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It was said that there were bandits here, and then the officers and men accidentally burned several people in the process of encirclement and suppression, which caused great resentment. Here, a five-awn array was set up to suppress it. This is not the case!

There were no so-called gangsters here in those days, but some people came here to live in order to avoid the war-torn years. It was safe for them to go out and die, but this life suddenly changed one day!
At that time, there was a local magistrate who was bent on pursuing immortality and invited many magicians to visit Fang Jiafu and ask for immortality. Suddenly, a alchemist came and said that he had immortality!
This cargo is talking about immortality, not him, but trying to catch the old yellow skin in this mountain forest and then take Dan to refine Dan medicine, which is what we see now.
This guy is something. After some design, he actually caught the yellow skin and prepared an alchemy-as a result, the villagers didn’t want to!
It turns out that Huang Piping Ri Li has done some good deeds and helped the villagers a lot. He was honored as Wong Tai Sin and built a mountain temple to serve him. Do you think the villagers can agree that he was arrested?
This uproar is not simple. As a result, the official was obsessed. He fabricated a rebellion charge and arrested all the mature men in this village. As a result, the whole mountain village was boiling!
Rebel! Kill officers and soldiers to save their loved ones!
At that time, I shouted such a slogan! The simple mountaineers killed the official, his entourage and the alchemist, and saved their relatives and the immortal-but their joy was not enough. At that time, the emperor had sent a large group of officers and men to encirclement and suppression!
This time is really a rebellion!
The story that happened later was just like that. The officers and men burned everyone to death. In this cave, a practicing middleman who was embedded in the army at that time was also confused and broke the yellow skin circle. Later, when he entered the cave, he found out the truth and regretted it. He let this guy live without thinking twice.
However, we can’t let go of this yellow skin-because of this death and injury, the sorrow and resentment of the gas department caused the villagers’ murders. If they come out, it will be a big deal!
So the Yellow Skin was built by him as a magic circle to guard these ghosts, so that they could not leave the village or poison the world. The blood pool was to keep the Yellow Skin things in captivity, and the five horns were also a means of casting spells.
This story says that I killed the goods with a grain of salt and it was not easy to be arbitrary at that time, so I negotiated with Sang Yu Wang Xi to prepare or take it back to the master for disposal. Forget it, I have to kill the wrong good people and cause koo killing and cause and effect!
Those murders that we dealt with were burned to death by officers and men.
Now that we know what happened, we’re embarrassed to be black-handed. Let’s just cross over here in the hope of crossing them over. I didn’t expect it to be a success after half a day. Later, I thought it would be better to take it back with me
Is it over?
We came out of the cave happily, and the ox boat was still waiting to take us all the way back to the ground and then to Cui Erqiang’s house. I didn’t expect to see a car that was too familiar just as I walked to the door!
Sang Yu’s red Aston Martin!
Section three hundred and ninety transit of venus Day
? Just when we thought it was strange, someone had seen the door-Cui Erqiang, the cargo, came in and shouted, "Oops! Mr.wong, when they came back, a bunch of guys suddenly poured out to help us carry our bags with flattery and goodwill flattery, and immediately surrounded us. "Don’t! We took a look at that thing ourselves. There was a cargo that stretched out his hand to connect the wooden cage with yellow skin and old dog. I quickly stopped a hand and took it by myself. "I’ll take it easy for myself."
Wang Xi, this isn’t a disguise for Mr. Wang. Although several grandfathers know about it, we can’t let the boss carry our tricks without this cage-of course, Sang Yu is not the victim … I still have to do this, right?
I just stretched out my hand and carried the cage to the old yellow skin. I gave my hand a few times, and my face was full of fear and horror. I seemed to beg for something-I didn’t understand it, so I took the cage higher. "What’s the matter? Are you epilepsy or sow crazy? Hey! I really haven’t heard that yellow skin can pull this problem and know what kind of foot-and-mouth disease there is … "
I’m full of nonsense, but I’m still muttering. You said nothing, so how can the yellow skin curl up into a ball? Are you scared like this? This question has only turned twice in my mind, but it hasn’t come yet. Suddenly, a dog like a cat barks meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.
I aim at you! When I heard this, I was one of the white reasons-this is the little black coming!
Recently, the little black Abai and his wife are familiar with each other, and neither of them is very reliable, so the dog barks and plays with it, so it’s not very clear. It’s often three or four fucking cats barking and adding a dog barking … when asked, the goods still pretend that they have mastered a foreign language!
Blackie has arrived. Do you think Abai can be far behind? No, absolutely not!
With a swish, one or two goods rushed over and looked at me with tears in my eyes. One grabbed my thigh and one pair of smooth pants. When I passed by my ear, I shouted, "Liu, you finally came back. This ri can’t live-it’s really bad to eat recently. How can we live with you?"
"It’s okay, I guess the food is not better than the original two of my hands. It was a big fish and big meat. After I left, I changed it to iron … This cargo is still preparing money to marry my school sister. What do you think this life can do?
I immediately said comfort "good! We’ll eat two pigs by ourselves tonight. Will the steak be good enough when we get back? One person comes first with 20 portions of bone, then 20 portions of sirloin and last 20 portions of sweet … OK? "
Suddenly, I saw that a dog and a cat had tears in their eyes, and my nose was full of tears. That’s the feeling. Er, of course, my pants are a little greasy and wet-I quickly changed the subject by throwing them away. "Don’t ask! By the way, by the way, ask you something. Who else is here? "
Two goods widely spread-and deeply felt a twist …
There’s a smiling idiot at the door staring at us happily. It’s that staying in Chengdu to do thirteen things! As soon as I get happy, "Hey! Thirteen, when are you coming? " Swing his legs against the tree bag, the cat and the dog rushed over. "I really fucking miss me."
Thirteen came up with his head slightly and looked at the yellow skin and said, "Oh, good. It seems that you have settled this matter! It’s such a thing-how do you say it? How about selling it to Dan’s family? At least you can get a million dollars
Although this product is ridiculous, I don’t think the yellow skin is curled up and trembling anymore. It can be said that the cold sweat drips outward along the gray skin, which is unbearable!
Soon his eyes saw another shocking person. Someone braved the golden light and rushed out like a younger brother and took the cage in my hand. "Brother, brother, you are back …"
Judging from the performance, it is iron, and this guy’s attentions are mostly due to offending my sister and wanting me to intercede …
Don’t say that this product is now white. I said that I didn’t need this product. I thought it was hard to ridicule that I had no vision or bragging, but now you see-Daogu and I call each other Buddhists the best in my younger brother, or is it a beast and a fierce beast? My feet are crawling with excitement!
A group of people walked noisily towards the courtyard. Who cares about the yellow skin and the old dog?
However, there are a lot of people who come in this way. Not only are the thirteen irons coming, but even the Wangs have several people. Aston Martin is Uncle Wang Shang and handed it over to Sang Yu. There are also big brothers, Sister Rose, Aunt Wang Heshu of Sang Yu … A large group of people are chatting with Father Cui in the courtyard.
When the big brother saw me, he simply asked, "What’s going on?"
"K I give a thumbs-up" Everything is over. Mao Jiaping has been smooth since then … ""That’s a good master elder brother. "Leave the rest to you. Sister Rose will take you to Guoan Camouflage to deal with you and Sang Yu and Wang Xima. Come with me.
Before I can figure things out, we have been pulled here-everything in the house is packed and installed. It seems that they have already planned it!
Half a day later, I didn’t see clearly that the master elder brother, aunt Wang Heshu and several others, with thirteen, iron, blackie and Abai, were squeezing a few cars in a hurry. Sang Yu was used to it, and Additon Martin kept heading south in the dim night.
"This is to go there? What are you doing? Why are you in such a hurry? " I quickly took the big brother and asked, "Is there anything serious?" "Well, master elder brother didn’t turn back when he was driving, but he replied directly," It’s very urgent. It’s time for Venus Ling Ri. We must … "
"Wait, I yelled." No, right? How can it be said that there is still more than a month when Venus Ling Ri? How can it be said that it is time? "
"What nonsense are you talking about?" There was a sentence next to you. "You’ve been working the case for two months. Do you think it’s almost time?"
I’m confused. I came to Maojiaping in less than three days, but what can I say is more than two months? Is there any secret in that battle?
I quickly told my story, and this elder brother became interested, and I changed my position to study this problem. According to his words, there are too many things that can’t be said in Yin and Yang, which is really worth studying more! After a long time, the big brother finally worked out the reason, but that was already one, so I won’t say much here.
Our purpose this time is very simple, that is, to go to Xishuangna, the mysterious tropical rain forest in China, to meet and intercept all the people in Famen, and Qiong Qi and Yao, who are preparing to draw strength with the help of Venus Ling Ri, hope to catch these two goods in one fell swoop.
But looking around the world, it is not just this matter. It is said that the Nazis are also planning to hold the same ceremony to revive Hitler on this day. That matter has been handed over to the Vatican, so it is not what we need to worry about.
It is said that the master and several other masters have arrived in Xishuangna, and the senior brothers and their party came to pick me up because they couldn’t contact us. However, they were lucky enough to make things clear with Cui Erqiang and Cui Grandfather and we came out.
Xishuangna is located at the southern tip of Yunnan, Laos, where Myanmar is connected by mountains and rivers. Thailand and Vietnam are close neighbors with lush forests and dense plants. Therefore, Xishuangna is known as the "kingdom of plants". In January 1993, UNESCO officially accepted Xishuangna, the international biosphere reserve of Xishuangna National Nature Reserve, that is, 12 Nanas. Since then, it has been named "Xishuangna" in Dai language. This rich land has a quarter of animals and a quarter of the country. Plants are veritable’ Animal Kingdom’ and’ Plant Kingdom’. Xishuangna Scenic Area includes Jinghong City Scenic Area, Menghai County Scenic Area and Mengla County Scenic Area. Each scenic area has 19 scenic spots with a total area of square kilometers.
Of course, those tourist places are just for entertaining tourists, and the place we are going to is a place that has never been sent in the depths of the original jungle-that is, Qiong Qi and Kun are looking for a place where we can safely draw strength!
Deep mountains, jungles, wild animals, the original world … What a pleasant thing to think of!
Section three hundred and ninety-one West Shuangna
? Xishuangna is a beautiful pearl and a famous tourist attraction in China. At the same time, it is also the residence of the famous Sect of our Sect-maybe you remember the master Doga Kacan of the Sect of Ghost Grass. At that time, the participants of the land and water conference said that this was their turf network. Although there is no specific territorial classification in our Sect, many sects kept their ancestors or the birthplace of sects and kept a certain distance from each other. For example, our Zhuge family kept the Sichuan generation while Tantric Sect always kept it. ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○967 But once the place you are going to is the core of the other party, you must send out the due post to visit.
For example, when his brothers come to Sichuan to do business, they may or may not contact us, but once they come to Chengdu’s nine districts and twelve counties and are well-known figures in the sects, it is impolite for you not to contact us!
Of course, if we really don’t come, our master won’t make much noise. But can’t we stay in Chengdu for a long time and make some mistakes? For example, I will shoot the National Security Bureau to arrest them and investigate them for 24 hours …
This time, our destination is a small and medium-sized cottage in the Tibetan jungle, which is also the birthplace of the Duoban people. At the same time, it has been tentatively set here to capture Qiong Qi and the frontier base.
The bus went all the way to a hotel set up by Famendi at Xishuangna Airport to replenish gasoline and drinking water. After climbing the mountain, we did not go south along the 179 county road along the Lancang River like ordinary travelers, but along the 175 county road. Finally, we found a place marked’ Galala Farm Manor’ next to Manfeilong Reservoir.
The door of this place is locked and there is a notice posted on the door. Because the department decoration office is temporarily closed to the outside world, please find another place … Big Brother stopped at the door and slapped the door a few times regardless of the notice.
Just a few small doors creaked and walked out. Two teenagers cocked their heads and asked us, "Why? Didn’t you see our stuff? Recently, the store is closed, so I pointed to several manors next to it. "Go and have a look there."
The master elder brother didn’t say much. He reached out and took something out of his pocket, which was lower. I stole a look at it. It was a colorful cloth. I don’t know how many silk ribbons were tattooed. When the teenager saw the cloth, his face was suddenly different. He immediately laughed. "Oh, you are also a master guest … come and beat the door … and then we will take you to the mountain." He hurriedly waved and shouted "Come on, come and knock on the door."
Looking at the Duoban clan, the status here is very high, and Master Doga Kacan is even more popular. After the young lang showed his white teeth, he also called someone to immediately bring a local special fruit drink. "Master guests, please drink some water to quench your thirst. The mountain road is still very long for a while-are you going to take a rest or leave now?"
"Mountain?" I am puzzled. "Isn’t Brother here?"
"No, the big brother shook his head and took the bowl from the teenager and drank it all." Yes, the taste of this fruit wine has not changed for decades. By the way, can we make it tomorrow if we are on our way now? "
The teenager looked at the sky and nodded affirmatively. "If we don’t delay, Sumura can walk there after a day’s rest this evening." He looked at us uglily. "I don’t know if you are used to taking mountain roads."
All the cars that talked went in. When I saw it, there were quite a few cars covered with clothes. When I saw it, there were thirty or forty cars that filled the yard.
"It’s just a mountain road. I’ve guessed this destination, and I’ve got the courage to install a big-tailed wolf." You can do it. We naturally don’t have a problem
"Good, good," the boy said at once. "Then you take your things and I’ll get the shotgun and machete. It will take twenty minutes to leave."
With that, he immediately jumped into the room, leaving a teenager there who laughed and didn’t talk.
While packing things, Big Brother told me about the situation.
The Ping Ri, a mottled clan, often deals with poisonous insects. The Ping Ri, a village deep in the rainforest, has also given a little bit of ancestors to live in, and at the same time avoided accidents caused by outsiders’ mistakes. Recently, a large number of people have come to practice. Recently, they have worked overtime to make several bamboo houses specially for brothers of various sects to live in, and at the same time, they have sent people to add rice and oil to the past.


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