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Magic Man Magic Ouba chuckled, but it seems to see that cloth’s ordinary eyes reveal solemnity and dare not pull these again. Nothing happened, and then it coughed and looked at the giant demon method and said,

"Old monster you said you lift your head so Gao Qian? Don’t hurry up and say the course marking method. "
The magic man, the magic Ouba, directly reprimanded the giant black magic method, and then he secretly glanced at the cloth and wiped a cold sweat in his ordinary heart.
"Who knows the course mark method? It takes great talents to display the occult arts. It seems that this time it is really embarrassing. "
When he thought of this, the horse thought of the giant demon method and always wanted to throw this hot potato in his hand to the latter.
When the giant demon method heard this, the demon family didn’t know these methods to mark Lingshan. What’s worse, those methods that were left behind before the great power fell?
It glared at the magic man, the magic Oba, and secretly scolded the old deathlessly cunning, but it was difficult and panicked when asked this question, but it didn’t have a stupid eye and suddenly thought of something.
"We demon two families for Terran those who can mark the mark method and enlightenment but Terran aboriginal bodhi old zu Wen Huaiyun she can! It can be solved to get her back. "
Giant demon method always pulls out Wen Huaiyun suddenly.
For the magic man, the magic Ouba, the huge magic method, they always prevaricate and don’t get angry. They just nodded and thoughtfully remained silent.
In an instant, all the whispers came to an abrupt end, and no one dared to make a sound.
Cloth ordinary silence for a while suddenly stuffy mouth way
"It seems that neither of you can help it?"
His face was black, and he scared three souls out of two souls, and explained hurriedly.
"Our race is not as exquisite as Terrans, and there are also those things that pursue the mark. If Wen Huaiyun doesn’t know, we certainly don’t know. Please ask your friends to think twice."
The magic man, the magic man, the huge demon method, and the old humility are shaking a little when talking about the ordinary explanation of cloth.
"It’s just that you go ahead and I’ll bring Wen Huaiyun back and discuss it together."
Cloth ordinary suddenly got up and waved to these demons to signal that he didn’t want to listen to these excuses any more. His body flashed and Lei Guang instantly disappeared.
He’s going back to Qinkun Sect of Dongling Gate to see what’s going on there. If he doesn’t find a hidden tower to swallow heaven, it’s hard to gather up a true celestial world, and there’s no way to compare it with a fake celestial world.
"This Wen Huaiyun stem what? Didn’t you say revenge? How can I get to Qin Kunzong without any movement? "
Cloth ordinary doubts, but after he left the lake, he was able to navigate in a shrinking way.
Blink of an eye, he appears Qin Kunzong.
Revisiting the old place, he looked around and found that it suddenly changed again.
"Fairy neon fog Xia array? When was this circle repaired? "
Seeing all the cloth wrapped in white fog nearby, an ordinary mind flashed a picture of being bombed in this circle.
"If you can’t get in without a guide, I don’t know if the patrol is the two Woodenhead?"
Bu Pingfan suddenly remembered that he had once introduced Qin Kun’s Zongyin Mountain Liang into two people. He thought and walked in the fog.
White mist curled up in a vast expanse of fog, covering the ordinary body of cloth. Now he doesn’t have the ability to shuttle around here like before.
As he reached the Mahayana realm, some patriarchal clan protection arrays were hard to stop him. However, this fairy neon mist array is not as hard to break as the Mahayana realm monks.
Cloth ordinary random walk a circle still didn’t go into Qin Kunzong method but he wanted to move violence.
"The dream also don’t know what? I haven’t been able to solve it with brute force. "
He thought of here and squeezed his hands with a pure spiritual force, and his hands wriggled.
"The tenth floor of the fire dragon tactic"
"Brother, go over there and see if there seems to be movement."
When Bu Pingfan started to kill, a familiar sound suddenly came to his ear.
"hey! ? It’s a coincidence that these two abalone shovels met them. I believe they won’t stop me, right? After all, they always do things like that. "
The ordinary face of cloth is comparable to the brute force of the wall Qin Kun Zong Li, and it is really much to think that others will forgive him if you directly smash the fairy neon mist Xia array away from Qin Kun Zong.
I heard a bird singing, and the white fog curled up in an orderly way and divided into a deep gully leading to Bu Pingfan.
In an instant, a giant bird like a giant eagle appeared beside Bu Pingfan.
"Silver fox snow dust eagle? It’s really them. "
Cloth ordinary first saw a giant bird’s head and finally caught a glimpse of two people behind the giant eagle.
"Is it you?"
"How could it be you?"
Two very familiar sound come from that mouths of two familiar people.
"Don’t come ill? Yin Shanliang, the patrol of the 44 th team of Qin Kunzong, is hello! "
Cloth ordinary directly with silver fox snow dust eagle behind two people say "hello" a face of peace.
The two people behind the Silver Fox Snow Eagle are the two people who met Yinshan Liangcheng when Bu Pingfan came to Qinkun for the first time.


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