword player protecting the golden bow and arrow, it is impossible to continue to kill the rebel army, and the rebel army has regained the initiative in the battlefield by relying on the number advantage.
The Jin people are still few, and the number is even smaller after being broken through a defense. Having two defense preparations but not enough troops can not really stop the rebels.
They tried to shoot arrows at the rebel army, but they fought back and pressed hard
Soon, he insisted on defending the gold people from being shot and killed, and the rebel army quickly broke through their well-defended army array and quickly advanced in.
After the second line of defense was broken, the remaining Jin people could no longer stop the rebels from attacking deeply.


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