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Look at the past and see the dense terraces on the slopes of the mountains covered with green rice!

"Boss, what a beautiful countryside!" Tian Huili Xiang exclaimed
"God, Marvin, how many people are there in your tribe?"
"Our beauty tribe reached 50,000 people in its heyday. In recent years, there has been a big devil, Kun. Our beautiful people have to accept his slavery and exploitation. In recent years, the population has dropped from 50,000 to 30,000! Kun, the great devil, hates ghosts and ghosts, which is a great disaster! " Akun Marvin gets angry when she talks about evil.
"Thirty thousand people are quite a lot. It’s a big tribe!"
"Sister, you don’t know that our 30,000 tribes are very small. Compared with those tribes with hundreds of thousands and millions of people, we are going to be bullied!"
"Marvin seems to have read your lesson in the cave over there. Is it Chinese?" Pi two dog’s careless heresy
"Yes, yes, our tribe is bilingual. When these children grow up, they will send a large number of young laborers to work in China every year!"
"That’s good!"
As soon as the beauty tribe heard the guests coming from China, men, women and children called friends and friends out to watch.
Pi two dog found that few men in this tribe are mostly women, especially beautiful women.
Many tribes and aborigines surrounded Pi two dog and his party and came to the headquarters building of Liren Tribe, saying that the building is a three-storey wooden palace, and the palace has entered three times, just like a Hualizhu embedded in a huge cave, which is quite spectacular.
There are a group of beautiful female militiamen on duty day and night with guns in the palace where the patriarch lives.
Pi two dog and his party are not allowed to carry weapons when they meet the matriarch. Ma Wen also let him enter and enter the palace alone.
Marvin led the way along the white marble corridor with nine twists and ten bends.
What makes two dog sigh is that there is a glimpse of the mountain spring from the cliff, and the water from the special palace of Qingquan keeps flowing out, thus nourishing a spectacular Chinese garden with colorful pools, lotus flowers and goldfish swimming in the pool.
Because more than half of the palaces are embedded in caves, it is very cool and comfortable here.
Marvin is the daughter of Dugodan, the matriarch. She can go in and out of the palace freely.
After going in and reporting, the matriarch Dugodan Hall met with Pi two dog.
"Mother, this is the big boss Du Po, who was appointed by Heaven to save us!" Marvin reported before.
Chapter 764 Appropriate plan
Pi two dog looked up at the throne of Chiang Kai-shek in the hall and saw a middle-aged lady in her forties. The lady was wearing jewels and colorful ornaments, surrounded by four maids, which was quite imperial.
"What’s your name and where are you from?" Du Godan eyed Pi two dog way
"My name is Pi two dog, and I’m from nine planets City, celestial fairy province." Pi two dog stood in awe.
"I heard my daughter say that Kun hijacked more than a dozen experts and engineers in China. Are you here to save lives? How many men did you bring? " Dugodan avenue
"Report to the head of the clan that I will not only rescue the hostages, but also help your beauty tribe eliminate Akun’s evil forces. I hope we can form an alliance against the enemy!"
"No problem with the alliance depends on your strength. I think you are in your twenties at most. Kun can do it on such a large scale today because he can promote witchcraft and be driven by him. The stone demon is very powerful to stop the killing Buddha. It is very powerful!" There is nothing we can do together in Akun Dugodan.
"Report the heads of the fathers, I know a little about spells that can break Kun’s black magic! I brought two men this time. One is the Fire Dragon Special Brigade. There are nine of them. All of them are sharpshooters. One is the Werewolf Guard. The fighting capacity is very fierce! " Pi two dog is full of confidence
Seeing what Pi two dog said in a serious way, Du Godan’s spirit was refreshed and he said to Marvin, "Marvin, bring him to the back hall to meet me!"
"It’s mother!"
Du Godan got up, surrounded by maids, and hurried away from the hall.
Marvin jumped forward and said, "Boss, come with me!"
After a maze-like dark corridor, I came to the back hall, and suddenly the sky was bright. It turned out that the long corridor was a front mountain, and the back mountain was opened, and the back hall was built with steep cliffs. Half of the area was almost suspended from the cliff, only five or six meters away from it, and there was a mountain opposite it, which seemed to be split into two halves.
There is a wooden bridge leading to the opposite cave.
Pi two dog couldn’t help but marvel at the amazing craftsmen of the Terran.
Unlike the front temple, there are a dozen strong men in the back temple. These strong men are tall and burly and wrapped in a green dress. As soon as they see Pi two dog, they suddenly look at him with hostile eyes.
"Boss, these men are Houdianfei. According to the rules of our tribe, you will see you only if you beat their heads!" Marvin eagerly looked at him and said
"ah? Marvin, we agree that the enemy is Kun, and I will fight to the death with them, okay I won’t fight if I don’t fight! " Two dog shook his head into a rattle.
"Our tribal men speak with fists. Only the first warrior with martial arts can win the respect and worship of all tribal members! If you don’t want to hit them, they will find you to hit them! " Marvin jumped aside with that, her eyes shining and waiting for the good show.
At this time, Pi two dog found that the matriarch Du Godan’s daughters on the balcony on the second floor of Houdian were also ready to watch the game.
Two dog’s heart says it seems necessary to fight. Only when Du Godan sees his strength can the two sides form an alliance.
"Boss, this is Wu Dengbiao, the first warrior of our beauty tribe last year!" Marvin said excitedly
Wu Dengbiao jumped to the front of two dog and put up the middle finger at him. Then Wu Dengbiao Ling Fei threw himself on his knees and gave two dog a heavy top.
Pi two dog grabbed his arm and lifted Wu Dengbiao into the goldfish pond.
"Good fight!" Marvin clap hands with excitement way
Wu Dengbiao was furious and leaped directly from the water. Pi two dog found this guy hiding two sharp knives in his green skirt through perspective eyes.
Bang bang!
Wu Dengbiao really needs a set of combination punches, which are very fast. If ordinary people had been beaten away by him.
However, the divine power of Pi two dog’s body exceeds 20 thousand Jin, and Wu Dengbiao is bound to be his cannon fodder before Pi two dog.
In a short while, Pi two dog turned into several ghosting images, thumping and thumping, and came to face the seven strong men.
These people count Wu Dengbiao as the most effective. This guy whooshed out a sharp knife and wanted to sneak attack on Pier Goupi. two dog had prevented him from this recruit and suddenly kicked Wu Dengbiao to the giant wooden pillar with a swing leg.
"Good boss, please come and talk!"
"The boss’s mother wants you. Let’s go!" Marvin looked at Pi two dog with a face of worship and rolled his arm directly into the temple.
It’s more casual in the back hall. The two sides are divided and seated. The matriarch Du Godan rejects the maid and leaves her daughter Ma Wenchang.
"Boss Pi, you just said that you could break the demon magic of Kun, so why should I believe you?" Du Godan looked at Pi two dog with a grain of salt. It seems to her that a scholar can’t get his hands on Pi two dog without 20 years of cultivation. She is a 20-year-old melon and egg. She doesn’t believe that a young spell can be strong.
Smell speech Pi two dog opened his mouth and spat out a purple demon core the size of a fist, holding his palm and saying, "Chief, I captured the demon core from the stone demon body!"
"What is this stone demon body demon nuclear? Oh, my God, did you destroy the stone demon in the rainforest? " Looked at Du Godan and looked at Pi two dog in horror.
"I destroyed one and three others are hiding!"
"Well, my daughter Marvin is right. You are God Du Po’s natural selection. I betrothed my daughter Marvin to you for two maids and two thousand taels of gold. I wonder what boss Pi thinks?" Du Godan throws a big bait way
"ah? Chief, the purpose of our alliance is to jointly deal with the enemy Kun. There is no need to marry! " Two dog Meng than the way.
"Boo-hoo boss, do you think I’m ugly? Boo-hoo!" Marvin was so angry that she burst into tears when she saw that two dog refused her mother.
"Well, it’s not a question of ugliness. You’re beautiful, but-"
"No but boss you don’t accept but do you know the consequences? If you don’t accept that the tribe is the end of the law, I believe you. If you have a family, everyone can work together in Qi Xin. What do you say? "
"Chief of the fathers, I have a fiancee in China and now I run to your beauty tribe to get married. China has committed bigamy! No, no! " Two dog shook his head like a rattle.
"I understand your marriage system in China, but our beauty tribe doesn’t get a marriage certificate to complete the ceremony. If you don’t get a certificate, you’re not bigamy, right?" Once Du Godan confirms that Pi two dog is a natural choice, he must try his best to marry him. In this case, after the tribe is in trouble, he has the righteousness and responsibility to protect the beauty tribe.
A daughter can buy decades of peace and stability. Dugodan’s abacus is a thief.


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