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I bent down, and at this time I started to fly on Chen Shiqi!

Hum scared me half to death
It is estimated that there are many flies, mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches and fleas in the waterway!
Actually, I’m still quite afraid that although he was my good friend before his death and the ghost saved me after his death, I couldn’t help shivering when I shone the lantern in my hand on his rotting and white maggot face.
The tunnel body is stinking and very wet … When I got closer, I found that the original body of Chen Shiqi was soaked in a pool of stagnant water.
I put my mobile phone in my pocket and moved Chen Shiqi’s body. A foul smell came to my nose and I quickly straightened up! But I can’t stand it. I threw up twice!
Seeing me like this, Momo told me that if Chen Shiqi’s body didn’t curse, I could help you, but now I can’t help cursing him.
When I heard Momo say this, I listened to my heart … I told Momo that it’s okay. I can handle it.
It’s summer now, even the narrow place like the small waterway at night is very sudden! I raised my arm and wiped the sweat on my forehead.
Then I held my breath and bent down to pull a body of Chen Shiqi.
Maybe the little body was soaked in stagnant water for too long, and I accidentally pulled off a piece of this little body.
After the rotten skin fell off, white maggots crawled out of the wound! Although I put the mobile phone in my pocket, the hand barrel of the mobile phone is still on in my pocket!
The dim light saw a group of white worms crawling out of Chen Shiqi’s body.
I can feel sick and afraid to form this mood.
However, I still wasted the effort to carry this body from the waterway!
In the process of back, I accidentally removed the skin of this body and several arms! Of course, there is one more thing I forgot to tell you!
It was Chen Shiqi, the little corpse, whose belly was taken by the mouse! And the fat oil stuck to the intestines and intestines is also exposed! There are white maggots and some black bugs in his belly. I can’t even name them!
Of course, it’s easier to recite. I endured the stench and dug out the east and west hands in his body!
I don’t know how disgusting the smell is here, and I don’t know how nervous I am when I see the ribs after digging this little dirty hole!
I’m fucking fluent, too. Is this a corpse destruction?
If I estimate that I will be sentenced.
But I can’t care so much about breaking this curse.
After carrying Chen Shiqi’s body back from the waterway, a layer of sweat broke out on my forehead! Now I can’t tell whether this sweat is scared out or suffocated by the sultry weather in summer.
However, after coming out of the waterway, I took a few breaths of fresh air and suddenly felt a sense of breaking out of the cocoon.
I was carrying Shi-qi Chen’s body clothes and was soaked by Shi-qi Chen’s body liquid.
Of course, some of it is black blood, while the other part is smelly water and black mud in the waterway.
Because this place is relatively; It’s a little remote, so there are fewer cars on the road here! Of course, it’s early in the morning, and there are even fewer cars coming and going.
I turned to look at my side Momo!
I asked Momo if he wanted to take a taxi.
Momo sneer at a blunt I said take a taxi? You took a taxi with a dead body on your back? Aren’t you afraid that the driver will take the car directly to the public security bureau?
I suddenly burst into terror after being said by Momo!
Chen Shiqi has been missing for many days. Now if the police see this scene …
I will definitely be sentenced to term imprisonment.
I feel that Momo is cheating me.
But I can’t take a taxi. Do you want me to carry this body? I feel a little broken at the thought of this.
But before I came to collapse, I felt like there was someone behind me, and I didn’t dare to look back … At this time, I felt a chill in my spine.
And then Xiaotao looked at me. Maybe she saw a ghost behind me! Momo’s tongue is normal bit by bit, showing a terrible face! The original pale face turned purple-black and pale, and the light and tiny stripes were exposed! The source turned dark black, and the whole face was like a thick foundation, which looked terrible!
At this time, Xiaotao told me to close my eyes and never look back.
After hearing this, I quickly closed my eyes and silently vowed in my heart that I would never look back!
But at this moment …
I don’t know what happened, but after a while, Momo said to me, Open your eyes!
I quickly opened my eyes and saw that Momo was back to the original.
I said to Momo, where’s the ghost?
Momo said I’ve wiped it out! I was stunned when I heard this …
I really want to ask how Momo destroyed a ghost in just a few minutes.
But I didn’t ask
I kept my mouth shut honestly because I thought that Momo had just spit out his tongue from his mouth, his eyes turned blood-red and his face grew striped.
At this moment, Xiaotao told me to walk to the cemetery.
I suddenly froze when I heard this! After blunt Momo ordered a head and reluctant to say yes.
Chapter 52 Take the Yin Road
Momo told me that the name of the ghost just now was the ghost of turning around, and Momo told me that if I turned to look at the ghost, it would take my soul away and eat her. He also said that this kind of ghost specializes in eating the souls of some drunkards who go out and go to Internet cafes later.
Because there were few people at that time … If you feel someone calling your name or patting you on the shoulder when you walk late at night, don’t look back or your soul will be eaten by ghosts.
I was scared when I heard this. Although I don’t know if what Momo said is true, I really didn’t dare to go out the night after.
Of course, I’d rather carry this body than listen to such things as ghosts.
Many tiny bugs fell from Chen Shiqi’s rotten face and my face.
I’m a little scared. After all, it’s a dead body. Things can’t be clean! I shouted at Momo and said, let’s go to the cemetery like this, but the nearest destination is also more than ten miles away. You asked me to carry him behind my back until dawn.
I just finished Momo turned to look at me! And said to me, I’ll take you straight
Walk, straight and road?
Hearing this, I’m fucking drunk! Are you the only one who went to primary school? Who doesn’t know that a straight line is the shortest at two o’clock? But this is the road. I’m not as awesome as you, and I can fly!
However, these complaints still flashed in my heart!
After sighing, I still have to carry my back. I was scared to death when Momo told me about the ghost, but it would be awesome to think that the ghost was killed by Momo in a few minutes.
While I was walking with my body on my back, Momo shouted at me and said, follow me and I’ll take you to the dirty road.


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