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He still lives in his house every day, and he beats him up every day.

Huo Xiu pushed the children in the south wind with great strength. After all, they had little strength.
Ji Nanfeng didn’t really want to bully a child by pushing a wheelchair and finding a relatively sparsely populated place.
Huo Xiuyuan looked at Ji Nanfeng with a face of worship and made him feel a little embarrassed.
Ji Nanfeng coughed, "Stay away from my daughter when I am young, do you know?"
"What?" Huo Xiuyuan is puzzled.
Ji Nan’s ethos is that he is still a child and doesn’t care about him. "Because I don’t like it …"
You’d better listen to the sentence behind Ji Nanfeng, or I’ll beat you up and didn’t say it because I was interrupted by the strike.
I knew Huo Xiuyuan at the strike and guessed that Ji Nanfeng’s intention was not good. I gave him a white look. "You are really promising to threaten a six-year-old child."
After that, he took Huo Xiuyuan’s hand and said, "Don’t mind what uncle said to you?"
Huo Xiuyuan nodded, "I know uncle is really testing me."
Isn’t that what cartoons do? Altman has to go through many tests to become the strongest soldier.
Strike "…"
What happened?
Is it really stupid or is it deliberately stupid?
Warning again, "test my ass, remember my words, stay away from Xiao April!"
Sheng Sheng reached out and gently twisted Ji Nanfeng’s ear to "shut up"
Then he bowed his head and said to Huo Xiuyuan, "Let’s go. I’ll take you to mom."
Huo Xiuyuan wanted to talk about going to Xiao April, but he could see Ji Nanfeng’s eyes. He swallowed that sentence and nodded his head.
Strike gave Huo Xiuyuan to his parents and talked for a while before he came to Ji Nanfeng’s side. "What’s the matter with you? What do you want to do when you turn him here?"
"Who let him pester my daughter all the time and give it back to Xiao April, saying that he wanted me to be his father?" Ji Nanfeng felt that he would teach this little one a good lesson when he had the chance.
"What do children know? It’s just an expression. Are you serious? It’s a small April birthday. Don’t spoil it," the strike confessed
At the end of the banquet, Xiao April played a song, thanking all the guests for coming to her birthday party and wishing everyone better and better.
A speech was generous and fearless, and the scene was a perfect ending for a birthday party.
Today, I received birthday presents, and many singers sent them to the small April room. She chose a few things she liked and then took all the rest to the warehouse.
Ordinary gifts Xiao April was not interested in seeing a purple wind chime, but her eyes froze.
This wind chime is very unique in workmanship, which is different from that sold in the store. A circle of feathers on the top of it is obviously removed by hand.
That shell is also very natural, and its shape has not been polished, but it looks particularly beautiful
Xiao April pointed to the wind chimes and said, "I like this."
Laughing and nodding, "Good mother will help you hang up."
Sing a song to help Xiao April hang the wind chimes by the window and the breeze blows the wind chimes gently. I hope her daughter can be so happy every day.
After hanging the wind chime, I continued to organize it with my daughter and casually asked, "Who sent this wind chime?"
Although this wind chime is not expensive, it is better to make it yourself than to buy it outside.
"This ….." Aunt can’t remember. "I’ll look for it." Tonight, she registered all the gifts for convenience and returned them.
But she searched all over for this wind chime record. "I didn’t register here. Maybe the guests forgot too much. I’ll check with the guest list later to see if I left it at anyone’s house."
Go on strike and nod your head.
Although it’s a bit difficult to check, it’s not that we can’t find out that all the guests who arrive tonight have invitations. Compare them with my aunt and you’ll know who sent them.
"Wow, I like this, too." April is holding a Barbie doll.
This Barbie doll is customized according to the appearance of Xiao April, and it is valuable at first sight.
Aunt excitedly said, "I know this is a gift from the second company. At that time, many people saw it. I heard people next to me say that this custom-made Barbie costs tens of millions."
Aunt looked excited. It’s not unusual for a rich family like Ji Jia to receive any gifts, but I didn’t expect a toy to be so expensive. The average family can’t earn such a toy for a generation.
I took a look at that Barbie’s work. It’s really luxurious. Barbie wears a crown and necklace. It’s a real diamond, second brother. It’s too big.
"Mom, I love the sky. I want to thank Erbo." Xiao April kissed the doll that looks exactly like herself.
"Good, but there are more than two uncles, three uncles and four uncles. There are also several aunts who should thank you very much for your birthday party." She touched her daughter’s hair.
Xiao April, today, her hair is not tied long and scattered. Her hair is really growing to her waist.
"I see, but I’ve met several uncles and aunts. Why didn’t she come without the second uncle and aunt? Fourth uncle said how many uncles and aunts would hold a wedding together?"
Xiao April doesn’t know the grievances of the adults. This is a childish taboo.
The second brother never brought home her happiness, and she knew that there was a large part of her reason.
Although uncle agreed to marry his second brother, he let them live alone outside.
Everyone’s heart is the same. A piece of meat the size of a fist, she also has a hard time.
What she can do is not to waste her second brother’s happiness.
But she wished that she could persuade her elders to put a generation of grievances into a second brother and be glad.


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