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These soldiers have said that it is so difficult to study. They would rather stab a hundred outside with a pike than rack their brains to write and study with a pen.

In view of this situation, Su Yonglin attached great importance to the guidance department and the officials of the guidance department held a meeting to give their own opinions, and then the guidance department was responsible for implementing them.
Then the instructors gathered these soldiers together to tell them the difference between illiterate people and literate people in their daily lives, and what is the difference in their future?
"For example, if someone borrows money from you and borrows 500 pence, he can read and you can’t read. If you lend him 500 pence, he will write 50 pence and even five pence. Anyway, you can’t read. How much he writes is his business. What does it matter to you?"
That’s very painful, soldiers. Look at me. I’ll look at your scared face.
Some soldiers expressed doubts about this.
"Readers generally don’t have such wicked people, do they?"
The instructor looked at the soldier with a look that you were too young. "There are literates who bully illiterate people. Anyway, you can’t read. You know what he wrote. You can’t tell. He also wrote that you borrowed 500 articles from him and bit you. See what you do!"
The soldiers gasped in succession, feeling that the situation was not good and it seemed necessary to study.
If that’s not enough to get everyone to act, it’s even more important to follow.
"Now the rules and regulations in the Corps have been confirmed. If you want to be the leader of this kind of officers from the ranks, you must know at least five hundred words. The general manager said that you don’t want to be a general soldier. It’s not a good soldier. Do you ask yourself if you are a good soldier?
It’s only when people wait outside to read calligraphy that we have a chance. Even if we want to read calligraphy at the end, we must look forward to being reborn and voting for a good family. It’s hopeless in this generation.
Now, the general manager of the Corps has put the opportunity to read and turn over in front of you, so please learn from you. You are both afraid of hardship and fatigue, and you have to give up the good opportunities before you. What can you expect in the future? "
This is also very irritating.
The instructor said that the soldiers were red-faced and ashamed, and they could not say a word with their heads down.
After some ideological mobilization, I have never heard of any recruits who are afraid of hardship and fatigue and don’t study.
Therefore, the whole corps department has become a political correctness, a trend, and a momentum that people will laugh at if they don’t study hard.
Su Yonglin also took the opportunity to organize a literacy contest in the army to organize soldiers to compete for literacy and prepare various awards.
A brush, a small bottle of ink, a refined dagger, or a chance to eat.
Soldiers are more motivated to read and learn Chinese characters.
With this foundation, when the officers teach them the basic knowledge of marching, fighting and camping, they can all listen and remember to learn and understand.
They are qualified as reserve officers and cadres.
Moreover, Su Yonglin is not just a slap in the face, but a strong mouth. What the king has learned here can be transported to the place where the horse can be transported-the battlefield of Bazhou in Xiongzhou.
All the military cities have fully learned knowledge in the battlefield. When the round of war is over, Su Yonglin will personally take senior officers to convene a seminar to resume this battle, discuss the gains and losses of this battle, and sum up experiences and lessons.
Su Yonglin will personally praise whoever commands the army and has achieved good results with little casualties.
And who can’t command the army well? Su Yonglin will analyze the reasons with him.
What is the problem? What causes it? After the analysis, let’s take notes together and keep them in mind so as not to make mistakes once.
Then the senior officers went back and called their own officers’ meeting to discuss, and a wave of resumption was held to discuss whether their orders were well implemented during the battle.
They do things roughly the same as Su Yonglin does.
If the execution is good, praise the merit. If there is any problem in the execution, take out his problems and analyze them carefully, so as not to make similar mistakes once.
After these officers returned to their respective units after studying and reviewing, they contacted the grassroots soldiers and had another small-scale comeback to discuss the previous battles.
They reviewed their own execution level, gained and lost what soldiers did when they carried out their orders, and made mistakes.
Who didn’t carry out the order well, who made a mistake and who did it well, and how to improve it after making up the mistake, such as making sure not to make such a mistake.
These officers need to fully discuss, study and confirm with their own soldiers.
So constantly sum up experience and reflect on mistakes, from level to level.
Soon, the whole regiment quickly formed a very strong atmosphere of calling tactical seminars, resuming combat habits and learning and reflection after the battle.
Chapter 343 Sanai
After bringing the army into such a virtuous circle, Su Yonglin obviously felt that the atmosphere of the army was better.
Those officers from poor backgrounds have improved their quality and become professional.
Recruits are no longer afraid of their hands and feet, or they have things in their heads.
When fighting again, when the same army attacks, it will cooperate with the former different arms more smoothly, and the defense against the other side will be quite timely
Not to mention the five main forces of the original Victory Army, it was only after being incorporated into the Corps that the training and consolidation was carried out. The five new forces, Wu Yijun, Wu Ce Army, Shen Rui Army, Shen Jie Army and Wei Lie Army, all achieved good results and achieved gratifying results.
Fu Hongda, the Wuyi Army with the best results, led an army to behead more than 900 nomads and capture more than 1,000 nomads.
In the end of May, the combat effectiveness of the whole corps was significantly improved by the naked eye.
Wu Yijun and Xuanjia Army broke through the defense lines of Yishui River and Hutuo River in Bazhou, Xiongzhou respectively, which directly threatened Waqiao and Yijin Jinjun’s camp defenses to be directly penetrated, leaving the other half to survive.
This is a great surprise.
Su Yonglin immediately went to the front and met with Wei Kexian and Fu Hongda respectively, personally praising them for their merits, and met with the soldiers who made contributions and also gave them merits.
He was very happy to find that his army was completely different from the past, and the whole army was full of high spirits.
Not to mention that the old army of Victory Army and the original five armies of SHEN WOO Army have also undergone a qualitative change in their mental outlook, which is a big leap forward.
This army is evolving, and it is constantly evolving towards a real army.
In terms of ideology, professional skills and culture, this army has evolved positively
Before and at the beginning of the reorganization, Su Yonglin would still be worried about defeat in the face of Wan Yanliang’s massive attack on the South, and he would consider whether to go to Taihang Mountain to fight guerrilla warfare or simply sail out to sea to find another base area and then counterattack the Central Plains in case of defeat.
But now he won’t have such idea.
With an army that can learn, learn and grow through study and reflection, he will be confident and brilliant.
Although he is still at a disadvantage in overall strength, Yan Hongliang is not an emperor with a stable position, and he can’t play the strength of other departments.
Not to mention victory, even if it is to achieve strategic stalemate and smash Yan Hongliang, it is enough to send Yan Hongliang to the sky and let him die in his own hands.


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